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Updates Jan 24, 2024, 10:20 (UTC) Patch Notes - January 24, 2024


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on January 24, 2024 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 100 updates and is approximately 1.38 GB.


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New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
Main Weapon & Ascension
  • Fixed so that the All Recovery effects reduction icon is correctly displayed in the debuff section.
  • Fixed the issue where the All Recovery effects reduction was applied to players who are neither allies nor enemies.

Improved the Magnus (Abyssal Well) Teleport

  • Wuju of the Magnus has invented a device that allows connection to the outside world.
    • Once you complete all of the Magnus quests, you can use Abyssal Wells to teleport to other areas without visiting the Magnus.
    • Interact with Abyssal Wells to open a map to select your destination.
      • After selecting a destination, it will be marked and will activate the Abyssal Veins. Then, jump into the well to teleport to your selected destination.
      • Activated Abyssal Veins can be used at any time once activated.
      • You cannot select your current location as destination.

  • Added Abyssal Wells to Muzgar, Ulukita.
    • You can use the Abyssal Veins of the Magnus to travel to and fro from Muzgar, Ulukita.
Abyssal Well (South West of Muzgar) Muzgar Arrival Point (West of Muzgar)
* Abyssal Veins to Muzgar, Ulukita becomes available when you obtain the Abyssal Veins: Mediah knowledge.

  • Fixed the fee of using the Magnus to 5 million Silver regardless of distance.
    • e.g. Mountain of Eternal Winter → Land of the Morning Light: 20,800,000 → 5,000,000 Silver

Combination (Processing) Type Accessory Materials

  • Removed some combinables from the game.
Tears of the Arid River
Moon's Split Nail
Cold Tears of the Black Sun
Liberated Breath of Sylvia
Basilisk's Piece - Snake Skin Belt
Basilisk's Piece - Ring
Basilisk's Piece - Alignment Pin
Cadry's Piece - Blue Ring
Cadry's Piece - Ruby Ornament
Cadry's Piece - Obsidian Decoration
Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot
Orkinrad Piece - Metal Ornament
  • Changed the drop rate of the below accessories due to the above change.
Accessory Changed Drop Rate
Basilisk's Belt Basilisk's Belt Drop Rate + "Basilisk's Piece - Snake Skin Belt" Drop Rate
Ring of Cadry Guardian Ring of Cadry Guardian Drop Rate + "Cadry's Piece - Obsidian Decoration" Drop Rate
Orkinrad's Belt Orkinrad's Belt Drop Rate
+ "Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot" Drop Rate + "Orkinrad Piece - Metal Ornament" Drop Rate
  • Added Revived River Necklace and Revived Lunar Necklace to the loot obtainable from defeating monsters in the following Elvia realms.
    • The drop rates for the above items are the same as Tears of the Arid River and Moon's Split Nail, respectively.
Monster Zones
Biraghi Den [Elvia]
Swamp Nagas [Elvia]
Swamp Fogans [Elvia]
Altar Imps [Elvia]
Bloody Monastery [Elvia]
* With the removal of some combination (Processing) type accessory materials, the following has been applied.
  • The following owned material items have been changed to finished products and delivered to the Central Market warehouse.
    • Tears of the Arid River → Revived River Necklace
    • Moon's Split Nail → Revived Lunar Necklace
  • The following owned items have been removed and Silver matching the shop selling price or Central Market value has been sent to the Central Market warehouse.
    • Central Market Price: Basilisk's Piece - Snake Skin Belt/Ring/Alignment Pin, Cadry's Piece - Blue Ring/Ruby Ornament/Obsidian Ornament, Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot/Metal Ornament
    • Shop Selling Price: Cold Tears of the Black Sun, Liberated Breath of Sylvia
  • Changed the completion condition for Crow Merchants' Records - Caphras' Journal Volume 3 Chapter 1.
    • Before: Combine the items of the followers to obtain the ring
    • After: Show the manager of the ruins the ring
  • Changed the final reward for "The Liar Ranchini" questline in Drieghan.
    • Before: [Crossroad] Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot or Orkinrad Piece - Metal Ornament
    • After: Orkinrad's Belt
  • Adjusted the Interior Points of the [Manor] Essence of the Azure Dragon to 100.

Dehkia's Lantern - Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins

For those adventurers who own the highest gear, venturing into the Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins for treasure items can be a daunting task, as it may hinder your progress for a time. By adding Dehkia's Lantern monster zones to these locations, it is now possible to obtain treasure items as well as Deboreka Earrings, albeit at a low chance. Rest assured, we'll continue to expand the Dehkia monster zones, providing more options for those with the highest gear.

