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Updates Sep 6, 2023, 09:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - September 6, 2023


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on September 6, 2023 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 137 updates and is approximately 1.19 GB.


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New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
  • Improved the TAB command when used to change into/from combat stance while moving.
    • Ninja - Improved so you can now leave combat stance by pressing TAB while moving with your sura katana.
    • Dark Knight - Fixed the issue where you would change from standing to out of combat by pressing TAB while moving forward with your kriegsmesser.
    • Woosa - Fixed the visual effects appearing abnormal after pressing TAB while moving laterally with your swallowtail fan.
Seismic Blast, Titan Blow, Flow: Scatter Shot
  • Improved to combo smoothly after using Evasion with your iron buster.
Flame Pummel
  • Changed as follows.
    • Improved to combo smoothly into Seismic Blast, Flow: Scatter Shot, and Flow: Ancient Wave.
    • Added Melee Accuracy Rate +15% for 10 sec on hits. 
    • Removed Knockback on hits.
    • Changed Floating to Knockdown on last attack hits.
  • Changed the damage as follows.
Before After
Attack damage 1503% x3, max 3 hits
Last attack damage 1503% x5
Attacks 1 and 2 damage 1503% x2
Attack 3 damage 1503% x5
Last attack damage 1503% x7
Danse Macabre, Flow: Pinwheel Fury
  • Danse Macabre - Removed Moving/Attack Speed -20% for 10 sec on hits.
  • Flow: Pinwheel Fury - Added Moving/Attack/Casting Speed -20% for 10 sec on hits.
Lethal Spin Spree, Flow: Indignation
  • Changed RMB during the skill or LMB after the skill to now combo into Flow: Indignation instead of Flow: Pinwheel Fury.
Main, Succession
Wolf's Explosive Fangs
  • Fixed the awkward motions when comboing into Wolf's Fang or Heart and Soul.
Perfect Blow, Prime: Wolf's Hunger
  • Improved to combo smoothly into Somersault or Prime: Wolf's Hunger.
Iron Fist Fury
  • Changed as follows.
    • Fixed the issue where the skill would combo differently into other skills based on the timing of pressing the command.
    • Improved to combo smoothly into other skills.
    • Made to combo smoothly into Knee Hammer.
    • Changed the motion speed.
    • Increased the duration of Super Armor. 
Hidden Claw, Prime: Hidden Claw
  • Improved to recover Stamina immediately after Invincibility wears off while evading backwards with the skill.
Taebaek Kick
  • Improved to quickly target the opponent's shins when performed while standing in place.
Crouching Wolf
  • Fixed the issue where you would combo differently from Flash Step into other skills when having performed Flash Step while consuming Martial Spirit Shards after comboing from the skill.
  • Improved certain skills to recover Stamina immediately after Invincibility wears off while evading backwards with the skill.

