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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Nov 22, 2023, 11:15 (UTC) Patch Notes - November 22, 2023


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on November 22, 2023 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 114 updates and is approximately 1.53 GB.



Collect Rock of Abundance with Adventurers from around the world to unlock abundant milestone rewards!

Nov 22, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance - Dec 6, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance


How to Participate

[Event] Exciting Adventure Outfit Box

Cron Stone x500

Advice of Valks (+100)

[Event] Shakatu's Splendid Box

Path of the Life Enthusiast!

An incredible adventure riding a horse! Now, who’s the master trainer?

Nov 22, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance - Dec 6, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance


Can’t miss Mount EXP Hot Time!

Nov 22, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance - Dec 6, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance


Mount EXP


Deliver your trained horse to the Imperial Delivery and get [Event] Imperial Training Delivery Invoice! 

Plus, get double the Flower of Oblivion!

[Event] Tier 8 Horse Emblem Box

Krogdalo Horse Gear Crafting Box

Granverre Horse Gear

Courser's Aura

Bring a Tier 1-8 Horse for Imperial Horse Delivery,

and Double Flowers of Oblivion in exchange!


Need the materials for your Mythical horse?

Visit Wapra, the material vendor of Stonetail Horse Ranch!

* The weekly event is available from Nov 23, 2023 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC).



Capture a wild horse and obtain the [Event] Shining Capture Seal!

Accept the quest [Event][Daily] Liana's Special Info from Liana at every town and capture a wild horse!



Gobble, gobble! Fowl play for thanksgiving?

It’s thanksgiving season, but turkeys are here to cluck it all up!
Hunt down turkeys for bountiful buffs and collect their feathers for items!
Let’s get down to gizz-ness!

Nov 22, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance - Dec 6, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance



[Event] Blessing of Abundance

[Event] Turkey Feather


In celebration of Black Friday!
Get the Black Bundle with Silver!

Nov 22, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance - Dec 6, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance



[Event] Black Bundle


Login Rewards Keep Coming ★

What are the Login Reward Highlights?

Nov 23, 2023 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC) - Dec 27, 2023 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC)



[Event] Radiant Shakatu's Seal

[Event] Rare Courser Training Box

Advice of Valks (+80)

[Event] Energy Gourd Bottle


New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
Today's update on skill add-ons brings about the beginning of the 2nd wave of the class balance changes. Previously, skill add-on effects were divided by 3 tiers, but some effects were too effective, potentially causing some discrepancies between classes. Thus, we decided to implement a more simpler, more convenient, albeit fair, change to all skill add-ons entirely. To summarize the implemented changes... First, skill add-on tiers are now determined by skill cooldown timers. Second, skill add-on tiers are now only discernable by the duration of the granted effects. We've also adjusted the duration based on skill add-on types. For buff-type skill add-on effects, we've mainly increased their duration across the board, mainly in hopes to reduce the stress of keeping these buffs applied for our adventurers. Certain special on hit skill add-on effects that apply Down Smash, Air Smash, or recover HP have seen the numbers unified for all tiers, hence making them more accessible regardless of tier. There may be a brief period of adjustment required for getting used to these new skill add-on changes, but we graciously ask for your understanding as we sought to implement these changes to make skill add-ons more accessible and enjoyable for all adventurers, old and new. Ever since last week's 1st wave of class balance changes, we've been closely monitoring for and planning the direction of the next wave of changes. As today's update dealt with skill add-on changes, do note that we will focus on tweaking the changed damage numbers for the time being.

Skill Add-ons

  • Revamped the skill add-on system.

Unified Skill Add-on Effects

  • Unified the number of granted skill add-on effects for all tiers.
i.e.) Extra AP Against Monsters +10/20/30 → +30 for all tiers
* Now skill add-on tiers are discernable by their duration, which are determined by their respective tier.

Skill Add-on Groups

  • Divided skill add-ons into groups based on the effect.
    • Offensive A/B, defensive, debuffs A/B, and other effects.
Offensive A
(Stat buffs)
Extra AP Against Monsters+, Extra Damage to Humans+, Critical Hit Rate+, Attack/Casting Speed+, Movement Speed+, All Accuracy Rate+
Offensive B
(Damage buffs)
Down Attack damage+, Back Attack damage+, Critical Hit damage+, Air Attack damage+
(Stat buffs)
All DP+, All Evasion Rate+
Debuff A
(Stat debuffs)
Extra Damage to Humans-, All DP-, All Evasion Rate-, All Accuracy Rate-
Debuff B
(Speed debuffs)
Attack/Casting Speed-, Movement Speed-
Other effects Bleeding damage, recover HP per hit, recover resource per hit, Down Smash, Air Smash
  • Removed the reduce resource for target per hit effect.