[Dehkia] Aakman Temple

  • Added new monster zone, [Dehkia] Aakman Temple.
    • Use Dehkia's Lantern at certain locations in Aakman Temple to awaken the Aakmans in a chaotic state.
Lantern Usable Locations (Total 2)
* If you have compass item, you can be guided to nearby locations via the Monster Zone Info UI.
Recommended Stats Monster Zone Description
[Dehkia] Aakman Temple
Recommended AP: 300
Recommended DP: 400
With the Aakman Illusion Statue, imbued with the energy of chaos, the Aakman Flamen, entranced by it, appears from the illusion and seizes control of the temple grounds. This surge of power sends the ancient Aakman device into a state of disarray, turning it into an unpredictable ticking time bomb. Caution is required as the illusion attack of the Aakman Flamen rains down a barrage of meteorites far and wide.
Main Loot Deboreka Earring
Tungrad Earring
Caphras Stone
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Upgraded Compass Parts

[Dehkia] Hystria Ruins

  • Added new monster zone, [Dehkia] Hystria Ruins.
    • Use Dehkia's Lantern at certain locations in Hystria Ruins to awaken the Ancient Weapons in a chaotic state.
Lantern Usable Locations (Total 2)
* If you have compass item, you can be guided to nearby locations via the Monster Zone Info UI.
Recommended Stats Monster Zone Description
[Dehkia] Hystria Ruins
Recommended AP: 300
Recommended DP: 400
The Hystria Guard Tower, sensing Dehkia's Lantern, becomes entranced by its powerful energy, summoning the ancient weapon in a chaotic state to repel intruders. Tutuka, under the lantern's influence, unleashes a devastating shockwave across the battlefield, requiring your utmost caution. At peak alert levels, the formidable ancient weapon Elten, also in a chaotic state, activates to quell the intruders' disruption.
Main Loot Deboreka Earring
Tungrad Necklace
Tungrad Earring
Caphras Stone
Scroll Written in Ancient Language
Upgraded Compass Parts
  • Removed some monsters in the corresponding areas with the addition of [Dehkia] Aakman Temple and [Dehkia] Hystria Ruins.
  • Added World Map icons for the Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins.
Aakman Temple Hystria Ruins
  • Improved the visibility of the Wind's Favor gauge (accumulated upon minigame success) for guild members who are on the deck of the Improved Galley.
Quest & Knowledge

Improved Illezra Tutorial

  • Improved the Illezra tutorial which takes place in the Great Desert after character creation.
    • Added the ability to fast-forward or skip tutorial cutscenes.
      • Some sections require combat and controls.
    • Added guides on defense, evasion, and skill keys.
    • Changed recordings, dialog, and presentations of some of the cutscenes.
  • Enabled knowledge acquisition from Thyshelle Arms in Tarif via interaction when in the possession of an Ultimate Weapon/Armor Reform Stone.
  • Changed the keyword for gaining knowledge of the Ultimate Weapon/Armor Reform Stone.
NPC, Background, Sound

Desert and Great Ocean

  • Improved to display location and navigate when using compass item in the Desert and the Great Ocean.
    • However, you must have a compass that helps with navigation in the desert.
      • Ancient Explorer's Compass, Compass (120 min/7 days), Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass, etc.
Desert Great Ocean
* The trade item exchange information for each Barterer NPC in Margoria's Star (The Great Ocean) will be displayed in the near future.
  • Improved to enable Set Loop for auto-navigation in the Great Ocean when you have a compass item.
  • Improved the World Map icons for the following NPCs:
    • Asparkan Fort: Stable Keeper Hayal Pasha, Skill Instructor Rashyat
    • Tungrad Ruins: Stable Keeper Demba
    • Sezec Mercenary Camp: Stable Keeper Lanta
    • Barhan Camp: Stable Keeper Zraiman, Skill Instructor Gormun
    • Muzgar: Stable Keeper Ricter, Skill Instructor Ulgenil, Work Supervisor Cemil
  • Changed the system message regarding items obtained by workers who have completed tasks in production nodes and crafting at house, so it no longer appears in the center of the screen, but only in the chat window.
    • If you deactivate Worker or Farming in Chat Window Settings → System Message, it will not be displayed in the chat window, as before.
  • Changed the worker level up notification to only be displayed in chat.
  • Fixed the effect when selecting a reward in Challenge (Y) to be more emphasized.
  • Changed Global Lab's send information function to also send guild information.
  • This feature can be used after the upcoming Global Lab maintenance.
  • Changed the X (Twitter) logo on the launcher and official website.
  • Changed the parts of the official website's security check from reCaptcha to hCaptcha.
  • Changed and unified the following in English:
  • Changed the name and command for the below Papu emojis.
  • Happy Papu → Overjoyed Papu
  • Happy → Joy

