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GM Notes May 28, 2024, 17:29 (UTC) Smart Security Campaign!

Smart Security Campaign!

Let's safeguard your precious accounts together!

Black Desert is dedicated to protecting the accounts of our adventurers, which hold countless memories and time.


To once again introduce ways to protect your accounts and share tips for a safer Black Desert experience, the [GM] has arrived!

Today's security campaign is led by [GM] Cyber Sheriff!

Greetings, Adventurers. I'm the [GM], your host for today's security campaign.

With this year's security campaign announcement, I hope we can all emphasize the importance of security and move towards a safer and more enjoyable Black Desert experience,


There are several ways to protect your accounts, and I'll briefly introduce the key methods!

Let's dive into today's security campaign steps!

[Step 1 - Set OTP] Secure your account and Item Drop Rates!

[Step 2 - Register Alternative Email] Strengthen Your Shield: Add a Backup Email!

[Step 3 - Register Mobile Number] Enhanced, flawless security!



[Step 4 - Change password regularly] The simplest & most effective prevention!




[Step 1 - Set OTP]

Secure your account and Item Drop Rates!

OTP is one of the most widely used account security measures. By using a real-time, constantly updated verification code system, it not only enhances your account security but also grants you the "Old Moon Treaty Token" buff in Black Desert. With this special buff, you can enjoy increased item drop rates simply by setting up the OTP! 
Let's learn how to use it together?

① Use the One-Time Password service to keep your account safe and secure.

Register for the OTP service by following the directions below:

- Black Desert website > My Page > Security Center > OTP Setting


③ You can setup your OTP as explained below:


(1) Click the [Register OTP] button on the OTP Setting page, then verify your identity.

(2) After reading through the registration process and notices, click the [Register OTP] button.

(3) Install an OTP authenticator (Google Authenticator) onto your mobile device.

(4) Load up the installed application (Google Authenticator) then press the <+> button located on the lower part of the app to either “Scan a QR code” or “Enter a setup key” to register your OTP.

(5) Confirm the OTP number in your app, then enter it.



* Once you’ve completed setting up your OTP, you will find the "Old Moon Treaty Token" buff displayed in-game, which grants Item Drop Rate +5%!




[Step 2 - Register Alternative Email]

Strengthen Your Shield: Add a Backup Email!


The alternative email is a security measure familiar to most of our Adventurers. It is another email address you provide in case something happens to your main one. Follow the convenient steps below to add it up as a backup!
① Click on “Register Alternative Email” to proceed with the registration
② You will be asked to add and verify the other email address.

Black Desert not only offers a secondary email authentication method but also has its own security system to protect Adventurer accounts. If any abnormal login attempts are detected or if a security check is deemed necessary, an automatic email verification system is in place to ensure your account's safety!



[Step 3 - Register Mobile Number]

Protect your valuable information!

Who doesn't have a phone nowadays? It's one of the most convenient measures to keep your account protected at the same time of having easy access to Black Desert Onlile when you log in! If you have registered a mobile number, it means you will be the final layer of security that protects your account along with having your existing OTP since it's in your possession.

① Click on “Register Mobile Number” to proceed add it to your account.
② Provide your phone number in order to be able to verify it after clicking on the button which will send you a code to your phone.




[Step 4 - Change Password Regularly]

The simplest & most effective prevention!

Black Desert offers various account security measures to protect Adventurer accounts. However, the most crucial step is for Adventurers to be mindful of their accounts and regularly change their passwords themselves

Let's work together to safeguard your valuable account and personal information, and foster a safer Black Desert community! 
Thank you for participating in this security campaign


[Make it a habit to change your password to protect your personal info!]

① Change your Black Desert account password regularly!

② Ensure your new password is different from any previously used passwords.

- Set your password to be 10-16 characters long, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

- For enhanced security, we recommend using a password that has never been used before.



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