Duration by Skill Add-on Group

  • Changed the duration of skill add-on effects according to each tier and group as follows.
Offensive A
(Stat buffs)
7 sec for all tiers → 7/12/20 sec
Offensive B
(Damage buffs)
5 sec for all tiers → 5/7/10 sec
(Stat buffs)
7 sec for all tiers → 10/15/25 sec
Debuff A
(Stat debuffs)
10 sec for all tiers → 7/10/12 sec
Debuff B
(Speed debuffs)
10 sec for all tiers → 4/7/10 sec
Other effects Bleeding damage: 50/100/150 bleeding damage per 3 sec for 15/15/15 sec → 100 bleeding damage per 3 sec for 9/15/27 sec
Down Smash & Air Smash: 10/15/20% chance → 15% chance for all tiers
Recover HP per hit: recover 5/10/15 HP per hit → recover 10 HP per hit for all tiers
Recover MP/WP/SP per hit: 10/20/30 MP/WP/SP per hit → 20 MP/WP/SP per hit for all tiers

Standard for Skill Add-on Tiers

  • Reorganized the skill add-on tiers according to each skill's cooldown timer.
Tier 1 Cooldown is 5 sec or below
Tier 2 Cooldown is over 5 sec but below 13 sec
Cooldown is 13 sec or above, yet skill can be used during cooldown
Tier 3 Cooldown is 13 sec or above
* All skill add-on tiers are set according to the cooldown timer of the skill at max rank.
(Ex 1. Eradication (I to III) has a cooldown of 8/7/5 sec per rank, but based on its max rank III's cooldown (5 sec), its add-on is tier 1.)
* If a skill has a Prime version, the cooldown of the Prime skill's max rank is taken into consideration for all variations of the skill (I, II, Absolute, etc.)
(Ex 2. Flash Slash has a Prime version of the skill, and its max rank is Prime: Flash Slash IV, which has a cooldown of 12 sec, thus making it tier 2 for all variations (I, II, Absolute, etc.))

Skill Add-on Rules

  • All skill add-on effects follow the same existing rules for how buffs and debuffs are applied.
- Identical effects are prioritized based on the length of their duration. Effects with longer durations must run out for those with shorter ones to be applied.
- Identical effects with identical durations will refresh the overall duration upon being re-applied.
- A skill's add-on effects and inherent effects can be applied at the same time.
* All saved skill add-on settings and skill presets have been reset during the Nov 22 (Wed) maintenance due to the skill add-on system revamp.
- All adventurers have been issued an [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days) via Mail (B) during the Nov 22 (Wed) maintenance.
- Characters can freely enter the Battle Arena via the ESC menu from Lv. 56 to set their skill add-ons through NPC Tachros.
Prime: Charged Stub Arrow
  • Added cooldown and skill add-on information in the description.
Kunoichi, Ninja
Smokescreen (I to V)
  • Changed the cooldown: 20/19/17/16/14 sec → 20/18/16/14/12 sec
Main & Succession
Prime: Black Moonlight (I to III)
  • Changed the cooldown: 17/15/13 sec → 16/14/12 sec

  • Fixed the PvP damage reduction rate to display the correct figure: 100% → 72.8%
Wizard, Witch
Prime: Earthquake: Evade
  • Changed the cooldown: 15 sec → 12 sec
Prime: Earthquake: Destruction
  • Changed the cooldown: 15 sec → 12 sec