Fist Fury
  • Changed to no longer be available with your gardbrace.
Wolf's Fang
  • Changed to now be available via Quick Slot with your gardbrace.
  • Improved to now activate by pressing ↓ + Q with your gardbrace.
Triple Flying Kick
  • Improved to combo smoothly into Skull Crusher, Savage Somersault, or Flow: Crosswind.
Endless Explosion
  • Changed as follows.
    • Changed the motion speed.
    • Improved to combo smoothly from the last attack.
    • Changed Floating on attack 1 hits to Knockback on attack 2 hits.
Rampaging Predator
  • Changed as follows.
    • Changed to now activate immediately even without any enemies in front.
    • Changed so you can longer turn your character during the skill.
    • Increased the dash distance towards targeted foes.
Flow: Bite Off
  • Increased the dash distance towards targeted foes.
Spiral Cannon (I to III)
  • Added All Evasion Rate +9% for 10 sec during the skill.
Crouching Wolf
  • Changed so you can now consume Martial Spirit Shards to combo into Flash Step with your gardbrace.
    • Does not consume Stamina nor apply the cooldown for Flash Step, just like if used with your gauntlet.
Blood Moon Twist
  • Fixed the issue where you would combo slowly into the following skills.
    •  Binding Chains, Bleeding Hearts, Eradication, Flow: Mangler, Earthly Pain, Phantom Dance, Flailing Blades
Black Spirit: Flow: Mangler
  • Improved to combo smoothly into the following skills.
    • Tailspin attack 2, Binding Chains attack 2, Bleeding Hearts, Furor, Blood Moon Twist
Taunting Death, Blood Moon Twist
  • Improved to combo smoothly into Blood Moon Twist.
  • Blessings of the Morning
  • Now all adventurers will know of your achievement when you defeat the most difficult bosses of the Black Shrine. 
    • Blessings of the Morning will be applied only in the server where the boss was defeated.
    • All blessings last for 180 min.
    • The blessing with the element of the defeated boss was weak to will be chosen 
    • You can receive different Blessings of the Morning at once.
    • If a boss that grants the same blessing as the one currently active on your character is defeated, the duration of that blessing will be refreshed for your character along with the defeat notification.
* When a boss that bestows the Blessing of the Warm Sun is defeated on a server with the blessing already active, the duration of the blessing will be refreshed to 180 min.
* The Blessing of the Thriving Earth's Item Drop Rate increase buff can be applied up to the maximum limit of 400% including Arsha Server and Territoray Occupation buffs.
Defeated Boss Blessings of the Morning
Golden Pig King, Apex Changui, Oduksini Blessing of the Warm Sun AP +1
Mudang Wraith, Songakshi, Bamboo Legion Lieutenant Blessing of the Soft Moon DP +1
Gumiho, Duoksini, Sangoon, Imoogi Blessing of the Thriving Earth Item Drop Rate +20%

  • Changed the objective of Fughar's Road to Success Volume 2 Chapter 1 under the Crow Merchant's Records.
    • Before: Gain the respect of Mediah Traders
    • After: Gain the respect of Mediah Traders, Go to Quina

  • Improved the icons for Fallen God's Armor, Labreska's Helmet, and Dahn's Gloves to better discern the enhancement levels.
  • Added fishing rods to Dorio's wares in the Sea Palace.

Margoria Pirate Fleet

  • A mysterious pirate fleet has appeared near the turbulent waters of Margoria's Vell in the Great Ocean. Even more unusual is that this fleet seems to be under the command of a phantom battleship, as those pirates still among the living appear to be bound to some sort of unholy contract.
The pirate fleet will be navigating the Great Ocean unfettered, only to unleash the ghostly might of their armada to surround any unsuspecting ships that draw too close.
The phantom battleship in command will send burning vessels to detonate them upon contact, so seafaring adventurers need note to keep these fiery ships at bay in naval combat.
* This monster zone is affected by the Item Collection Increase Gauge, but not by Agris Fever.
  • The Margoria pirate fleet treads about the Heart of the Ocean Vell's Realm (Margoria).
  • Defeat the pirate fleet to obtain the following items.
Type Items
Moss-Covered Map
Sea Crystal
Eltro Sea Crystal
Serni Sea Crystal
Zulatia Sea Crysta
Sailing EXP
Margoria Pirate's Sailing Journal
(Obtain Sailing EXP)
Alchemy Material
Coral Crystal
Gold Key
Sailor EXP
High Sailor EXP
Margoria Pirate's Gold Chest
Claws of the Waves

Margoria Phantom Ship

  • Improved so you won't disembark from any ships you're currently aboard when the Margoria Phantom Ship appears.

City of the Dead

  • Fixed the issue where the Tehmelun Creed Knight wouldn't be able to land hits on your character from a certain distance.

Aakman Temple

  • Increased the price of junkloot dropped from defeating Aakman Temple monsters by approx. 1.75 times.
    • Aakman Guardian's Token value: 7,500 Silver → 13,120 Silver
  • Reduced the amount of monster spawned in Marni's Realm for Aakman Temple by approx. 22%.
* Junkloot obtained prior to the price change will retain their previous value.

Hystria Ruins

  • Increased the price of junkloot dropped from defeating Hystria Ruins monsters by approx. 1.36 times.
    • Hystria Ruins Fragment value: 15,000 Silver → 20,370 Silver
  • Reduced the amount of monster spawned in Marni's Realm for Hystria Ruins by approx. 22%.
* Junkloot obtained prior to the price change will retain their previous value.

