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Updates Apr 9, 2024, 11:06 (UTC) Patch Notes - April 9, 2024


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on April 9, 2024 (Tue). Today’s patch contains 103 updates and is approximately 1.00 GB.


Daily Login Rewards with Warm Spring Sunshine! 


What can you receive via daily login?!


Apr 11, 2024 (Thu) 00:00 - May 15, 2024 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC)


[Event] Radiant Shakatu's Seal  

Advice of Valks (+60)

[Event] Sealed Book of Life (7 Days)

[Event] Life Enhancement Help Kit II


Guild Leaguer?
April Guild League Events Are Here!

Event Period: April 9, 2024 (Tue) 17:00 (UTC) - May 8, 2024 (Wed) 01:00 (UTC)


Cron Stone x2000

[Event] Classic Outfit Box

[Event] Premium Outfit Box

Item Drop Rate Hot Time for April!


Here’s Combat & Skill EXP boost! 
And also, Item Drop Rate +50%!


Apr 9, 2024 (Tue) after maintenance - Apr 30, 2024 (Tue) before maintenance


Combat EXP


Skill EXP


Item Drop Rate



New Additions and Improvements

We've expanded upon Black Desert's music system.
First off, with today's update, we've made it so that all classes can now play musical instruments. Whether it be with guildies or friends, or even in front of adventurers you've just become acquainted with, you can enjoy musical content without being restricted by class.
We've also added 5 new instruments to further bolster the musical arsenal available in Black Desert.
These include the "Florchestra Horn," a brass instrument for brilliant, grandiose pieces, the "Florchestra Clarinet," a woodwind instrument for expressing softer tones, and 3 types of "Marni's Electric Guitar," instruments which offer modern sounds with varying effectors.
Just as the "Marnian" comes in several different shapes and tones, Marni's Electric Guitar comes in three different flavors as well - "Silver Wave," for a clear, effector-less sound, "Highway," for a refreshing and high-paced drive effector, and "Hexe Glam," for a heavier, more-filling distortion effector.
From adventurers musically as active as the wandering musician Artina herself, to those who've only recently dipped their toes into Black Desert's musical scene, or just adventurers who are seeking a something new in-game, we hope this update provides much fun and entertainment for all.
As we mentioned during the latest updates dev commentary, this musical expansion is part of our overarching goal to provide a more chock-filled adventuring experience in Black Desert. We are busily toiling away in other areas as well, so please look forward to these developments coming soon.
Thank you.

Music for All (Classes)

  • Those talented Shai have finally chosen to share their musical skills with fellow denizens of Black Desert.
    • Now all Black Desert classes can perform with musical instruments.
      • ESC Menu - Community (F9) - Music Album
* If you've already unlocked Beginner/Florchestra/Marni's instruments, you can perform music with classes other than Shai.
Beginner - Purchase from Artina's shop (5 million Silver per instrument)
Florchestra - Complete Artina's questline and obtain each instrument
Marni - Purchase materials from Marni's shop and/or complete daily quests to craft each instrument
* With all classes now able to play instruments, the following has been changed.            
- Changed so learning the "Wandering Musician, Artina" Knowledge will grant access to all other non-Shai characters to Artina's musical shop.            
(Talk to Artina found throughout the world of Black Desert to learn the "Wandering Musician, Artina" Knowledge.)            
- Changed the name of the quest group under Quest (O) - Suggested tab.            
 * [Music] Let's Not Shai Away from Making Music! → [Music] Let's Not Shy Away from Making Music!            
- Changed so all classes can now proceed with the 4 quests under the "[Music] Let's Not Shy Away from Making Music!" quest group.            
 * "Artina's Kaia Instrument Shop"            
 * "Artina's Flondor Instrument Shop"            
 * "Artina's Ancado Instrument Shop"            
 * "Artina's Salanar Instrument Shop"            
- Changed certain portions of the "[Music] The Otherworldly Sounds of Marni's Instruments!" Suggested quest group and made them available to all classes.            