The latest boss monster in the Black Shrine, the Imoogi, was one of the toughest bosses to defeat due to its high difficulty. To address this, we've eliminated certain mechanics in the Calamity 1 and Calamity 2, allowing players to focus solely on battling the Imoogi. For the remaining Calamity levels, we've adjusted the damage and reduced the overall burden of game mechanics, making it easier for players to concentrate on their fight with the Imoogi. Additionally, we've unified the hit count of Duoksini, known for its high damage, making it more manageable than before.
Bosses Changes
Imoogi ◆ Removed the pattern where Imoogi would drop scales and create lightning and sea tornadoes when its HP decreased by 70% or more.
◆ Reduced the damage from the cloud by 50% and removed fixed damage from the cloud.
◆ Removed the damage from the cloud and lightning that appear when Moon Aura is created.
◆ Changed the number of false Moon Auras that appear from 2 to 1.
◆ Adjusted the number of hits from the sea tornadoes:
◇ Blue Sea Tornado: 2 hits → 1 hit
◇ Red Sea Tornado: 3 hits → 1 hit
◆ Halved the duration of the sea tornadoes.
◆ Reduced the AP of lightning, cloud, and sea tornadoes by 20%.
◆ Improved the Stone Lantern's detection speed when Earth Aura seeps in during the second phase.
◆ Improved the Stone Lantern's reaction even when the sea tornado is at a greater distance during the second phase.
◆ Changed so that combat can proceed without performing certain patterns during the second phase in Calamity 1-2.
Duoksini ◆ Unified Duoksini's hit counts into a single hit.
◆ Reduced the total damage from Duoksini's attack by about 30%.
◇ However, since his attack is now a single hit, you may take more damage when hit by an attack than before.
◆ Removed the attack with Pull debuff when he raises both hands and strike downward, and changed so that damage is applied only to the downward strike.
◆ Changed so that the hit starts when the arms are fully spread during the action of spreading both arms and gathering energy.
◆ Fixed the issue where Duoksini would rotate to face the target while stunned if the summoning of Dokkebi failed.
Apex Changui ◆ Improved some of Apex Changui's hit detections to be more accurate.
◆ Fixed the issue where Apex Changui's position was occasionally abnormal after certain attacks.
Golden Pig King ◆ Changed the pattern where the Golden Pig King uses Sun Aura to burn Adventurers with a protective shield to proceed in place without moving.
Oduksini ◆ Reduced the AP of monsters appearing in Calamity 1 by 20%.
◆ Reduced the AP of monsters appearing in Calamity 2 by 46%.
◆ Improved to show the attack area before Oduksini moves to the center and releases Blade of Darkness.
◆ Changed so that Blade of Darkness no longer tracks the target and attacks the first location.
Bamboo Legion Lieutenant ◆ Fierce Bamboolings have appeared on the roadside of Shimnidae Forest.
◇ You can encounter the Bamboo Legion by following the path where the Bamboolings are.
◆ Improved so that if the following bosses and monsters leave the designated area, they will return to the area and continue the battle.
◇ [Beacon of the People] Bamboo Legion Archer, [Beacon of the People] Bamboo Legion Swordsman, [Beacon of the People] Bamboo Legion Spearman
◇ [Beacon of the People] Bamboo Legion Lieutenant
Sangoon ◆ Improved so that the debuff of Movement/Attack/Casting Speed is not applied when Sangoon first appears.
◆ Reduced the damage dealt when Sangoon first appears by about 50%.
◆ Fixed the issue where certain attack patterns appear in succession when Sangoon's HP decreases to a certain point.
◆ Improved so that you do not die even if you are hit by a fatal attack other than the final attack in Calamity 1-2.
◆ Increased the time for Sangoon to prepare for the final attack in Calamity 1-2 by 50%.
Mudang Wraith ◆ Removed the Stiffness effect during the Servile Wraith's attack in Calamity 1-2.
Gumiho ◆ Reduced the AP of monsters appearing in Calamity 1 by 20%.
◆ Reduced the AP of monsters appearing in Calamity 2 by 46%.
Songakshi ◆ Reduced the AP of monsters appearing in Calamity 1 by 20%.
◆ Reduced the AP of monsters appearing in Calamity 2 by 46%.