Ash Forest

  • Increased the amount of junkloot dropped from defeating Ash Forest monsters by approx. 1.36 times.
    • Volkras: 1-3 → 2-4
    • Barnas: 1-3 → 2-4
    • Gairas: 1 → 1-2
  • Changed so getting killed by Spook will cause Death Penalty effects under certain circumstances.
Quest & Knowledge
  • Changed the level requirement for the "[Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings" quest that awards Mythical Feathers.
    • Available from Lv. 56 → 49
Quest & NPC Objective Rewards
[Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings
from Variel, Old Moon Tree
Hand over Wings of Ascension x1
(Manufacture (L) Powder of Ascension x5, Lightweight Plume x1,000, and Thick Fur x500)
Mythical Feather x2
300 Contribution EXP
  • Added navigation when proceeding with Sangpyeong Coin exchange quests in Morning Light.
  • Added details in the quest summary for the "Condemner's Judgment" O'dyllita main quest on how to reobtain lost quest items.
  • Added a blue aura to appear on the interactable tree for the "[Songakshi] Act of Sincerity for Sungyeom" Morning Light quest.
Node & Conquest War
  • Fixed the issue where you could refund your participation opportunity and obtain the individual reward even when your fort had been destroyed 10 minutes within the start of a Node War.
    • The conditions to refund your participation opportunity and receive an individual reward are as follows.
      • Your fort remained intact during the first 10 minutes of a Node War, your guild (alliance) destroyed the enemy fort, or total kills/deaths amount to at least 100
(Kills attained from annexes like the flame tower are not counted towards the final tally.)
NPC, Background, Sound

Ulukita Silver Buffs

  • Burhan of the Sezec Mercenary Camp in Ulukita will now offer Mercenary's Advice to adventurers who've paid the appropriate price.
    • Hand over a certain amount of Silver to Burhan located in the Sezec Mercenary Camp to obtain helpful buffs for combat.
      • Does not stack with other buffs obtainable from NPCs of other towns.
Type Applied Effects
Attack (120 min) All AP +8, All Accuracy +8
Protection (120 min) All Damage Reduction +8, Max HP +150
Experience (120 min) Combat EXP +15%, Skill EXP +15%
Attack (300 min) All AP +8, All Accuracy +8
Protection (300 min) All Damage Reduction +8, Max HP +150
Experience (300 min) Combat EXP +15%, Skill EXP +15%
  • Improved auto-navigation to take the shortest route for Asperkan Fort to the City of the Dead in Ulukita.

Silver Buffs in Morning Light Towns

  • After Big Auntie Maksoon of Dalbeol Village in Morning Light saw many adventurers flock to sample her famous "25-year-old Dalbeol gukbap," other village aunties have risen up to develop their own revitalizing gukbaps to increase awareness of their respective towns.
    • The following NPCs will grant you helpful buffs for combat in exchange for a certain amount of Silver. 
Revitalizing Gukbaps of Morning Light
[Dalbeol Village] Little Auntie Jumsoon (current)
[Nampo Moodle Village] Little Auntie Naye
[Byeot County] Big Bad Auntie Ahryung
[Beombawi Valley] Hyang-goong
  • Made Morning Light's special currency, the "Sangpyeong Coin," usable to purchase gukbap.
    • Revitalizing Gukbap (120 min) - Sangpyeong Coin x25
    • Revitalizing Gukbap (300 min) - Sangpyeong Coin x80
  • Changed so acquiring the revitalizing gukbap from each village auntie/NPC will make your character undergo the gukbap-eating motion.

Autofill for Central Market

  • Added item names to auto fill when typing in the search bar for the Central Market.

Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zone UI

  • Added the "Marni's Realm Server Status" button.
  • Improved the Marni's Realm UI to now display accessible servers when attempting to change servers.