5 New Instruments (Horn, Clarinet, 3 Electric Guitars)

  • Artina, the wandering musician and Florchestra's student, has invented two new types of Florchestra instruments.
    • On a day when the wind blew fiercely through the tress, Artina found inspiration in their melodious whispers. She christened the instrument born of this muse, the Florchestra Clarinet. Also moved by the low howls of the Lapis Lazuli Bison greeting the rising sun, she invented another instrument, which she named the Florchestra Horn.
      • Added Florchestra Horn and Florchestra Clarinet.
      • The two instruments mentioned above can be purchased for 5 million Silver each from Artina upon completing the newly added quests under the [Music] The Heavenly Sound of Florchestra Instruments! Suggested quest category.
Florchestra Horn Florchestra Clarinet
About that new instrument you asked for before... I've created yet another masterpiece! Hurry and find me. Oh, and bring a little something for my troubles, alright?
  • Mad Scientist Marni has sent a letter detailing the completion of the previously-requested instrument, the Electric Guitar.
    • Added Marni Electric Guitar: Silver Wave, Marni Electric Guitar: Highway, and Marni Electric Guitar: Hexe Glam.
      • The three instruments mentioned above can be purchased for 100 million Silver each from Marni upon completing the newly added quests under the [Music] The Otherworldly Sounds of Marni's Instruments! category in the Quests (O) - Suggested tab.
Marni Electric Guitar: Silver Wave
Marni Electric Guitar: Highway
Marni Electric Guitar: Hexe Glam
Similar to the Marnian, the Marni Electric Guitars offer three new types of music scores with varying effectors.
* Please note that the Marni Electric Guitar techniques only output sound in the C2-G2 pitch range.
  • Improved the Music Album to display which instruments you currently own and do not own.
  • Changed the Play button to no longer be usable if you have no instruments unlocked in your Music Album.
  • Changed the My Instruments window to now display all the instruments unlockable in Black Desert.
    • Those you have already unlocked will be marked in yellow, while those yet unlocked will be in grey.
  • Added tooltips that display when hovering your mouse over the instrument icons in the My Instruments window.
  • Changed How to Play to Select Instrument in the Play Settings window to better fit the actual function.
  • Improved the Play icon when performing music to now display the time left for the music score currently being performed.
  • Improved so that you can select online characters other than Shai for music performances.

Simplified Acquisition of Florchestra Instruments

Simplified the quests to obtain the existing 8 types of Florchestra Instruments.
If you complete the Artina's Flondor Instrument Shop quest from Artina at Lake Flondor with a character of level 56 or above, you can begin the [Florchestra] Legendary Musician quest.
* Upon completion of this questline, you can obtain Florchestra Instruments. (8 types)
Quest NPC and conditions Questline Reward
From Lv. 56, complete the "Artina's Flondor Instrument Shop" quest
(Artina at
Lake Flondor)
[Florchestra] Legendary Musician
Florchestra Instruments (8 types)
* You can check the progress via [Music] The Heavenly Sound of Florchestra Instruments! in Quest (O) - Suggested.
* With the simplification of the Florchestra Instruments quests, the eight quests to obtain Florchestra Instrument blueprints and Dewdrop items have been made unavailable.
- If you have already accepted the quest, you can proceed normally.
Improved so that you can acquire the Wings of Florchestra title by talking to Artina at Lake Flondor after completing the last quest of the [Florchestra] Musician of the Forest and City questline.
* Once you complete the above questline, a Florchestra Horn and a Florchestra Clarinet can be purchased from Artina's shop.
If you have lost other Florchestra Instruments, these can be purchased again from Artina's shop.

  • Preparations are underway to remove the limit on the number of notes according to your grade.
    • Changed the quests in the [Life] [Promote] Master Performer category in Quest - Suggested tab to be available for all classes.
    • Changed the quests in the [Music Specialist] For the Wandering Musician category in Quest - Recurring tab to be available for all classes.
* The above quests are expected to be changed to be unavailable in later updates, and removed from Suggested and Recurring.

Guild League

We are preparing for the regular season of the Guild League. Before the regular season, we will be checking the participation status and trends, play style, and records of adventurers so far. Based on this, we plan to adjust the rules and reward scale for the regular season along with additional improvements.

We have seen indications that many guilds, excluding the top guilds, are struggling to gather the maximum number of 15 members. Considering that new guilds also have difficulty participating due to the number of members required, we plan to reduce the maximum number to 10 for trial matches.