[Black Shrine] Boss Blitz Rewards

Previously, obtaining crystals from the Black Shrine and production nodes was a time-consuming process because they could be obtained based on the probability. To address this, we've increased the chance of obtaining crystals and significantly boosted the number of Sangpyeong Coins you can get from the Black Shrine, which can be readily exchanged for crystals.
  • Increased the number of Sangpyeong Coins that can be obtained from the weekly Boss Blitz Reward of the Black Shrine.
Black Shrine Difficulty The probability of obtaining Primordial Crystals
(Girin/Bonghwang/Haetae's Fragment, Girin/Bonghwang/Haetae's Crystal)
The probability of obtaining Crystal of Harmony The number of Sangpyeong Coin
Calamity 7 Increased by 2.5 times Increased by 2.5 times Increased by 5.8 times
Calamity 6 Increased by 2.3 times Increased by 2.3 times Increased by 5.8 times
Calamity 5 Increased by 1.9 times Increased by 1.9 times Increased by 5.1 times
Calamity 4 Increased by 1.8 times Increased by 1.8 times Increased by 4.6 times
  • Hyunyong of the Chorong Merchant Guild, who resides in Nampo's Moodle Village, has started to exchange goods for Sangpyeong Coins.            
    • Accordingly, the description of the Sangpyeong Coin has been updated with exchange item information.            
Required Item Exchange Item
Sangpyeong Coin x2,000 Crystal of Harmony x1
Sangpyeong Coin x1,500 Girin's Fragment x1
Sangpyeong Coin x1,500 Bonghwang's Fragment x1
Sangpyeong Coin x1,500 Haetae's Fragment x1
Sangpyeong Coin x1,000 Forest Crystal x1
* We have normalized the rewards from the previous week that were unobtainable due to adjustments in the Black Shrine's weekly loot, ensuring they are now obtainable.
  • Changed the Progression Pass - Gathering objective to complete the "Obtain Crystallized Blood" quest to the "Obtain Fairy's Breath" quest.
  • Changed so that [Event] Turkey Feather can be exchanged even after the event period ends.            
    • Removed text related to exchange period from the description.            
    • Exchange available with David Finto in Velia.            

Increased Life Skill Byproducts

  • Increased the amount of byproducts obtainable for the following Life Skill activities thanks to the blessing of Agris, god of abundance.
Gathering: Fairy's Breath Increased by 4.6 times
Trading: Stained Silk Increased by 6 times
Hunting: Wildspark Increased by 4.5 times (excludes sniper rifle hunting)
Gathering: Blush Leaf Increased by 3 times
  • Changed the Sturdy Fence of Abundance to be exchangeable for the Fence of Abundance once more.            
    • You can exchange the Sturdy Fence of Abundance for the Fence of Abundance through Klau, the Old Moon Manager of Velia.            
  • Changed the Fence of Abundance and Sturdy Fence of Abundance to be exchangeable with the Old Moon Managers in all regions.            
  • Klau, the Old Moon Manager in Velia            
    • Stee, the Old Moon Manager in Heidel            
    • Lajee, the Old Moon Manager in Calpheon            
    • Jak, the Old Moon Manager in Altinova            
    • Sahin, the Old Moon Manager in Valencia            
    • Zya, the Old Moon Manager in Grána City            
    • Taya, the Old Moon Manager in Duvencrune            
    • Mene, the Old Moon Manager in O'draxxia            
    • Ploux, the Old Moon Manager in Eilton            

Hollow Maretta, the Siren of the Ocean

Sightings of Hollow Maretta, the Siren of the Ocean, have been reported from the vast Margoria Sea. Unlike pirate fleets, Hollow Maretta is rarely encountered by sailors traversing the Margoria Sea. Being a mythical creature akin to the mermaids of lore, encountering Maretta at sea is quite a feat in itself, but upon trespassing her waters, adventurers will hear the seductive melodies of her song fill up a large area (as the background music will change immediately.) Those who dare brave their chances against Hollow Maretta will have to navigate past her summoned typhoons and Hekaru minions (and their explosive attacks). Much caution is advised.
Rumors abound of sailors who used to frequent the Dancing Marlin Tavern to be lost at sea after sailing towards a mysterious melody and beautiful voice.
Hollow Maretta, the Siren of the Ocean, will appear in the distant Great Ocean while singing a mysterious melody. If while navigating the Great Ocean you suddenly hear a mysterious melody accompanied by a beautiful voice, this means that Hollow Maretta is somewhere nearby. With a school of Hekaru she "siren-aded" herself, Hollow Maretta lays waiting, luring unsuspecting seafarers to their watery graves. 
  • Somewhere in the Margoria Seas, a strangely seductive song can be heard.
    • Follow the song to encounter Hollow Maretta, the Siren of the Ocean.
* The background music will change to Hollow Maretta's theme when she has spawned nearby.
* Hollow Maretta will reappear 1 hour after being defeated.
  • Defeat Hollow Maretta, the Siren of the Ocean, to obtain the following items according to a set probability.
Major Loot
Siren Song Aura (guaranteed)
Moss-Covered Map
Oquilla's Flower
Sunset Black Stone
Wooden Nail Soaked in Seawater
Finely Polished Pine Plywood
Glue With Traces of Deep Waves
Margoria Crystal
Zulatia Crystal
Serni Crystal
Sethra's Artifact - Life EXP, Sethra's Artifact - Life Skill Mastery
Sethra's Artifact - Sailing EXP, Sethra's Artifact - Sailing Mastery
Resplendent Lightstone of Flora