Ring Menu Presets for Gamepad Mode

  • Added presets for the Ring Menu when utilizing gamepad mode.
    • You can set up to 3 Ring Menu presets.
  • Changed the Monster Zone Info window to discern zones with invested nodes via different colored icons.
  • Changed the location of the notification displayed for monster fights to no longer overlap with system alerts.
  • Improved the Black Desert+ app to refresh the time remaining for your Value Pack and Blessing of Kamasylve displayed in the Central Market when moving to following tabs.
    • My Items, Items Listed, and Orders
  • Removed unnecessary client-side in-game logs.
  • Improved on the issue where entering/exiting the Arena of Solare, moving servers, entering the Magnus, and other relevant actions would disconnect you from the game.
  • Fixed the issue where CAPTCHA did not work in the Steam launcher's aditional info screen.            
  • You can now use up to 5 tags when posting on the Forum.            
    • Any posts with more than 5 tags posted before the update will be maintained.            
    • Editing posts with more than 5 tags will require you to have only up to 5 tags.            
  • Changed and unified the following terms in English:            
    • Mother's Warning → Mother's Oracle

Modified or Changed

  • [Witch] Fixed the issue where the Wizard class's flame effect was displayed after using another skill and then using the Elementalization skill.            
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the water container was not filled with water during the watering action in some quests.            
  • [Sage] Removed  the mention of Charge after the Impaling Flash in the description text for the Flow: Aftershock.            
  • Fixed some unnatural background elements in Heidel Castle.            
  • [Black Shrine] Fixed the issue where the time record for after encountering the final boss of Calamity 1 Bamboo Legion Lieutenant was not recorded.            
  • Fixed some incorrect information in the item description of Starlight Powder.            
  • Liana's Tool Bag can no longer be discarded.            
  • Fixed the issue where the completion location for the [Daily] [Skilled] Prepared Ones Have No Worries quest was different from the actual location.            
  • Fixed the issue where the description of the quest [Songakshi] Act of Sincerity for Sungyeom in the Land of the Morning Light was showing inconsistent information, despite providing navigation support.            
  • Improved to ensure that Roro and Iyaru, located near Polly's Forest, do not block the path during the An Ill Omen questline in Kamasylvia.            
  • Improved certain awkward dialogues and knowledge in Ulukita.            
  • Changed the description of Resplendent Weapon Reform Stone I Crafting Method in the Growth Pass to be more natural.            
  • Improved the positions of some quest objectives that had issues with interaction during the progression of the main quest in the Land of the Morning Light.            
  • Improved some of the navigation routes in the main quests of the Land of the Morning Light to be more natural.            
  • Changed Mythical Arduanatt's ↓ (S) action during Wings of Swiftness to be smoother.            
  • Fixed the typo in the knowledge of Hangil in Byeot County.            
  • The knowledge of Dried Southern Rough Shrimp and Dried Bigfin Reef Squid, which cannot be obtained in the Knowledge (H) window, will no longer be displayed.            
  • Fixed the issue where unobtainable information about the Investment Bank of Grána was displayed when hovering the mouse over Grána on the World Map (M).            
  • Improved the automatic navigation for the quest [Manor] Music Score Lost in the Wind to be more natural.            
  • Fixed the unnatural background element of a certain location in the City of the Dead.            
  • Fixed the issue where it was not possible to dive into the water from a river at a certain location in the City of the Dead.            
  • Changed the following characters and flora in the Land of the Morning Light.            
    • Fixed so that you can talk to the characters heading to the Abyssal Well from the government office in Nampo's Moodle Village.          
    • Fixed the movements of some characters sweeping with brooms at Nampo's Moodle Village to be more natural.            
    • Fixed the issue where some trees in the Land of the Morning Light were incorrectly named Maehwa Trees.            
    • Fixed the unnatural collision interaction with the boy flying a kite in the Land of the Morning Light.            
  • Fixed the abnormal appearance of the arms when wearing [Dark Knight] Secrua Vediant and certain gloves together.            
  • Fixed the issue where the fish stored in Shim Cheong's Miraculous Fish Tank would not be destroyed when the character dies.            
  • Fixed the issue where the number of pages increased when refreshing the list in the Worker Exchange.            
  • Fixed the discrepancy between the knowledge images and actual appearance of the Tungrad Ascetic and Visionary in the Tungrad Ruins.            
  • Fixed the issue where Atoraxxion: Yolunakea was not selected in the Atoraxxion Party Matching window when using the exclusive Pad UI.            

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