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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates May 14, 2024, 10:30 (UTC) Patch Notes - May 14, 2024


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on May 14, 2024 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 101 updates and is approximately 777.63 MB.





Happy 3,000 Day Milestone!

Our journey in Black Desert began in March 3, 2016 and has already reached its 3,000th day as of May 19, 2024!
The time has flown by because of our amazing NA/EU Adventurers.
In appreciation, we have special in-game events as well as special community events to celebrate this milestone!
Check out the details below! 🥳

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Bask in the Warm Sunlight of Spring
and Get Your Daily Login Rewards!

What items you can grab as login rewards?


May 16, 2024 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC) - June 19, 2024 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC)

[Event] Radiant Shakatu's Seal

Advice of Valks (+60)

[Event] Sealed Book of Life (7 Days)

[Event] Life Enhancement Help Kit III

Adventure with New Guildies!

Apply for the Guild Recruitment Support Campaign to welcome new members!

You can get up to 10 billion Silver in guild funds for welcoming new guild members!

Gifts for Progression Guilds

Celebrate the arrival of new guildies with these gifts!

New Guild Members Rewards
3 Guild Funds 2 billion +  Megaphone 30
6 Guild Funds 5 billion +  Megaphone 30
10 Guild Funds 10 billion +  Megaphone 30
* Rewards will be given when 3 or more new guild members join the guild during the event period.
* After the event ends, guild funds will be deposited into the guild storage, and Megaphones will be given through the guild master's Mail (B).

When Selected as Progression Guild


Exclusive Benefits and Guild Verification Mark!

Guilds selected as Progression Guilds will be provided with a Guild Verification Mark
and the benefit of being listed at the top of the guild list.


Expectations for Progression Guilds!

Welcome adventurers who join the guild and encourage them to settle in comfortably.

Try various party & guild content with new guild members.

Enjoy Red Battlefield and Node War together!

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Guild Login Rewards! Login Daily to Get Growth Support Items!

Join a guild and login every day to get
various enhancement materials and items needed for growth!


May 15, 2024 (Wed) 00:00 (UTC) - Jun 11, 2024 (Tue) 23:59 (UTC)


Login every day and grab various growth materials 

when you’re part of a guild!


[Event] Shakatu's Splendid Box

Cron Stones

[Event] Life Enhancement Help Kit III

Advice of Valks (+100)



Calling new & returning adventurers!
Get special guild login rewards too!


New & Returning Adventurer

What is a New Adventurer?

An adventurer who has logged in within 60 days (1,440 hours) after creating their secondary password.

What is a Returning Adventurer?

A player who has not logged into the game for more than 30 days (720 hours) and has not used the Central Market (Black Desert + application/official website) for a period of 30 days or more.


[Event] Shakatu's Splendid Box

Cron Stones

Enhancement Help Bundle

PEN (V) Acc. 100% Enhancement Kit

Find out more!

Travel the Veins of the Magnus for 1 Silver!


Create a season character and immediately land at your desired location for just ONE Silver!

May 14, 2024 (Tue) after maintenance - May 29, (Wed) before maintenance

Reduced fee of just 1 Silver during the event period!

Just 1 Silver to use the Abyssal Wells to move between each of the major cities.

* Abyssal Wells which grant entry to the Magnus are accessible after progressing through the [Abyss One: The Magnus] questline and can be found displayed on the World Map (M).


One More Season Character Ticket!

Elevate your adventure with the newly added exchange items for the "[Season] Seal of Journey," including Advice of Valks (+120) and Mythical Censer!
One additional Season Character Ticket has been provided through the May 14 (Tue) maintenance.

Fresh Exchange Options for [Season] Seal of Journey!

Exchangeable Item
Required Number of Seals
Advice of Valks (+120)
* Once per Family
Mythical Censer
* Once per Family → Twice per Family
Black Spirit Crystal
* Once per Family

Awakened Spirit's Crystal
* Once per Family

Valtarra Spirit's Crystal
* Once per Family
Choose Your 15-Day Box
* Once per Family
Krogdalo Horse Gear Crafting Box
* Three Times per Family



Time to Show Your Strength!

May 14, 2024 (Tue) after maintenance - May 29, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

Unite your strength with your Guild Members and enjoy doubled Guild Boss summons!

All together now, it’s Guild Boss Subjugation time!

