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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Jul 3, 2024, 10:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - July 3, 2024


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on July 3, 2024 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 132 updates and is approximately 1.96 GB.

Appearing from the Clouds, Vanishing with the Fog - Sangdo's Dosa Emerges!

The 28th class of Black Desert, "Dosa," from Sangdo School of the Land of the Morning Light has arrived to meet adventurers.
Dosa draws inspiration from the renowned Joseon general, Yi Sunsin's Hwando, and his Gombangdae embodies the free-spirited image of the Joseon-era Do wielder, Jeon Woochi. We have incorporated the unique essence of the Land of the Morning Light to ensure that adventurers playing as Dosa can enjoy a blend of our cultural charm.
▲ Dosa from Sangdo School of the Land of the Morning Light has arrived to meet adventurers.
Delving deeper, Dosa channels the luminous energy through his hwando and umbral energy through his gombangdae. By combining these energies, he can unleash a powerful force Taeguk on enemies.
Each skill is imbued with the essence of the seasons—Spring Frost, Summer Breeze, Autumnal Blitz, and Winter Squall—reflecting the trigrams of the Taeguk flag.
▲ Autumnal Blitz
▲ Taeguk
Dosa's Azure Sky outfit features traditional Korean aesthetic, inscribed with ancient Korean poetry on both his robe and hwando. We've designed various animations, including idle and combat stances, to capture these cultural features.
▲ Sijo (traditional Korean poetry), Song of Five Friends
▲ Sijo (traditional Korean poetry), Morning Mist - Adapted
We hope adventurers will love the new class, ""Dosa,"" which seamlessly blends Korean charm into the action-packed world of Black Desert.
And now, the most anticipated topic—Dosa's Awakening. As previously mentioned, we will gather feedback and preferences from adventurers post-release to create an Awakening that you will all love.
Many of you are already speculating and sharing your thoughts about the Dosa's Awakening. We will listen closely to deliver an impressive Awakening for Dosa.
We hope you enjoy the newly added Dosa (Succession) today.
Thank you.
  • Appearing from the Clouds, Only to Vanish with the Fog – Dosa of Sangdo School is here.
    • 100% of Dosa's main weapon AP applies to Succession until Awakening is released.
    • Dosa can proceed with Succession through a quest after reaching Lv. 56.
    • Dosa cannot accept the quest "[The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation."
      • This quest will be available after the Abyssal Legacy skill is added to the class.
    • Marni's Pocket Watch, obtainable by completing Dosa's Succession questline, can be equipped to his awakening weapon slot. 
      • Marni's Pocket Watch will be removed upon Dosa's Awakening release.
      • Any reform stones used on the watch will be refunded at the time of the removal.
    • Equipping the watch will grant the following effects:            
      • Extra Damage to All Species +10
      • Extra AP Against Monsters +25
Marni's Pocket Watch can be improved via Heart of Karanda and Inverted Heart of Garmoth and get extra effects but it cannot be enhanced.            
Items used for improved Marni's Pocket Watch can be extracted by purchasing Mirror of Equilibrium from a blacksmith in any major city.            
Season characters cannot equip Marni's Pocket Watch and as the pocket watch will be removed with Dosa's Awakening release, we will be returning upgrade items.            

Tuvala Pendant

  • Added the Tuvala Pendant to the season servers to prepare for Dosa's future awakening weapon release.            
    • The item cannot be equipped but will later be exchanged for an awakening weapon when Awakening is released.            
    • You can obtain the item with a seasonal Dosa upon completing his Succession quest.            
    • You can enhance the PRI (I) Tuvala Pendant up to PEN (V) enhancement level.            
  • Like other Tuvala gear, you can enhance and repair the durability of the Tuvala Pendant with seasonal enhancement materials.
    • Seasonal enhancement/repair materials: Time-filled Black Stone
  • You can also use Heating on an unenhanced an Tuvala Pendant to obtain Time-filled Black Stones.            
    • Dosa can use the Tuvala Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon to swap another class' Tuvala Awakening Weapon for a Tuvala Pendant.            
    • The normal Tuvala Pendant will automatically be exchanged for Dosa's Tuvala awakening weapon when his Awakening is released.            
    • You can obtain the Tuvala Pendant either as a quest reward or by exchanging Time-filled Black Stones for a Tuvala Awakening Weapon Box as a Dosa at a blacksmith in any major city.            
▲ Check out the new class Dosa and his skills
  • The "Secret Scroll of Pure Equilibrium" and the "Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon" can be used 30 days after the new Dosa class update.
    • Please contact Support if you have any questions.
  • Added Chat Group "Hall of Adventurers: Dosa" where you can discuss the new class with others.