With a decrease in participant numbers, some guilds may dislike the changes in the scale and aspects of the Guild League. So, this will be a temporary change during the trial match period, which is intended to provide more interesting matches with many more guilds. We will work hard to prepare a more polished and balanced regular season based upon various data collected during the trials.
  • Changed the maximum number of participants temporarily.
Before After
10 min - 15 max 7 min - 10 max
* During the trial period, changes due to the differing number of participants will be identified, which will be used when determining the participants needed and reward scale for the regular season.
  • Changed the following for match registration and penalty application due to the temporary change in the maximum number of participants.
    • Changed the minimum number of guild members needed to register for matchmaking from 10 → 7.
    • If matchmaking is complete but the number of remaining guild members waiting is less than 10 → 7, the match will be considered as defeat, end, and one penalty will be given.
    • If the number of participants during the Guild League is less than 5 → 3, the match will be considered as defeat, end, and one penalty will be given.

2nd Black Stone Simplification

Following improvements made to the usage during the first Black Stone simplification, the second simplification brings we have also streamlining of the acquisition process. Along with this, the Black Stone, which was once divided into (Weapon) and (Armor), has now been unified under the same name "Black Stone".

Obtaining Black Stone (Armor) via various methods such as crafting, opening boxes, life skills, exchanges, shops, etc., will now be a mere memory. (Just like when Silver had weight, it will remain a topic of conversation Back in the day Black Stones were divided into weapons/armor!)

Any simplified Black Stones have now all been distributed as the new unified Black Stone, and we have made sure that any Black Stones you acquire will maintain the same value as before, which we hope allows for a more convenient adventure. With this update, we have now concluded the simplification work on Black Stone (Weapon & Armor) which has been carried out in two separate stages, and we will continue to work hard and prepare to present the simplification for other types of Black Stones too.


  • Changed the names of Black Stone (Weapon) → Black Stone / Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) → Concentrated Magical Black Stone

Black Stone (Armor) Items Removal

  • Removed Black Stone (Armor), Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor), and Hard Black Crystal Shard: The same number of Black Stone, Concentrated Magical Black Stone, and Sharp Black Crystal Shard have been distributed in their previous slots.
* If the same items are stored in different slots in your Inventory, you can store them in one slot by putting them in Storage and taking them out.

How to Obtain

  • [Crafting] Completed one of any on-going Black Stone (Armor) crafting at the Refinery, and cancelled the remaining ones.
    • Stopped worker's repeated tasks and sent completed Black Stones to your Heidel Storage
  • [Farming] Removed Hard Black Crystal Shard, which could be obtained via Pruning and Killing Pests. Sharp Black Crystal Shard now be obtained with the equivalent acquisition probability of Hard Black Crystal Shard.
  • [Gathering, Hunting] Removed Hard Black Crystal Shard, which could be obtained via Gathering and Hunting. Sharp Black Crystal Shard now be obtained with the equivalent acquisition probability of Hard Black Crystal Shard.
  • [Exchange] Changed Black Stone (Armor) items to be unavailable for exchange with certain seals.
  • [Shop] Removed Black Stone (Armor) and Hard Black Crystal Shard, which could be purchased from Patrigio's Secret Shop, and replaced them with Black Stone and Sharp Black Crystal Shard.
  • [Black Spirit's Adventure] Changed the items that can be obtained.
    • Black Stone (Armor) → Black Stone
    • Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) → Concentrated Magical Black Stone
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard → Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle → Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle
  • Changed the following loot obtained by defeating monsters.
Before After
Black Stone (Armor) Black Stone
Hard Black Crystal Shard Sharp Black Crystal Shard
1. In cases where you could obtain Black Stone (Armor) x3 by defeating monsters:
→ You will now obtain Black Stone x3 instead of Black Stones (Armor) x3.
2. In cases where you could obtain Black Stone (Weapon) x2 and Black Stone (Armor) x3 by defeating monsters
→ You will now obtain Black Stone x5.
* Changed titles and Knowledge that can no longer be obtained to be obtainable from Annolisa Rosie, the Calpheon College Librarian.

Phrases & Marking Unification

  • Changed phrases in the descriptions for all relevant items and quests.
  • Changed the text for openable box-type items due to Black Stone changes.
    • Changed the contents and set probability of the above box-type items. (Amount of obtainable items remains the same as before.)
  • Changed Knowledge entries that had been marked with (Weapon) and (Armor) due to Black Stone changes. This includes the following:
    • Enhance Awakening Weapon, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon), Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor)
    • Black Gem, Purified Lightstone of Fire, Purified Lightstone of Earth, Purified Lightstone of Wind, Purified Lightstone of Flora, Ultimate Armor Reform Stone, Concentrated Magical Black Gem
  • Changed phrases regarding items needed for Enhancement and repair.
  • Changed the following quest objectives due to Black Stones changes.
Quest Objectives Before Objectives After
[Combat Promotion] Supporting Porio - Give Black Stone (Armor) x10 to Porio
- Give Black Stone (Weapon) x10 to Porio
- Give Black Stone x20 to Porio
[Gathering Leap Artisan 10] From the Hand of a Person - Get Hard Black Crystal Shard x10 by Gathering
- Get Sharp Black Crystal Shard x3 by Gathering
- Obtain Sharp Black Crystal Shard x10 by Gathering

