GM Notes Mar 8, 2021, 08:00 (UTC) Thanking Adventurers in Over 150 Countries Worldwide



Greetings Adventurers,


On this past February 25th, Pearl Abyss began publishing and directly servicing the North American and European regions. With this, we’re now better able to listen to our Adventurers’ voices from various platforms across over 150 countries worldwide.


Since the day Black Desert Online was first presented, we’ve always been reassured by our Adventurers’ steadfast support. As such, the Black Desert service team will continue to work hard to be a partner you can count on.

Also, we’ve received feedback from many Adventurers who were sad to see the end of the “New Beginnings!” buff that was implemented for the special transfer pre-registration rewards on January 27th. We’ve heard everyone loud and clear, so we’ll be introducing an upgraded version of the buff called the “Happy Black Spirit” buff this upcoming March 10, 2021 (Wed) maintenance.


Check out the details about the Happy Black Spirit buff below!



■ Happy Black Spirit Buff (March 10, 2021 Maintenance)

- As thanks, the Black Spirit will be giving all Adventurers a boost on their adventures.

Happy Black Spirit Buff

AP +1

DP +1

Max HP +30

Max MP/WP/SP +10

Stamina +20

Accuracy +4

Evasion +4

Weight Limit +20LT

* This buff will apply to all Families after the March 10, 2021 (Wed) maintenance.

* This buff will apply to all Adventurers permanently regardless of the date their Family was created. (Changed)


The Black Desert service team will do our best to meet our Adventurers’ expectations and live up to our motto of “The Adventure Never Stops.”


Lastly, we understand the difficulties everyone faces with the current pandemic, but we remain hopeful that the day when we’ll be able to meet and talk in-person with our Adventurers worldwide will arrive soon.


Thank you,

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Team

@XRainManK It looks like it yes. There is no end date. Pearl Abyss is pretty generous at the moment, I like it :D.
@XRainManK ..........-___-

* This buff will apply to all Families after the March 10, 2021 (Wed) maintenance.

* This buff will apply to all Adventurers permanently regardless of the date their Family was __created. (Changed)
@XRainManK Yes the Buff is perma, it says its perma on the game launcher, enjoy <3
nice, but I was expecting players asking for !codes here :)
Super hype! I was so sad when my transfer buff was gone.
I know it's only the first quarter for investors, but I hope this amazing services doesn't later begin to falter. Keep it up bois.
Feel like this isn't needed nor should it be given. Be giving people too much lately.
@Iwashi I think it helps a lot and attracts newer players into the game. Also helps with the builds by going for alternative accesories/armor. Really needed buff.
@XRainManK 1 ap/dp really isn't that needed when you can just caphra it. I feel like people are just whining to whine for it. It's kinda dumb honestly, they give out plenty enough to new players to catch up as it is.
@Iwashi So you are telling me I can caphra my TET blackstar for one more AP, or you are telling me to caphra my already c4 tet armor for one more DP? That's a funny way to put it.
@XRainManK yes, that's literally why you have level 20 caphras. You literally are capable of giving yourself gains, and push your own gear to the next brackette. Stop being hyper dependent on developers to give you a free pass when vets who played the
game since launch had to grind for the same unearned "gains" you claim is so attractive for months/years. This isn't cute or funny to know you want to be lazy and significatly bring down the veteran's merits for your own personal ego to brag about the next
brackkette. You not even making a good point,
The people are literally saying, you don't deserve as much free stuff that openly backhands other players experience. Even lifeskillers had to work hard for their gains and to see it just given away is devastating and affects the already built community. New
players don't care about the community cause they quit when they meet their "goal", while old players who like doing transmog, making new builds, or feeling like there's a prestege have to be in competition with new players who are given billions in gear,
enhancements, and cosmetics?
Your lack of awareness is distateful Rain.
@DaddymakesmeUWU Little late to this party, but it's honestly funny how butthurt you are. Wanna bitch about new players whining when you are sitting here crying because, "Pearl Abyss is giving away something I had to work hard for." So what? That kinda,
"I'm superior, fuck the new players" mentality is the exact reason why people drop MMO's after a few weeks. I've been playing since beta, and honestly, it's a whole new scene in the MMO world. This buff is just PA's way of engaging new players. Besides, what
is 1 AP/DP really gonna get you? It's such a dismally small amount that it isn't even worth noting. I mean, are you gonna jump for joy if someone hands you a penny? No, you're gonna be like, "Oh, cool. Thanks for that." This is a great idea on PA's part as
far as game traffic goes. Just let the new players have their free perma buff and stop swinging your dick at anything you don't agree with, yeah?

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