Character Slots Increased

  • Increased the maximum character slots by 3 due to the addition of the new class.
    • 32 → 35 slots

Season Character Ticket

  • Issued 1 Season Character Ticket to all adventurers.
    • Season servers are special servers designed with novice Adventurers in mind. Levelling is also faster compared to normal servers.
      • You'll find the Season Character Ticket counter displayed in the Character Selection window after logging in.
      • You can hold up to 5 Season Character Tickets at a time.
      • If you already have an active season character, the Season Character Ticket can be used after graduation.
* Entry conditions for certain servers, such as exclusive servers for new adventurers with Family level restrictions, are refreshed weekly during maintenance.
      • If there are characters in the queue for deletion at the start of maintenance, their level will be included in the total level calculation of the Family.

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes
Class Changes
  • [Berserker] Frenzied Tyrant - Fixed the issue where the skill didn't taunt monsters.
  • [Sorceress] Black Spirit: Prime: Dream of Doom - Fixed the issue where the last attack was dealt at the location of the caster.
  • [Sorceress] Shadow Kick - Improved to combo into Absolute: Shadow Eruption quicker after skill hits.
  • [Striker, Mystic] Crouching Wolf - Fixed the issue where the base damage and Pull effect was reduced.
  • [Archer] Winged Strike - Fixed the issue where Kncokdown debuff wasn't applied when performing the skill while moving backward with your greatbow.
  • [Archer] Marked Bloom - Fixed the issue where you could apply the Knockdown debuff on the training instructor in the Battle Arena.
  • [Archer] Marked Bloom - Fixed the issue where split damage wasn't applied on hits for PvP only.
  • [Archer] Exhale - Fixed the issue where you couldn't use the skill while moving left.
  • [Archer] Exhale - Fixed the issue with the visual effects of the projectiles.
  • [Nova] Break Orbit - Fixed the issue where you moved in the opposite direction when attempting to move backward diagonally.
  • [Nova] Punishing Trap - Fixed the issue where the Super Armor effect didn't apply immediately on grabs.
  • [Drakania] Fixed the issue where you would continue to consume durability while idle in Awakening.
  • [Corsair] Prime: Ocean's Pearl - Fixed the issue where extra Guard Gauge damage per hit was not applied.            
  • [Corsair] Prime: Mareca: Jet Stream - Fixed the issue where extra Guard Gauge damage per hit was not applied.            



[Elvia] Atoraxxion

  • Changed the below boxes obtained after completing [Elvia] Atoraxxion to have a low chance of obtaining Deboreka Accessory when opened.
    • The boxes are obtainable once per week as a reward after completing [Elvia] Atoraxxion.
      • After completing [Elvia] Atoraxxion twice in the same week, you can obtain Vaha/Syca/Yolu's Rare Box instead of [Elvia] Vaha/Syca/Yolu's Rare Box.
    • With the addition of new items, the drop rates of existing items in the boxes below were changed.
Boxes Added Items

[Elvia] Vaha's Rare Box
[Elvia] Syca's Rare Box
[Elvia] Yolu's Rare Box

[Unenhanced Deboreka Accessory]
+0 Deboreka Earring
+0 Deboreka Necklace
+0 Deboreka Belt
+0 Deboreka Ring
* Boxes received before this update will not drop the newly added items.

