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GM Notes Oct 3, 2023, 13:00 (UTC) What’s Your #OOTD? Lovely Bloom Edition!


Fit check? Let's take a look!

Took a peek into the forums and wow, some amazing screenshots were there! Take this heart! <3 
Check out some of the submissions for the ongoing Lovely Bloom Dye Contest and let the inspiration flow!

Need some more style inspiration?

Here are some dye palette ideas for the Lovely Bloom outfit from CM Emora! 

Look #1 🌹🖤



0: [Olvian Dye] Black
1: [Calpheonian Dye] Shining Red
2: [Heidelian Dye] Gloomy Red
3: [Heidelian Dye] Black
4: [Velian Dye] Black
5: [Calpheonian Dye] Black
6: [Calpheonian Dye] Shadow Red
7: No Dye
8: [Basic Dye] Light Red
9: [Calpheonian Dye] Sunshine Red
10: [Calpheonian Dye] Shadow Red


Look #2 🌷🌼



0: [Olvian Dye] Soft Orange
1: [Basic Dye] Apple Syrup Blue
2: [Basic Dye] Deep Dark Green
3: [Basic Dye] Deep Crocodile
4: No Dye
5: [Basic Dye] Apple Syrup Blue
6: No Dye
7: [Olvian Dye] Soft Orange
8: [Olvian Dye] Shining Orange
9: [Olvian Dye] Soft Orange
10: [Basic Dye] Apple Green
11: [Velian Dye] Sunshine Yellow


Look #3 👖🎀



0: No Dye
1: No Dye
2: No Dye
3: No Dye
4: [Basic Dye] Medium Dark Blue
5: No Dye
6: No Dye
7: No Dye
8: No Dye
9: No Dye
10: [Heidelian Dye] Snow Red
11: No Dye


Which dye catches your eye? Look #1, #2, or #3?
Let us know in the comments below!

It’s not too late to take part in the dye contest!

Dye and capture the Lovely Bloom outfit in your own style

and get some rewards too!

Winners will be announced after the contest is over in a separate notice. 


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