Manos Sailing Log

Along with the addition of Hollow Maretta, we've also added a Manos life tool for our Sailing adventurers. Bearing a similar effect to the Manos Riding Crop, the Manos Sailing Log will increase your ship's speed for various situations. You can craft this adventurer's tome by using materials obtained from defeating Hollow Maretta in the Great Ocean. Srulk and Loggia Sailing Logs are also available for purchase from certain town vendors, which we hope will help any seafaring adventurers who yearn to sail in the open seas.
  • You can craft the Manos Sailing Log with Siren Song Auras.
Manos Sailing Log
How to Obtain Item Effects
Manufacture (L)

Siren Song Aura x3
Manos Stone x5
Magical Shard x50
Supreme Tough Hide x50
Sailing EXP +10%
Sailing Mastery +5 to +400 (based on enhancement level)
Max Big Ship Speed +15%
Max Big Ship Auto-sail Speed +15%
Big Ship BreezySail Speed +15%
Big Ship Auto-BreezySail Speed +15%
  • Added the Srulk and Loggia Sailing Logs.
Srulk & Loggia Sailing Logs
How to Obtain Item Effects
[Srulk Sailing Log]
- Purchase from "Srulk," wharf manager of Port Epheria
- Purchase from "Zaaira," material vendor of Velia
- Purchase from "Geranoa," material vendor of Calpheon
[Loggia Sailing Log]
- Purchase from "Camellia Loggia," seed vendor of Loggia Farm- - Purchase from "Zaaira," material vendor of Velia
[Srulk Sailing Log]
Sailing EXP +5%
 Sailing Mastery +4 to +330 (based on enhancement level)
Max Big Ship Speed +10%
Max Big Ship Auto-sail Speed +10%
Big Ship BreezySail Speed +10%
Big Ship Auto-BreezySail Speed +10%

[Loggia Sailing Log]
Sailing EXP +3%
 Sailing Mastery +3 to +280 (based on enhancement level)
Max Big Ship Speed +5%
Max Big Ship Auto-sail Speed +5%
Big Ship BreezySail Speed +5%
Big Ship Auto-BreezySail Speed +5%
* Manos, Srulk, and Loggia Sailing Logs can be registered on the Central Market.

Boarding & Disembark

Another update requested by many of our seafaring adventurers is to increase the distance permitted to board and disembark from a ship. Today's update doubles the pre-existing board/disembark distance, which we hope will help our adventurers conveniently set out to sea.
  • Doubled the distance for boarding and disembarking from ships.
Quest & Knowledge

Prelude to Ulukita, the Exalted Land

The third region of Ulukita will soon be revealed. We are also planning to joint-release the main questline along with the third region, but before all that, today's update brings to us a prequel quest leading into Ulukita itself. This questline covers the tale of Prince Bareeds III, an unfortunate figure in the current landscape of Mediahn politics. Please look forward to it.
  • Troublesome rumors are circulating of a certain prince exiled to Altinova.
Rumors of Bareeds III, the last of his royal blood line who had long been hiding in Mediah, abound regarding being recently exiled to Valencia. They claim that the Prince Bareeds III was finally escorted via convoy back to Valencia. However, seeing how the streets of Altinova are in turmoil due to these rumors, it appears that the ride home wasn't so smooth. It appears the hour has come for the same adventurers who rescued Mediah from Illezra's minion, Maudi Budar, before will be needed in these lands once more.
  • You can now proceed with the "[Ulukita] Dark Whispers in Altinova," the questline preluding to Ulukita, the Exalted Land.
    • You will need to have completed the final main quest in Valencia [Valencia] Dawn of a New Age in order to accept the Ulukita prequel quest.
    • Completing this questline will award you with [Title] Howl of the Wilds and the Record: Rumors of Altinova item that bears the details of this questline in writing.