Arena of Solare

Greetings, Adventurers.
We're excited to announce the start of the regular season for the Arena of Solare!
The Arena of Solare is a 3v3 team PvP content that utilizes exclusive gear and matchmaking. It's designed to be approachable for those new to Black Desert's PvP system or adapting to a new character, while also providing a thrilling experience for our seasoned PvP enthusiasts.
To ensure fair play, your starting score for this season will be influenced by your final score from the previous season. This means you'll likely be matched with players of similar skill levels, making it a great opportunity for newcomers to get their feet wet and for veterans to engage in fierce battles for higher ranks.
This season, familiar locations will serve as battlefields, and we've made some changes to the exclusive gear items. We've added a damage reduction bonus based on DP, and accordingly, increased the AP (Kzarka gear: 255 → 264). Additionally, items like the Narc Ear Accessory and Offin Tett's Radiant Main Weapon will no longer be available, and we've adjusted the effects of the Slumbering Sage's Armor.
Magic Crystals have also seen some changes. The Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit has been replaced with the Corrupted Magic Crystal, and other crystals have had their effects tweaked based on their usage in the previous season to provide more strategic choices.
We invite all adventurers to join us in the regular season of the Arena of Solare starting July 3rd across all regions. Your participation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
  • The new season of the Arena of Solare, a PvP content with exclusive gears, has begun!
The Arena of Solare Season July 3, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - Aug 14, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance
  • Changed ranked match schedules for the Arena of Solare.
NA Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Ranked Matches
16:00 - 00:00 PDT
19:00 - 3:00 EDT
12:00 - 00:00 PDT
15:00 - 3:00 EDT
EU Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Ranked Matches 15:00 - 23:00 UTC
17:00 - 1:00 CEST
11:00 - 23:00 UTC
13:00 - 1:00 CEST
* Practice matches schedule is unchanged.

What is the Arena of Solare?
- 3 vs 3 match-type PvP content without having to worry about differences in equipment specs.
- A character from Lv. 60 and higher that has completed their Succession/Awakening questlines can participate.
- Only the exclusive gears are allowed, but they can be customized through unlocking various items.
- Points increase or decrease depending on the match results, and the Seal of Solare is awarded accordingly.
How to participate?
- Go to the main menu (Esc) → War (F7) → the Arena of Solare menu, then auto-matching begins
- You will automatically enter the battlefield if all 6 participants accept once matching is complete.
- Your exclusive gears should be set to begin matching.

Exclusive Gear Settings?

- Go to Main Menu (Esc) → War (F7) → Arena of Solare to find the menu to set your Arena of Solare exclusive gear.
* Here, stats from the Arena of Solare equipment are applied instead of your character's existing equipment.
- You can select the equipment and crystals you wish to use within the arena.

What are the rules of the Arena of Solare?

- Arena of Solare matches are best of 5, with each round having 3 minute limits.
- At the end of each match, the outcome is decided by the following:
* Team with the more total remaining HP of surviving members wins.
* If the remaining total HP is the same, the team that dealt more damage wins.
* If remaining total HP and damage dealt are equal, it's a draw.
- Other than the use of exclusive equipment, potions, food, and elixir use is limited, and some skills have their effects modified as well.
- All recovery item use is limited. Base recovery of HP, MP, WP, and SP is greatly increased.
* Recovery within the Arena of Solare is equal to the rate of when Odore's/Ornette's Spirit Essence is used by a fairy with Miraculous Cheer V.
- All healing skills used within the Arena of Solare will have their heal amount reduced to 30% of their usual amount.
- All characters within the Arena of Solare have the same amount of Guard Guage.
- Character AP, Damage Reduction, Accuracy, and Evasion are reduced to 50%.
- Timers for Foods, Elixirs, and Perfumes used before entering the Arena of Solare will be paused, and will continue their countdowns once you exit the arena and return the location you were before.
- Characters within the arena receive HP +2,000 and have their Critical Hit, Attack/Casting Speed and Movement Speed Potential increased to +5.
- Black Spirit's Rage, HP, MP, WP, SP, skill cooldown, and all sub resources are fully recovered upon entering the arena.
- Emergency Escape cooldown is reset every round.
- All buffs, excluding those from skills, exclusive equipment, and Elemental Traces within the arena, will not be applied.
- Family Stats from Adventure Log will not be applied.

[Arena of Solare] Placement Match System

  • Ranked match in the Arena of Solare is a Placement Match.
    • The starting score for placement matches is 700 points, and it will be adjusted based on the final score from the previous season.
      • However, even if the final score from the previous season affects the starting score, it will not start below 700 points.
    • A total of 10 matches will be played per Family in the Placement Match, and winning a match will earn points four times the usual victory points.
      • During the Placement Match, losing a match will not result in a score deduction.
      • However, the penalty for leaving the match remains the same as before.