  • Added deletion date and application range info to the description of J's Hammer of Precision.
* This item will be removed during the Nov 27, 2024 maintenance.
* This item cannot be used on accessories added between the maintenance on Apr 3, 2024 and Nov 27, 2024.
  • Added a phrase to the Old Moon Trade Pass item description to indicated that its benefit effect disappears when re-listed for sale.

Garmoth Knowledge Acquisition

  • Added new means to learn the Garmoth Knowledge for those who've yet to learn or deleted said Knowledge.
    • Improved so you can now acquire the Garmoth Knowledge from looting Garmoth after defeating the world boss herself.
      • Adventurers who've already possessed Knowledge of Garmoth will not gain additional Knowledge from looting this item off Garmoth, nor will it increase its Knowledge grade.
* Landing the final blow upon Garmoth to obtain the relevant Title remains same as before.
  • Improved the Phantom Knight to move with more freedom during the fight.
We've issued out multiple mount-related updates such as increasing wild horse tiers, making horses breed foal of at least tier 6, and all horses will learn the Sprint skill with 100% mastery. Today's update will now grant all horses to automatically learn Sprint. We expect this change to ease the training process for Dream/Mythical Horses and/or Imperial Steeds. We will continue making quality of life improvements for Adventurers who enjoy the Training Life Skill.

Sprint as an Inherent Skill

  • Improved all horses to now learn Sprint as an inherent skill.
    • All horses, including Dream and Mythical Horses who have designated inherent skills, will now learn Sprint at Lv. 1.
    • Imperial Steeds have also been changed to now be born with both Imperial Stature and Sprint as inherent skills from Lv. 1.
      • For Wild Horses, those that are Lv. 1 will have only Sprint learned when registered at the stable. Wild Horses of greater levels will also have learned additional skills according to a set probability.
* Horses will learn the Sprint skill with 100% mastery.
All Horses
(e.g., Tier 8)
Dream Horses
(e.g., Arduanatt)
Imperial Steed
* Using the Reset Mount Growth item will now keep Sprint learned for your horse reset to Lv. 1.
- However, if you've used the Mount Skill Change Coupon to change or remove the Sprint skill, your mount will be able to re-learn Sprint according to a set probability each time it levels up just as before (up to Lv. 30).
* Race Horses used in the Old Moon Grand Prix do not learn Sprint as an inherent skill.
  • Increased prices for horses sold through horse/breeding market, Imperial Delivery, and at the stable due to the change to Sprint becoming an inherent skill for horses.
    • Added details on Sprint being an inherent skill to all horse emblem item descriptions.
* The following has been changed through Apr 9 (Tue) maintenance.
All horses yet to learn "Sprint" have now learned the inherent skill.
All horses listed on the horse and breeding markets have been de-listed.
Quest & Knowledge

Balenos Main Questline Improvements

  • Simplified some objectives when progressing through the Balenos main questline.
Quest Improvements
[Balenos] Edan's Advice - Changed to automatically summon the Black Spirit upon quest completion, making it easier to accept and proceed with the next quest.
[Balenos] One's Fate
[Balenos] Give 'Em Hell
- Reduced the number of Goblins required to be killed from 25 to 10.
- Improved to reward a certain amount of EXP upon quest completion.
[Balenos] It's All About the Nose! - Improved to reward a certain amount of EXP upon quest completion.
[Balenos] Deep Down in a Cave - Reduced the number of Goblins required to be killed from 15 to 4.
[Balenos] Tracking Giath - Reduced the number of Goblins required to be killed from 25 to 10.
- Improved navigation to guide you near the Goblin Altar where there are denser groups of Goblins.

  • Added a message to display upon completing the Atoraxxion main questline.