All together now, it’s Guild Boss Subjugation time!
Cooldowns of Guild Buffs for all guild members,
and the required quantity of Pledge of the Blood, decrease!


New Additions and Improvements

The Trial of Erethea is a faster variation of Erethea's Limbo which you can enjoy at your own pace.
The Forgotten Limbo Seal have been added to the loot tables of some of the more popular monster zones (310+ AP recommended), and these will be important to procure your own Deboreka Ring.
The drop rate of the seals are quite low, but once you obtain the Forgotten Limbo Seal, you are guaranteed to obtain 2 Deboreka Rings from the Trial of Erethea.
You can also get a chance to obtain additional rings from an extra chest that may spawn depending on which trials you complete.
The max enhancement level of the Deboreka Ring you can obtain from the Trial of Erethea is at DUO (II).
  • Energies within Erethea's Limbo shift to reveal the Trial of Erethea, which awaits adventurers to prove their worth.
    • Added the Trial of Erethea.
How to Enter the Trial ESC Menu - Adventure (F5) - Trial of Erethea
* You must fulfil the following conditions to enter the trial.
- At least Lv. 56, out of combat, at max HP, out of party
  • You can start the trial by interacting with Erethea's Slate within the Trial of Erethea.
    • You need Forgotten Limbo Seals to attempt the Trial of Erethea.
      • You can obtain Forgotten Limbo Seals from the following monster zones at a very low probability.
Monster Zones with the Forgotten Limbo Seal
(310+ AP recommended)
- Tungrad Ruins
- Yzrahid Highlands
- Darkseekers' Retreat
- City of the Dead
- Tunkuta [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Olun's Valley [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Thornwood Forest [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Ash Forest [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Cyclops Land [Dehkia's Lantern]
- Quint Hill [Elvia]
- Crypt of Resting Thoughts
  • Added Forgotten Limbo Seal to the loot table of the above monster zones.

Trial of Erethea

  • Once the trial begins, Limbo Crystals will appear, and adventurers will receive the Limbo's Blessing.
    • You can challenge different trials via the Limbo Crystal.
      • When you successfully complete 3 trials, the Limbo Gate will appear to lead you to the Chamber of the Slumbering Forgotten Trial's Legacy.
    • You will be automatically removed from the Trial of Erethea after 20 minutes.
* You do not receive any death penalties for dying in the Trial of Erethea.
  • Once the trial begins, adventurers will receive the Limbo's Blessing.
    • Each Limbo's Blessing grants powerful effects to the challenger of the trial.
Limbo's Blessing: The Frost
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the Frost.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the frost.
Limbo's Blessing: The Rift
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the Rifts.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the Rifts.
Limbo's Blessing: The Ancients
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the Ancients.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the Ancients.
Limbo's Blessing: The Void
- A blessing of oblivion which erases the fear of the void.
You inflict extra damage on monsters that appear from the trial of the void.

Witch's Lingering Presence

  • When you complete a trial from the Limbo Crystal, a Witch's Lingering Presence will appear.
    • One out of many Witch's Lingering Presence will appear, and you will be able to receive Forgotten Trial's Legacy depending on the result.
    • You can obtain several loot, including the Deboreka Ring, all according to a set probability from within the Forgotten Trial's Legacy.

Chamber of Erethea's Slumbering Forgotten Legacy

  • After completing 3 trials, all Limbo Crystals will radiate with gold as all gates will connect to the chamber where the Forgotten Trial's Legacy awaits.
    • You can obtain the below loot, including Deboreka Ring, from the chamber where Erethea's Forgotten Legacy slumbers.
Main Rewards
Deboreka Ring
Resplendent Lightstone of Fire
Purified Lightstone
Limbo Star
  • You can exchange Limbo Star x100 for a Deboreka Ring via Erethea's Slate.
    • In addition to exchange via Erethea's Slate, Deboreka Ring can also be obtained via Processing (L) - Manufacture with Limbo Star x100.
  • Changed the objective for the [Abyss One: The Magnus] Sad Red-nosed Imp to get 3 Abyssal Pearls instead of 5.
  • Fixed some messages displayed during the [Abyss One: The Magnus] Sad Red-nosed Imp.