[Arena of Solare] Battlefield

  • Arena of Solare matches will be held at the below 6 battlefields.
    • One of the battlefields will be randomly selected after matchmaking is completed.
Gyfin Rhasia Temple Jade Starlight Forest
Gowun Plateau Reeds Olun's Valley
Manshaum Forest Ruins of Tzol

[Arena of Solare] Seal of Solare

  • Based on the match results of the Arena of Solare regular season, you can get the "Seal of Solare", which is stored in Manage Currency.
Win Draw Defeat
x20 x10 x5

[Arena of Solare] Emblems of Solare

  • Based on the score obtained in the ranked match, you will receive the following emblems:

Tip! Enjoy the Arena of Solare with your friends and guild members!
During the practice match of the Arena of Solare, you can match with other adventurers in a party.
In this case, you can enter the arena with your party members on the same team and enjoy the Arena of Solare together.
  • As the Arena of Solare begins anew, the progress from the previous season (win/loss records) has been reset.

  • Added Damage Reduction based on DP as a bonus in the Arena of Solare.            
    • The below exclusive item changes will apply following the above update.            
Exclusive Gear - Defense Gear/Accessory
  • Changed the enhancement level of the following exclusive Arena of Solare gear from TRI (III) to TET (IV).
Item Before After
Basilisk's Belt  AP 14
Accuracy 8
AP 17
Accuracy 10
Stormy Eye Belt AP 12
DP 4
- Evasion 4(+40)
Accuracy 8
AP 13
DP 4
- Evasion 4(+45)
Accuracy 10
Turo's Belt AP 13
Accuracy 46
AP 15
Accuracy 53
Ring of Crescent Guardian AP 14
Accuracy 8
AP 17
Accuracy 10
Stormy Eye Ring AP 10
DP 6
- Evasion 6(+41)
Accuracy 8
AP 11
DP 6
- Evasion 6(+46)
Accuracy 10
Ominous Ring AP 12
Accuracy 40
AP 15
Accuracy 48
  • Changed the equip effect of the Arena of Solare exclusive Slumbering Sage's Armor.
Before After
DP 88
-  Evasion 41(+78)
- Damage Reduction: 47(+37)
DP 88
- Evasion 41(+56)
- Damage Reduction: 47(+37)
  • Changed the equip effect of the Arena of Solare exclusive Dim Tree Spirit's Armor.
Before After
DP 88
-  Evasion 41(+78)
- Damage Reduction: 47(+37)
DP 88
- Evasion 41(+56)
- Damage Reduction: 47(+37)
  • Changed the following exclusive Arena of Solare gear to no longer be usable: 
    • Narc Ear Accessory
    • Offin Tett's Radiant Main Weapon 

Exclusive Gear - Magic Crystals            
  • Added the following exclusive Arena of Solare Magic Crystals. 
Item Crystal Effects
Corrupted Magic Crystal (Sub-weapon) - Critical Hit Damage +10%
- All AP +2
- All Damage Reduction -2
* 2 crystal set effect: Critical Hit Damage +2%
Crystal of Frozen Bitterness (Armor) - All Damage Reduction +10
- All Evasion +12
- Monster Damage Reduction +3
  • Changed the effects of the following exclusive Arena of Solare Magic Crystals.
Item Name Before After
Secrua's Flaming Crystal (Main Weapon) Recover +45 HP per hit Extra All Special Attack Damage +5%
All Damage Reduction -7
Time Spirit's Crystal - Perforation (Gloves) Ignore All Resistance +5%
Attack/Casting Speed +3%
Ignore All Resistance +15%
Time Spirit's Crystal - Plunder (Gloves) All AP +5
Critical Hit Rate +10%
All AP +3
Critical Hit Rate +6%
Attack/Casting Speed +1.5%
Missing Captain's Crystal - Sail (Shoes) All Resistance +15%
Max Stamina +100
All Resistance +10%
Max Stamina +150
Missing Captain's Crystal - Negotiation (Shoes) All Resistance +5%
Max Stamina +230
Ignore All Resistance +10%
Max Stamina +150
  • Changed the following exclusive Arena of Solare crystals to no longer be usable:
    • Awakened Spirit's Crystal (Sub-weapon)
    • Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical Hit (Sub-weapon)
    • Dark Red Fang Crystal - Armor (Armor)
    • Olucas' Crystal - Ignore Knockback/Knockdown/Grapple/Stun Resistance (Awakening Weapon)

Arena of Solare TOP 1 Adventurer for each class

  • A statue of the TOP 1 Adventurer who achieves the highest rank for each class will be showcased in the Hall of Fame placed in the Battle Arena.
    • When interacting with "Solare Knight" in the Hall of Fame, you can exchange 20 energy for the "Blessing of a Great Knight" buff effect.
    • Blessing of a Great Knight: Breath EXP +10% for 10 hours
▲ Hall of Fame in the Battle Arena

Arena of Solare Top 100 - 1. Solare Knight Outfit

  • Adventurers who rank in the top 100 for Arena of Solare during the official season will receive the Solare Knight Outfit.
  • The following images show the Warrior, Valkyrie, and Shai.
  • The following images show the Warrior, Valkyrie, and Shai.