  • Changed the objective of the [Select One] [Weekly Training] Capture a Horse for Imperial Horse Delivery quest.
    • Thanks to the help of many adventurers, Liana is now ready to make imperial horse deliveries herself.
Before After
Complete the Imperial Horse Delivery Capture a Horse
    • Changed the name of the quest to match the quest objective.
      • [Select One] [Weekly Training] Imperial Horse Delivery → [Select One] [Weekly Training] Capture a Horse for Imperial Horse Delivery
  • Added quest objectives upon accepting The Leader quest in Valencia to make it easier to complete.
  • Changed so that you can exchange 30 energy for the Northern Heidel Gothic Fountain after completing the [Manor] Northern Heidel Gothic quest
Node & Conquest War
  • Improved the description of "Blessing of Battle" and "Breath of Life", which are available by consuming "Spirit of Battle" during an active Node/Conquest War.
NPC, Background, Sound
  • Sungoo, the Wharf Manager at Dallae Pier, has moved location for adventurers disembarking from ships.
Dialogue choices during interactions with NPCs have been improved to be more immersive. This should be more noticeable for adventurers who play on a wider resolution. Having dialogue choices be nearer to the NPC you're interacting with will help your vision to be less dispersed, which in turn should improve immersion.
  • Improved the display animations and positions of each function such as quests, conversations, and exchanges during interactions with NPCs.
  • Improved the Black Spirit's guide to facilitate better Main Quest progression for new and returning adventurers.            
    • The Black Spirit's guide, displayed on the left of the Main Quest widget, is shown for new and returning adventurers up to level 20, providing guidance for quest progression.            
  • Fixed the issue where the "My Journal" and "Guild Journal" for months with no records were not functioning properly.            
    • When clicking on a month with no records, a description will now be displayed.            
  • Added the ability to purchase the following items through the quick purchase function in some UI:            
    • Captain's Medallion, Wharf Expansion Coupon, Naderr's Parchment, Skill Preset Expansion, Crystal Preset Expansion, and Artifact Inventory.            
  • Changed so that the item units are now displayed in improved units when checking another character's inventory from the game end window.            
  • Added 1 loading screen image.
  • Improved the use of Hide Cape (hidden state) to be visible to other adventurers after a certain period of time.
    • Improved the feature so that adventurers don't have to move and return to check the appearance of other adventurers who have turned on the Hide Cape feature.
    • Improved the tooltip of the Hide Cape button.
  • Improved and fixed the following for the official website.
    • Fixed the issue where the maintenance message was not displayed in some pages during official website maintenance.
    • Improved the search feature for Announcements and Forum menus.
      • Please note that there is a time delay for the game data to be applied to the official website.
  • Fixed the issues of occasional delays or failures during the log-in/log-out caused by the auto log-in feature in the Black Desert launcher.

Modified or Changed

  • [Ninja] Fixed the issue where some parts of the Snowflake Hat overlapped on certain face shapes.
  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where wearing the Daru Armor and certain underwear made the decreased durability state look unnatural.
  • [Scholar] Fixed the issue where the position of the fishing chair was unnatural while fishing.
  • [Arena of Solare] Fixed the issue where you could not be attacked while within a specific object at the Gowun Plateau Reeds battlefield.
  • Fixed the alignment of the key guide to be more natural when using the storage in certain situations with the Gamepad UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the client crashed while using the Abyssal Well in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where the terrain near South Kaia Mountain was unnatural on the World Map (M).
  • Fixed the issue where some button text in the Maid/Butler List overlapped in some languages.
  • Fixed the issue where some knowledge located at the Beacon Tower in Bomnae County of the Land of the Morning Light overlapped with other NPCs.
  • Fixed the UI at the end of the Life Guru achievement message to be clickable.
  • Fixed the issue where the Upgrade Ship and Guide buttons overlapped in certain languages.
  • [Drakania] Fixed the issue where sometimes skill cooldowns in the skill guide were not displayed properly.
  • Fixed the issue where artifacts stored in the Artifact Inventory were automatically equipped when retrieved with the Gamepad UI.
  • Fixed the issue where certain phrases were unnatural when using J's Hammer of Loyalty/Precision in the Enhancement window in some languages.
  • Fixed the issue where only the lock image was displayed when the Black Spirit's Rage was locked while using the Custom HP Bar or Combat Focus Mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the effect size of the quest area did not match when the Black Spirit guided you during the main quests.
  • Fixed the issue where an abnormal phrase sometimes appeared when pets used Taunt Monster.
  • Fixed the issue where, after adjusting the UI size, you could not move items in the other town's storage to your inventory with the Gamepad UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the scroll position was maintained when moving to the Exchange List after checking the Seal List from the bottom position of the Manage Currency UI with the Gamepad UI.

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