Season Character Ticket

  • Issued 1 Season Character Ticket to all adventurers.
    • Season servers are special servers designed with novice Adventurers in mind. Levelling is also faster compared to normal servers.
      • You'll find the Season Character Ticket counter displayed in the Character Selection window after logging in.
      • You can hold up to 5 Season Character Tickets at a time.
      • If you already have an active season character, the Season Character Ticket can be used after graduation.
* Entry conditions for certain servers, such as exclusive servers for new adventurers with Family level restrictions, are refreshed weekly during maintenance.
- If there are characters in the queue for deletion at the start of maintenance, their level will be included in the total level calculation of the Family.

  • Changed the location of the Ancient Ruins Storage production node to near the Coastal Cave.
  • Added the Deboreka Ring.
    • The Deboreka Ring can be obtained from the Trial of Erethea.
Enhanced Level Effects
Deboreka Ring AP +9
Accuracy +2
PRI (I) Deboreka Ring AP +12
Accuracy +4
DUO (II) Deboreka Ring AP +15
Accuracy +6
TRI (III) Deboreka Ring AP +18
Accuracy +8
TET (IV) Deboreka Ring AP +21
Accuracy +10
PEN (V) Deboreka Ring AP +24
Accuracy +12
  • Added the 5-Set Effect for Deboreka Accessories.
    • Deboreka Accessory 5-Set Effect: All AP +8
  • Added a phrase to the description of fence items stating that up to 10 fences can be installed regardless of type.

Tungrad Ruins

In the Tungrad Ruins, you take down hordes of monsters using the Essence of Ulukita obtained from the Tungrad Visionary. However, some classes were able to attack monsters within a range where the Essence of Ulukita effect was maintained, which gave them an advantage compared to other classes. Now, the Tungrad Visionary is no longer affected by the Essence of Ulukita and won't remove it, narrowing the gap between classes. And by strengthening the Essence of Ulukita effect, albeit for a shorter duration, the speed of defeating monsters is preserved.
  • Decreased the HP of Tungrad Visionaries by 50%.
  • Changed Tungrad Visionaries to no longer be affected by the Essence of Ulukita effect.
  • Changed Tungrad Ascetics and Tungrad Executioners to receive the DP Increase effect until the Tungrad Visionaries are downed and have their energy released.
    • The DP Increase effect is removed when the defeated Tungrad Visionaries release their energy.
  • Changed Tungrad Visionaries to no longer remove the Essence of Ulukita effect.
  • Changed the HP condition for when Tungrad Visionaries are defeated while being launched into the air due to Knockback or Knockdown.
    • Defeated when remaining HP is at 20% → 30%.
  • Increased the effect of Essence of Ulukita by 1.4 times.
  • Changed the duration of Essence of Ulukita from 30 sec to 6 sec.
  • Decreased the HP of [Dread-stricken] Tungrad Visionaries and Tungrad Ascetics that appear with Putarek by 50%.

City of the Dead

In the City of the Dead, you must first eliminate the Tehmelun Messengers who cast powerful spells and then take care of the rest of the monsters. To speed up this process, we've decreased the distance the Tehmelun Messengers move before casting and improved the monsters summoned by the Knight of Conviction to approach faster.
  • Slightly decreased the distance the [Black Sand Visionary] Tehmelun Messengers move to cast spells.
  • Changed the [Beckoned] Tehmelun Seekers and [Beckoned] Tehmelun Elite Soldiers called by the Knight of Conviction to be more aggressive.
    • Increased the speed at which the [Beckoned] Tehmelun Seekers and [Beckoned] Tehmelun Elite Soldiers attack the adventurer.

Crypt of Resting Thoughts

  • Changed the method of the Dark Knight's appearance.
    • Dark Knight remains hidden in the darkness for a certain period (6 min) before revealing itself after detecting an Adventurer nearby.
      • Dark Knight hides again in the darkness 3 min after being out of combat.
    • Changed the time the appeared Dark Knight remains before dying from 20 min to 30 min.

Quint Hill [Elvia]