New Garmoth's Heart Quest: Kukao and the Crimson Paint

Previously we had added a questline involving the records of the ancient kingdom of Orzeca to obtain Garmoth's Heart. Today's update adds an entirely new questline to obtain an additional heart. The previously added Orzecan records questline had adventurers engaging in various activities and progression, and, after investing much time and resources, would reward adventurers with a Garmoth's Heart. Today's update is a bit more straightforward, as you will need to defeat the Crimson Dragon enough times until you collect the right amount of items to trade in for her most coveted heart. We also decided to increase the max price of Garmoth's Heart on the Central Market. We hope these changes add more weight to the accomplishment of obtaining this precious crystal, as well as further add to the anticipation and excitement towards the next encounter with the Crimson Dragon herself.
"Queek! I'm gonna capture a side of the Crimson Dragon that'll put Kakuo's artwork to shame. Queek! Queek! There's some item known as bloodstones. If I can get my paws on those... I'll be able to paint a proper masterpiece! Queek, queek"
  • Kukao, resident painter of Garmoth's Nest, is seeking some crimson paint to use to paint a masterpiece better than anything his brother Kakuo could ever paint.
    • Added the Happy Crimson Accident quest, which rewards a Garmoth's Heart item once per Family.
Quest & NPC Objective Reward
Happy Crimson Accident
("Fearless" Kukao at Garmoth's Nest)
Hand over Garmoth's Bloodstone x10
Garmoth's Heart x1
  • Added Garmoth's Bloodstone to the loot table of Garmoth's Roaring Reward Bundle rewarded from completing Kukao's weekly quests [Weekly] Gotta Frame It, Garmoth I - III.
* However, any Garmoth's Roaring Reward Bundles obtained before this update and/or before midnight on Thursday of the update week will not contain Garmoth's Bloodstone.
* The weekly Garmoth subjugation quests from Kukao reset every Thursday at midnight. You can still complete the weekly quests you've accepted before the update.
  • Changed the max price of Garmoth's Heart on the Central Market
Before After
9.1 billion Silver 20 billion Silver
* The max price is the max bidding price for an item registered on the Central Market.

Existing Quest for Acquisition of Garmoth's Heart: Records of the Ancient Kingdom Orzeca

  • Increased the amount of Intact Nouver's Reverse Scale that can be obtained by defeating Nouver and Bloodstorm Nouver.
    • However, the amount of Intact Nouver's Reverse Scale obtained from the doubles summoned in the sandstorm by Bloodstorm Nouver remains unchanged.
Before After
Intact Nouver's Reverse Scale x2-3
Intact Nouver's Reverse Scale x5-7
  • Changed the objectives of the following quests that can be accepted via 'Black Eyeroot' in the Crypt of Resting Thoughts.
Quests Changes
[Chapter 5] Perfect Darkness Obtain Corrupt Turasil Darkness x10,000 → Obtain Corrupt Turasil Darkness x1,500
[Chapter 6] Breath of Nature Hand over Earth/Water/Wind/Tree Spirit Stone Fragment x100 each → Hand over Earth/Water/Wind/Tree Spirit Stone Fragment x30 each

This quest allows you to obtain the Inverted Heart of Garmoth once per Family.
▶ Acceptance Condition: Character who has completed the main quest "[O'dyllita] Vuhura Kaheliak" in the O'dyllita region (once per Family)
▶ Quest Acceptance NPC: Black Eyeroot in the Crypt of Resting Thoughts
Quests and Objectives
[Chapter 1] Star's End's Artifact: Hand over Fallen God's Ring
[Chapter 2] Nouver's Reverse Scales: Hand over Intact Nouver's Reverse Scale x400
[Chapter 3] Pure Hunger: Hand over Dark Spirit's Greed x70
[Chapter 4] Immortal Power: Hand over Turo Heart x50
[Chapter 5] Perfect Darkness: Obtain Corrupt Turasil Darkness x1,500
[Chapter 6] Breath of Nature: Hand over Earth/Water/Wind/Tree Spirit Stone x30 each
[Chapter 7] Endless Magic: Hand over Hesed's Crystal x10
[Chapter 8] Latent Aura: Hand over Concentrated Boss's Aura x5
[Chapter 9] Honest Enhancement: Hand over Concentrated Magical Black Gem x100
[Chapter 10] Hour of Purification: Hand over Magical Shard x50
[Chapter 11] Barbarian's Cauldron: Hand over Alchemy Stone Shard x1,500
[Chapter 12] Crystal of Balance: Hand over Cantarnia's Crystal x9
[Chapter 13] Alliance and Cooperation: Meet Narcion's Shadow Merchant "Blanca Tris"
[Chapter 14] Faith and Proof: Achieve Lv. 62 and talk to Black Eyeroot

