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GM Notes Jun 22, 2023, 10:00 (UTC) A Visual Journey into the origins of the Land of the Morning Light!


A Visual Journey into the origins of the
Land of the Morning Light!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting backstory of the Land of the Morning Light, as your imagination weaves threads of curiosity and wonder through these illustrated tales.


Familiarizing yourself with these tales will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience!


Chapter 3 of the Visual Journey of Morning Light’s Origins 
is all about Songakshi, Golden Pig, and Duoksini.

[!] Curious about the previous stories?


Don’t forget to take the pop quiz at the end of the GM Note!

Read the story and put your knowledge to the test!



❖ The First Tale ❖
The Legend of Dodeoksan Mountain
~The Marriage of the Deceased Daughter and the Potter!?~ 

Once upon a time, in a distant village, the daughter of a wealthy family fell ill and passed away.

The village’s mudang (a shaman) revealed a startling truth: the departed soul of the daughter had transformed into a virgin ghost and if they didn't resolve her resentment, something terrible would happen.

Under the master's orders, workers kidnapped a humble potter to be her groom,

even though he was already married.

Helpless, the potter underwent the wedding ceremony with the deceased woman.

The next day, he received a great fortune as a reward

and set out on the journey back home.

While on his way home, the deceased woman appeared in the potter's dream and expressed gratitude for resolving her resentment.

Tale of the Golden Pig King

The First Tale: Legend of Golden Pig


❖ The First Tale ❖
Legend of Golden Pig
~Where did the wife disappear to?~ 

In a small village, whenever a new satto (a governor) was appointed, their wife would inexplicably vanish.

To solve the mystery, a wise satto devised a plan.

He discreetly attached a string to his wife's clothing.

Soon enough, his wife disappeared as well

Following the string, the satto discovered a cave

where a golden pig hid his wife away

Realizing that the golden pig was most afraid of deer hide,

the satto exploited this weakness, slaying the pig and safely rescuing his wife.


❖ The First Tale ❖ 
Dokkebi's Bat
~The Bat That the Younger Brother Found is…!?~

There were two brothers, one rich and the other poor.

One day, the younger brother went to the mountains to gather firewood.

While taking a rest in a mountain hut, 

suddenly, he encountered a group of Dokkebi.

Startled, the younger brother accidentally cracked open the acorn he had been chewing, making a loud noise.

Frightened by the sound, the Dokkebi ran away in a panic.

They left behind a bat that could create anything. With this newfound power, the younger brother became immensely wealthy.

The greedy older brother tried to replicate his brother’s actions,

but he was caught by the Dokkebi, who never fall for the same trick twice.

❖ The Second Tale ❖ 
Dokkebi's Cap
~Cap to Conceal One's Appearance~

There was a man who happened upon a cap that could conceal their appearance.

With this cap, they roamed around the village, using it to steal others' belongings.

However, one day, a part of the cap caught fire from a passerby's smoking pipe. 

The man’s wife found a red cloth and patched up the cap with it.

The villagers realized that, when a red cloth scrap was floating in the air, something would go missing.

Eventually, the villagers, anticipating the appearance of the red cloth, ambushed the thief.

They forcefully removed the cap, revealing the thief's true form, and gave them a good beating.  


How did you like these tales that inspired the stories in the Land of the Morning Light?

Leave your answers to the quiz below in the GM Notes comments section!
June 6, 2023 (Tue) to June 14, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance

Q . What is the thing that scared the Golden Pig the most?

1) Dokkebi
2) Deer Hide
3) Virgin Ghost
4) Acorn

10 lucky adventurers will be chosen from those who leave their answers in the comment section!


[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) x1

Tip! You’ll have a  higher chance of being chosen if you leave your thoughts about the tales along with your answer! 
※ Adventurers who were chosen will be announced within 2 weeks after the end of the event through this GM note.


Go to the link below for the previous chapter!

Visual Journey of Morning
Light’s Origins

Visual Journey of Morning
Light’s Origins 



We'll return next week with Chapter 4: Tale of the Bamboo Legion so stay tuned! 👋


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