  • Changed so that the effect of Agris Fever does not apply upon defeating the following monsters:
    • [Tainted by the Ancient Seal] Ancient Troll, [Tainted by the Ancient Seal] Ancient Troll Warrior, [Tainted by the Ancient Seal] Ancient Troll Thrower, [Tainted by the Ancient Seal] Ancient Troll Shaman, [Tainted by the Ancient Seal] Ancient Troll Elite Warrior
  • The effect of Agris Fever will be applied as before upon defeating the following monsters:
    • [Risen] Troll, Troll Warrior, Troll Thrower, Troll Porter, Troll Elite Warrior, [Sealed] Troll Shaman
Quest & Knowledge
  • Improved Florchestra instrument quests to give the knowledge of the instruments when you obtain them.
* If you've already completed the quests, talk to Artina at Lake Flondor to get the knowledge entries.
  • Added [Title] Wings of Florchestra as a reward for completing the [Florchestra] Musician of the Forest and City quest.
* If you've already completed the quest, talk to Artina at Lake Flondor to get the title.
  • Fixed parts of the knowledge for Florchestra instruments following changes to their sources.
  • Added a reward log pop up for when you get rewards from quests to better acknowledge what you've received.
  • Changed the names of the customization related function to be more intuitive.
    • Changed the names displayed in the Pearl Shop, Menu, and some descriptions from Beauty/Beauty Shop to Customization.
    • Changed the name of the Beauty Album to Customization Album.
  • Fixed the issue where opening the Customization Album through Customization (F4) did not show the Refresh button.
  • Changed some quest icons in Progression Pass's Guaranteed PEN (V) Enhancement.
  • Changed so that the quest guide will always be displayed for new and returning adventurers at or below level 20.
  • Removed 2 loading screen images.
  • Unified date formats in some pages.            
  • Improved so that the list of posts displayed below the current post to also show the current post you are looking at.            

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue where the ornamental knot was exposed when playing certain instruments as Dark Knight.
  • Fixed the issue where the existing navigation was deleted upon accepting the quest [Adventure Manual] Edan's Adventures.
  • Fixed the issue where the minimap was unnatural at certain locations in the Great Desert of Valencia.
  • Fixed the alignment to be more natural when the item displayed in the Exit Game window became too long.
  • Fixed the knowledge description for how to get a camel.
  • Fixed the navigation for some quests to be more natural.
  • Removed an unnaturally placed iron door near the Altinova Arena.
  • Fixed the issue where characters could get trapped in the terrain while using skills at certain locations in Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.
  • Fixed the issue where vegetation near a specific tent at Pilgrim's Sanctum: Obedience was unnaturally placed.
  • Fixed the issue where the description for the Totem of the Sea exceeded the boundaries of the Gamepad UI.
  • Fixed the issue where adventurers who were Trade Master 11 or higher experienced an abnormally high percentage of Trade EXP after the Life Skill integration update.
  • Fixed the issue where the effect of increased Silver collection from the Central Market, part of the Family Fame benefits, was applied lower than expected for some adventurers after the maintenance on Apr 24 (Wed).
    • For adventurers affected by this issue, the missing Silver has been sent to the Central Market warehouse.
  • Fixed the below outfits to be more natural when worn:
    • [Female Classes] Marnist Shoes
    • [Hashashin] Mezari Armor
    • [Scholar] Loggia and Silver Embroidered Fisher's Clothes
    • [Dark Knight] Selaine Outfit
    • [Valkyrie] Selaine Armor on certain customizations
    • [Lahn] Campus Blossom Armor with certain body customizations
    • [Lahn] Roselyn Shoes in combat
    • [Maegu] Flamekissed Armor and Outlaws of Margoria Shoes worn together
    • [Drakania] Taritas Armor and certain underwear worn together
    • [Kunoichi] Selaine Armor and gloves from another outfit worn together
  • Fixed the issue where the teeth of the following classes were unnatural when wearing the Roselyn Helmet:
    • Valkyrie, Maehwa, Mystic, Witch, Kunoichi, Lahn, Guardian, Corsair, Drakania, Woosa, Maegu, Scholar
  • [Ninja] Fixed the issue where the sub-weapon was still visible even after unequipping the sub-weapon outfit or using the Hide Outfit function while having a sub-weapon equipped.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the shadow around the nose was unnatural when wearing the Messenger of Adùir Helmet.
  • [Shai, Nova] Fixed the issue where part of the lenses appeared unnatural when wearing Round Metal Glasses.
  • Fixed the issue where players could fall through the floor in a certain location at Hasrah Cliff.
  • Fixed the issue where the display of the item exchange UI for some seals were unnatural in Manage Currency.
  • Fixed the issue where it was not possible to acquire the knowledge of the Fruit of Nature and Essence of Nature.
  • Fixed the Gamepad UI to show the Key Guide in the Exit Game window.
  • Fixed the issue where appearances for Warrior could not be saved in the Customization Album.            
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the Marshmallow Myop Armor was unnatural with certain body customizations.            

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