Arena of Solare Top 100 - 2. Honorary title [Solare Knight]

  • Adventurers who rank in the top 100 for Arena of Solare during the official season will receive the Solare Knight title.
    • The title can be used until the end of the next Arena of Solare regular season.

Arena of Solare Top 100 - 3. Glorious Solare Box

  • Adventurers who rank in the top 100 for Arena of Solare during the official season will receive a Glorious Solare Box.
Glorious Solare Box
Cron Stone x1,000

Corrupt Oil of Immortality x20

Perfume of Courage x30

Khalk’s Elixir x30

Elixir of Deep Sea x30

Perfume of Charm x30

Perfume of Insight x30

Giant’s Draught x50

Armor Draught x50

Elixir of Indignation x50

Item Collection Increase Scroll x30

  • Ended the Guild League Trial Period.            
  • The Guild League Trial Period has come to an end on July 3 (Wed) maintenance, and will be undergoing a one month hiatus.            
  • We'd like to thank all adventurers for their support and participation of the Guild League. Titles pertaining to the final ranks as mentioned in the event page will be distributed during the July 3 (Wed) maintenance.            

  • Revamped Igor Bartali's Adventures.
  • Added some guide content to certain entries in Igor Bartali's Adventures for smoother progress.
  • Changed the progress objectives in Igor Bartali's Adventures to be more lenient as follows.
    • Also, changed the wording in some entries to make the objectives clearer.
Igor Bartali's Adventure Log
Adventure Log Changes
Volume 3, Chapter 1 - Defeat 10 Crows → Defeat 1 Crow
Volume 3, Chapter 3 - Defeat Green Orc Skeleton Warrior (Traitor's Graveyard) → Defeat Green Orc Skeleton Warrior (Hexe Sanctuary)
Volume 4, Chapter 2 - Process 5 Distilled Water → Process 1 Distilled Water
Volume 5, Chapter 2 - Defeat 30 Rhutum Fighters → Defeat 30 Rhutum Monsters
Volume 5, Chapter 3 Harvest 10 Cabbages → Harvest 1 Cabbage
Volume 6, Chapter 2 - Defeat 50 Trolls → Defeat 10 Trolls
Volume 8, Chapter 2 - Make 5 Blue Grade Cold Draft Beers → Make 1 Blue Grade Cold Draft Beer
Volume 8, Chapter 3 - Gather 5 Weasel Blood → Gather 1 Weasel Blood
Volume 9, Chapter 1 - The lost items in The swamps near Serendia can now be found at the Kamasylve Temple.
Volume 9, Chapter 3 - Defeat 50 Sausan Soldiers → Defeat 10 Sausan Soldiers
Volume 9, Chapter 4 - The energy consumed for Knowledge Battle with Haley has been uniformly reduced from 10/40 to 5.
Volume 10, Chapter 3 - Defeat the Skeleton Kings from the Cartian Spell 5 times → Defeat the Skeleton Kings from the Cartian Spell once
Volume 10, Chapter 4 Defeat 20 Hasrah Ancient Weapons → Defeat 5 Hasrah Ancient Weapons
Volume 11, Chapter 2 - Connect Node from Velia to Sand Grain Bazaar → Connect Node from Sand Grain Bazaar to Pilgrim's Haven
Volume 13, Chapter 3 - Defeat 50 Gahaz Bandits → Defeat 10 Gahaz Bandits
Volume 14, Chapter 2 - Hand over 3 Desert Tyrant's Manes to Atui Balacs → Hand over 1 Desert Tyrant's Mane to Atui Balacs
Volume 14, Chapter 4 - Meet All Merchants in Valencia Capital → Talk to King Sahazad Nesser
  • Added text to Tranan Underfoe Cannon Assembly Kit indicating available installation location on RMB use.
  • Added a phrase to the description of items added to Manage Currency indicating that they can be found in the Manage Currency window upon acquisition.
  • Removed the phrase from Kagtunak's description that stated ingredients would vanish if Alchemy is attempted without obtaining Kagtunak's knowledge.
  • Changed the character to cheer when obtaining Advice of Valks (+101) or higher.
  • Removed the text regarding the crystal transfusion on the previous equipment in the description of Delphad Castillion's Carnage weapons.            
  • Changed the description for Durability Reduction of the following items to be clearer.            
    • Item Brand Spell Stone description text.            
    • Outfit Slot Equip Effect (8 Parts)            
  • Changed the Season Server's monster zones to allow the acquisition of the following seasonal exclusive loot when defeating monsters.
    • Acquired Loot: Time-filled Black Stone, Rift's Fragment
    • Monster Zones: Jade Starlight Forest, Murrowak's Labyrinth, Winter Tree Fossil
* Changed the description order of Time-filled Black Stone accordingly, and changed the acquisition method description to match the actual acquisition regions.
  • Increased the appearance rate of [Drifted] Lopters by approximately 3 times compared to the previous rate.
  • Removed the debuff attacks of monsters appearing during the tutorial.
Quest & Knowledge
While Atoraxxion quests provide a different story compared to the main quests of each territory, both being main quests resulted in some adventurers moving on to Atoraxxion main quests in the middle of progressing other main quests. To allow you to focus on each story separately, we've changed the Atoraxxion quests to now be Suggested quests.
  • Changed Atoraxxion quests from Main to Suggested quests.