Simplified Blackstar Gear Crafting Quest

  • Improved the process for crafting Blackstar gears.
    • Once you've completed the previous Blackstar gear crafting quest for each part, you can accept the [Blackstar] All About Blackstar quest per part.
      • How to accept: Activate Combat quest type and accept via the Black Spirit.
    • If you've completed the [Blackstar] All About Blackstar quest for each part, you can craft the Blackstar gear for that part without progressing through the story quest.
      • How to craft: Craft with Dorin Morgrim while holding the crafting materials (same crafting materials as before).
Simplified Blackstar Gear Crafting Quest
Already completed the previous Blackstar gear crafting quest for each part After completing the [Blackstar] All About Blackstar
Proceed with the [Blackstar] All About Blackstar quest for each part!
(Activate "Combat" quest type and accept via the Black Spirit)
Craft with Dorin Morgrim without the Blackstar gear crafting quest
(The crafting materials are required in the same way)
* Characters who have already completed the [Blackstar Gear] Remnants of the Rift must complete the remaining Blackstar story quests to craft the gears.

  • Improved the navigation for the following main quests:
    • For some quests that must be completed in the order of the quest objectives, the navigation has been improved to proceed sequentially as the quest objectives are completed.
Balenos Serendia Land of the Morning Light
[Balenos] Knowing the Enemy and Oneself
[Balenos] Food Comes First
[Balenos] Break the Chains of Vengeful Souls
Secret Book
The Emotional Supply
[Mudang Wraith] Bari the Mudang
[Mudang Wraith] Bari and Mister Turt
[Gumiho] Honglim and Yeowoo Pass
[Gumiho] Fox Hunt
[Golden Pig King] Golden Pig Subjugation
[Duoksini] Stripefolk Ahryung
[Bamboo Legion] Helping Ondal
[Bamboo Legion] A Box Buried in Soopmol Village
[Geuseunsae] Booze in the Reed Field
[Geuseunsae] Brewkkebi's Brew
[Geuseunsae] Young-goo's Hunting Dogs
[Officers] About the Yeongam of the East
[Changui] Culprit's Features
[Apex Changui] Uninterested Hunter
[Apex Changui] Operation Ambush
[Apex Changui] Formerly Human
[Sangoon] Mr. Byeon Tells the Truth
[Sangoon] Where a Tiger Dies, a Flower Blooms
[Sangoon] The Bold and Daring?
[Koo Mihyun] A Heartfelt Gift
[Koo Mihyun] Seungsan's Truth
  • Improved the navigation to first guide to the object that needs to be moved for quests that involve moving items like boxes.

  • Stories about the pirate fleet roaming Margoria have started to circulate at the Dancing Marlin Tavern.
    • Added knowledge of the Margoria Pirate Fleet.
      • Knowledge of the Margoria Pirate Fleet is obtained according to a set probability when you defeat the Margoria Pirate Fleet.
Node & Conquest War

Alliance Node/Conquest War Participant Confirmation

  • Added the feature to confirm the total number of participants in Node/Conquest Wars within the alliance.
    • Confirm this via the Node/Conquest War participant indicator at the bottom of the Guild (G) - Guild Member Status tab.
    • This indicator will be displayed when there is more than 1 alliance member who has clicked the participate button in the Node/Conquest War.