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the following item descriptions to properly display the description of its equipped effects:
    • Ornella's Glove: Attack Speed Potential +1
    • Kydict Belt: Maximum Weight Limit +100 LT
    • Grána Oath Earring/ Harmony Ring/ Guardian Necklace: Extra AP Against Monsters +1
    • When equipping 2 pieces of Narchillan gear: Monster Damage Reduction +5 → +10
  • Fixed the quest objective of Vol. 2 Chapter 4 of Igor Bartali's Adventure to match the completion objective.
  • Fixed the issue where damage was taken during a specific pattern from Gumiho in Black Shrine Boss Blitz.
  • Fixed the issue where an abnormal time was intermittently recorded once completing Golden Pig King in Black Shrine Boss Blitz.
  • Fixed the icon for the quest item Metal Solvent to display the improved image.
  • Fixed the following items to display their icons in crafting notes.
    • Mysterious Seed, [Guild] Improved Galley: Enhanced Dragon Figurehead, [Guild] Improved Galley: Enhanced Obsidian Plating, [Guild] Improved Galley: Sophia Cannon, [Guild] Improved Galley: High Cloud Sail
  • Fixed the descriptions of the following items to reflect stats increases based on the Sailing Mastery for ships.
  • Loggia Sailor's Clothes, Srulk Sailor's Clothes, Manos Sailor's Clothes: Speed/Acceleration/Turn/Brake stats of your big ship (excluding Galleys) will increase based on your Sailing Mastery.
  • Fixed this issue where large ships were intermittently floating in the air.
    • Fixed the issue where boarding a ship was temporarily unavailable.
  • Fixed the issue that when an item that was already sold was re-listed, upon collection, the caution message regarding the market collection benefit was not displayed when a Value Pack was not applied.
  • Fixed the issue where the arrangement of items in the inventory was unnatural when opening guild storage in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where the storage level of a purchased house on Iliya Island could not be increased, despite expandable storage slots being available.
  • Fixed the issue where the title was changed when maximizing/minimizing the Music Score window.
  • Fixed the issue where notes were pushed to the left when maximizing/minimizing after copy and pasting notes in the Music Score window.
  • Fixed the issue where the Sell All Junk Items button intermittently became translucent when discarding inventory items at an NPC shop.
  • Fixed some unnatural animations that appeared during the cutscene of the quest [Oduksini] To Donghae Office.
  • Fixed the issue where controlling was impossible if the Improved Galley minigame was cancelled via key input with the world map open with Gamepad UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the background is displayed abnormally at a certain location in Calpheon City.
  • Fixed the issue where furniture placement was not smooth due to the ceiling when entering the placement mode in a Muzgar residence.
  • Fixed the issue where movement was not smooth due to stairs and terrain during auto-run at certain locations in the Hasrah Cliff.
  • Fixed the issue where part of the mountain looked unnatural when looking into the distance at a certain location in the Darkseeker's Retreat.
  • Fixed the issue where the background of the water adjoining the land looked unnatural at a certain location near Asparkan Fort.
  • Fixed the issue where text regarding the market price of trade items was displayed in the chat window's system message.
  • Fixed the issue where the completion location was different upon partial completion of the quest The Duvencrune Chief's Smile in the Drieghan.
  • Fixed the issue where you could enter the Black Shrine with trial characters.
  • Fixed the issue where the key guide at the bottom of the popup guide for Vipiko's Dreaming Horse did not have proper alignment.
  • Fixed the issue where text became abnormal if you received Arena of Solare custom mode invitation while editing Arena of Solare gear settings.
  • Fixed the issue where mount function buttons were not displayed for mounts taken out in the Stable menu.
  • Fixed the issue where the Scholar class icon was not displayed in the Boss Blitz records of the Black Shrine.
  • [Musa] Fixed the issue where equipping the Goldscale Dragoon armor did not display the effects for its unique action.

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