  • Removed part of the quest description of the A Very Minute Flaw quest regarding the equipping of the Lumbering Axe.
  • Changed the description and conversation of the "[Gathering Basics] Logs, the Foundation of Woodcraft" quest to match the change that white grade basic gathering tools can no longer be obtained.
Node & Conquest War
  • Improved the annex building quick installation (R) hotkey to be changeable to another key.
    • You can change it via Menu (ESC) - Settings - Hotkey & Input Settings - Action Hotkeys.
  • Fixed the issue where resurrecting at the outpost would place players in an abnormal location when installing the Indomitable Flag at a specific location during Node War in Serendia.
NPC, Background, Sound
Rebinia, one of the Crow Coin Merchants many sailors are familiar with, has been dispatched to the wharfs of frequently visited locations, allowing you to use the Crow Coin Shop at places other than Lema Island and Oquila's Eye.
  • Changed Crow Coin Merchant Rebinia to be dispatched to the wharfs of Iliya Island, Velia, and Port Epheria.
    • You can find Rebinia near the Wharf Keepers of Iliya Island, Velia, and Port Epheria.
  • Fixed the description displayed when you do not have Kanobas and Dobart NPC knowledge.
  • Changed the icon of the launcher to the image of Dosa.            
  • Changed the game to allow the closing of the client after displaying a message if more than 30 seconds for the connection attempt status on the Start Game screen.            
  • Changed the game to display a message when the game ends due to an unstable internet connection in certain situations.            

Modified or Changed

  • Improved character animation when resurrecting in certain waterfront areas.
  • Fixed the tooltip of the Guild Recruitment Notice button in the Create Guild menu.
  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where parts of the robe were awkward when wearing the Chewy Errand outfit with certain body customizations.
  • Fixed the issue where exchanging Lopters Scale Piece for Oquilla Coin allowed for the exchange with the revamped Oquilla Coin.   
  • Fixed the issue where the "Ba-dump" title was not obtained when acquiring "Vaha's Rare Box" in Atoraxxion - Vahmalkea. 
  • Fixed the issue where adventurers in the same guild but in different Party/Platoon could not use the Two-seater mount.
  • [Scholar] Fixed the issue where some appearances were unnatural when equipping the Shell Belle Armor (Wipeout). 
  • Fixed the issue where after participating in the Hall of Adventurers: Scholar chat group, changing characters or changing servers would change the chat group to Heidel's Street.  
  • Fixed the issue where the Max Durability Decrease was not applied in certain levels when performing Guaranteed Enhancement on Seasonal Tuvala Equipment. 
  • Fixed the issue where unnecessary logs were left when pressing the X button on the game client.
  • Fixed the issue where the text displayed for Node tiers in some UIs did not match the actual tiers. 
  • Fixed the issue where the price guaranteed period for fish items was awkward. 

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