Notices Mar 11, 2021, 09:40 (UTC) Accounts Restricted for Violating the Black Desert Online Operation Policy/Terms of Service (Mar. 11, 2021)



Greetings Adventurers,


Black Desert continues to make every effort to provide our adventurers with the best experience possible.


Game play that breaks Black Desert’s Terms of Service and Operation Policies has a negative impact on the daily function of the game and interrupts the experience of other Adventurers. In order to ensure a fun & fair game environment, strong measures are imposed in accordance with these rules.

Please refer to the Terms of Service and the Black Desert Operation Policies to stay informed of any actions that would be in violation of these agreements.


▶ Black Desert Terms of Service

▶ Operational Policy


Please refer below for additional details.



Restrictions against players violating the Operational Policy

- Restriction Date: March 11 (Thu) 2021

- Restriction Content: Unauthorized program use/macro use
- Restriction Duration: Permanent

- List of Restricted Accounts

Y*** Ut**** Hear********** Jae*******
TATAT*********** Goo****** Yor****** God********


Hale********* Nyc********


* There may be some delay in the action taken against accounts found in violation of our Terms of Use & Operation Policies, while our team gathers and carefully reviews information on the accounts in question. The Black Desert Service Team will do our best to ensure a safe and fun gaming environment.

* After service restrictions are applied, Trial Characters and Families may not be searchable through the Find Friend function on the Homepage.

* If a player wishes to appeal the actions taken against their account, please submit an inquiry through our support services here: [Support → Submit an Inquiry → Account → Appeal Suspension]

* If you find any players participating in behavior that violates our Terms of Use or Operational Policy, please send reports to: [Support → Player Reports]

We would like to extend our appreciation to our community for your continued efforts to help improve Black Desert. We will continue to do our best to ensure a fair and safe gaming environment is maintained for all.


Thank you.

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Team.

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