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GM Notes Aug 3, 2023, 15:00 (UTC) BDOvision 2023 - Playlist and Concert

BDOVision 2023

Playlist and Concert

 Livestream event: August 5, 2023 (Sat) at 19:00 (UTC)

Tune in to our official channel this upcoming August 5 (Sat) to watch this year's music event!
Take a look at the songs they will play during the livestream event, and where you will be able to vote for your favorites.

Stream Schedule (EU Timezones)
August 5 (Sat)
19:00 UTC 21:00 CEST
Stream Schedule (NA Timezones)
August 5 (Sat)
15:00 EDT 12:00 PDT

Event Prizes sponsored by

◈ Top 3 ◈

[Title] BDOvision

[Manor] Flondor Stage x1
[Manor] Flondor Three-tiered Starry Risers x2


◈ Place 4-6 ◈

[Title] BDOvision

[Manor] Flondor Stage x1
[Manor] Flondor Three-tiered Starry Risers x2

◈ Place 7-10 ◈

[Title] BDOvision

[Manor] Flondor Stage x1
[Manor] Flondor Three-tiered Starry Risers x2


◈  Bonus reward: Audience-voted – 2 3 winners  ◈

[Manor] Royal Throne

Real Life Custom Music Box

On top of the prizes, two three of the participants will also be chosen solely based on votes by the audience for bonus rewards! One Two dring the Twitch livestream, and one in the Discord voting channel.


◈ Participation ◈

[Manor] Flondor Jukebox


◈ Nurr - Representing Iliya Island


◈ Fische - Representing Arehaza


◈ Feeshes - Representing Tarif ◈


◈ Arcentian - Representing Olvia

◈ DJ_Dani - Representing Keplan

◈ EllieGoulding - Representing Heidel ◈


◈ Acerbase12 - Representing Florin ◈


◈ Thesaurus - Representing Grána ◈


◈ Timebroken - Representing Duvencrune ◈


◈ Melodinia - Representing Hanji County ◈


◈ Ersso - Representing Shimnidae Forest ◈


◈ RJX - Representing Starry Midnight Port ◈


◈ WrenRaven - Representing Glish


◈ Solartech0 - Representing Beombawi Valley


◈ Kasgun - Representing Western Guard Camp


◈ CuteAndEvil - Representing Sand Grain Bazaar


◈ Salty_Scallywag - Representing Kuit Island


◈ Ayaya - Representing Kamasylve Temple


◈ Samato - Representing Velia


◈ Hibik0 - Representing Tooth Fairy Cabin


◈ EamRel - Representing O'draxxia


◈ Bayres - Representing Eilton


◈ Cordaigle - Representing Dalbeol Village


◈ xDeeEsx - Representing Kusha


◈ Cco0 - Representing Valencia


◈ Elgwyn - Representing Old Wisdom Tree


◈ Ravenlily - Representing Papua Crinea


◈ PrimeGamble - Representing Northern Wheat Plantation


◈ Beresta - Representing Yianaros's Field


◈ Ruaglia - Representing Cheongsan Institute

* There are more participants appearing on BDOvision apart from the ones mentioned above, so make sure to watch our streaming to listen to the rest!

The Stage is Ready
This year's BDOvision takes place in Land of the Morning Light!

How are winners selected?
Winners will be selected based on two different judges: The Pearl Abyss staff and Twitch Chat. Each of these is weighted equally and the combined score will determine the winners. Of course, the bonus prize remains 100% based on Twitch chat.
Let us know in the comment section which song is your favorite!



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