When building a fort for Node/Conquest Wars, it's crucial to consider not only the Node War area but also the surrounding terrain and distance to the nearest town. However, we've noticed that battles can become unfairly biased due to enemies resurrecting in Safe Zones near allied forts. This issue stems from the fact that, unlike towns, resurrection points within Safe Zones are not consistent. This variability has posed a significant challenge for Adventurers responsible for fort construction, as it's difficult to predict for each Node War. To address this and ease the burden of constantly determining Safe Zone resurrection points, we've decided to disable the Safe Zone resurrection feature.
  • Disabled the Resurrect at the closest Safe Zone option for participants who die during Node/Conquest Wars.
Additionally, during Node/Conquest Wars, players often die outside the designated combat area, which previously forced them to resurrect in a Safe Zone or town, far from the battle. This not only caused delays in rejoining the fight but also disrupted the overall battle dynamics, especially from the leader's perspective. To resolve this, we've now enabled players to resurrect at their fort, even if they die outside the designated area, allowing for quicker re-engagement in the battle. We've also noted that restrictions are not consistently applied outside the node area in nodes with stat limits. We recognize this issue and are exploring further improvements.
  • Enabled resurrection at the Fort/Command Post/Field HQ for participants who die outside the Node War area during Node/Conquest Wars.
NPC, Background, Sound
  • Vov in Epheria Sea has moved to a nearby island.            
  • Accordingly, the following quests available from Vov have been changed.            
    • [Daily] Epheria's Best Sailor            
      • [Daily] Small Worry of a Castaway            
      • [Daily] Big Worry of a Castaway            
      • [Daily] Glittering Worry of a Castaway            
  • Updated the Central Market's Sell Items List to include items in registration queue.
    • Now you can check the registered time for items priced at 20 billion Silver or more, or for certain items, under the In Registration Queue tab of the Central Market.
  • Improved the success message for the Mythical Awakening of the Dream Horse.
  • Relocated the lock button for horse, wagon, and ship skills to the front of the skill name for increased visibility.
  • Changed the "Reset All Groups" button at the bottom of Pet List UI.            
    • Replaced the "Reset All Groups" button at the bottom of the Pet List UI with an icon button.            
    • Clarified the mouseover label for the new icon from "Reset Group" to "Reset All Groups".            
    • Removed hotkey input acceptance from the confirmation window when resetting a group in the Pet List.            
  • Improved the "Heartfluttering Calpheon Ball!" event UI so that you can check the maximum quantity of each prize.            
    • Added a button to the bottom left of the "Heartfluttering Calpheon Ball!" event UI, allowing you to go to the event page.            
  • Added the hotkey of Challenge to the event description of "Heartfluttering Calpheon Ball!".            
  • Added description to mount growth reset that 1 reset item is consumed per reset.
  • Improved the occasional issue of the client closing unexpectedly.
  • Removed unnecessarily piling error logs.

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue where the wine glass from the exclusive action of the Lovely Bloom Outfit would appear unnatural while mounted. 
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the wine glass from the exclusive action of the Lovely Bloom Outfit would appear unnatural while playing instruments. 
  • Fixed the issue where the skill tooltip would not refresh when learning a skill for the first time. 
  • Fixed the issue where the floor and some parts of furniture overlapped when placing the Memory of Ratt Harbor and O'draxxia Hardwood Dining Table in the residence. 
  • Changed so that when taking out an item from the Crystal Inventory in the Find My Item (CTRL+F) window, the Black Spirit is not summoned and the Crystal Inventory opens. 
  • Fixed the unnatural UI issue when opening a bundle-shaped box item and obtaining a certain type of item or more. 
  • Adjusted some appearances of the 14 types of Grána-style furniture to appear natural. 
  • Fixed the issue where the horse's status bar UI would not display when the horse moved onto a ship and then back to land. 
  • Fixed the issue where you could not climb onto a certain rock in the river of Beombawi Valley. 
  • Fixed the issue where the description of the "The Happiest Moment" quest included the PC controls when using the Gamepad UI. 
  • [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where the command description of Prime: Celestial Spear II was displayed as that of Prime: Judgment of Light. 
  • [Nova] Fixed the issue where a character was partially displayed abnormally when wearing certain underwear with Aquila Armor. 
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where a character's hair 1 was partially displayed abnormally when wearing Pumpkin Tailor Hat. 
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the leg part outfits were overlapped when wearing Martillo Swimsuit with Grave Keeper Clothes. 
  • Fixed the issue where the character couldn't move at certain locations on Terrmian Cliff. 
  • Fixed the issue where the Margoria Ghost Ship disappeared right after appearing in certain circumstances. 
  • Disabled the "Resurrect at the closest Safe Zone" option for participants who die during Node/Conquest Wars. 
  • Fixed the issue where Combat Sound Effect Volume/Clarity changes (under Settings → Audio Settings → Volume) didn't apply for certain classes. 
  • Fixed the issue where some parts of Skeletal Horse Gear looked unnatural when equipped on Mythical Doom. 
  • Fixed the issue where the quick hotkeys did not work when changing a crystal preset while moving in a safe zone. 
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the appearance of Sunset Artina Sol was not being displayed. 
  • [Sorceress] Fixed the typo in the skill description of the Wings of the Crow. 
  • [Dark Knight, Maegu] Fixed the issue where some appearances looked unnatural when wearing Agris Outfit Set. 
  • Fixed the issue where Daring Calpheon Seals were not consumed for raffles in certain situations. 
    • Added the number of newly restocked number of items to the amount before the temporarily hold of items due to the above issue. 
  • Fixed the incorrect description of Cup of Arid Moonlight. 
  • Removed the text related to crystal-transfused gear in the Devour window. 

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