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1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


GM Notes Jun 19, 2024, 16:30 (UTC) Events at a glance

New Events


Join the Global Festivities
with Heidel Ball Hot Time!

June 19, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - July 10, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance


Heidel Ball’s on June 22!

Hot Time for Adventurers!

3 Weeks of Hot Time!


Combat EXP


Skill EXP


Item Drop Rate


Life EXP
* excludes Trading


Let’s Watch Heidel Ball 2024 Together!

It’s so much better to watch the ball together!

Gather at Heidel Castle for this year’s Heidel Ball!📺


[1] Go to Challenge (Y) and get the
[Event] Sturdy Chair and [Event] Trio Balloon Headband!

[2] Login to the event server before 07:00 (PDT) / 10:00 (EDT) / 14:00 (UTC) / 16:00 (CEST) on June 22 (Sat) and gather at the Heidel Castle!

[3] Go to the Heidel Castle event zone 
and prepare to watch the ball by sitting on the [Event] Sturdy Chair! !

[Dress Code!] [Event] Trio Balloon Headband


[Event] Sturdy Chair

[Event] Trio Balloon Headband


[Heidel Ball]
Afuaru is Disrupting
Prep for the Ball!

June 19, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - June 26, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

Obtain 1 of the following according to a set probability

Gold Bar 1,000G

Gold Bar 100G x2-3

Gold Bar 10G x3-5


Find out more!



Heidel or Beynac-et-Cazenac?

Find Heidel in Beynac-et-Cazenac!



All adventurers who leave a comment down below

before the June 26 (Wed) maintenance will receive a gift!


▼ Used to exchange for various transformation scrolls in Manage Currency!

[Event] Transform Crystal


New & Returning Adventurers!

Welcome to Black Desert,

where new adventures unfold!

Login rewards for New Adventurers and Returning Adventurers!


June 20 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC) – October 16 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC



New Adventurer Login Rewards!

[Event] New Adventure Box

Resplendent Kydict's Crystal - Adventure

Brilliant Fairy Wings (Aloof Laila)

Horse Emblem: Forest Breeze


Returning Adventurer Login Rewards!

Travel Kit for Returning Adventurers

Marni's Unstable Fuel x200

Golden Blessing of Agris Box

[Event] Rare Courser Training Box


Adventure Support Items from
Daily Login Rewards!

What can you receive via daily login?

June 20, 2024 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC) - July 24, 2024 (Wed) 23:59 (UTC)

[Event] Radiant Shakatu's Seal

Advice of Valks (+80)

[Event] Rare Courser Training Box

Adventurer's Selection Box



Experience the revamped Twitch Drops every day!


From June 19, 2024 (Wed) at 09:00 UTC until further notice
In all regions of Black Desert where the Twitch Drops event is live, 
a new item exchange option has been added, available once per Family!

Exchangeable Rewards Required Seals
NEW on June 19 (Wed) maintenance!
Supreme Old Moon Box x1
Item Collection Increase Scroll x30
Cron Stone x500
x80 (Exchange available once per Family)
* Note: You cannot accept and progress both the new and existing 80-seal quests simultaneously. Complete one quest to start the other.



Ongoing Events


Your Daily Dose of Special Rewards?
Daily Special & Special Pass!


Get a variety of different rewards every day just by logging in!

Daily Special Pass Sale Period

June 12, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - July 24, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance


June 12, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - July 24, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

June 12, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - Aug 7, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance


[Event] Dim Origin of Dark Hunger

Advice of Valks (+120)

Daily Special Selection Box



Caphras Stone 100% Extraction Rate for Only 1 Silver!

June 12, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - July 17, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

Caphras Stone Extraction Event!

Rate UP! Cost DOWN!

Extract Caphras Stones without burden!


Caphras Stones - 100% rate of extraction!
Only 1 Silver per extraction!


Copy Your Item with One Fue!

Copy your items and try a new class!
June 12 (Wed), 2024 after maintenance - July 17, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

Try out your main character’s gears on a different class!


Only ONE Marni’s Unstable Fuel (10,000,000 Silver) required!


Find out more!


Become Legends in Guild League’s History!

Enjoy Guild League to Get Titles!


June 12, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - July 3, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

Following the maintenance on July 3 (Wed), the trial period of Guild League will conclude, and it will enter a one-month reorganization period.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all adventurers for their enthusiastic participation and support during the Guild League trial period,
During the July 3 (Wed) maintenance, titles with unique colors listed below will be awarded based on the final rankings of the Guild League.

Ranking Title
1-3 Guild League Legend
4-10 Guild League Champion
11-20 Guild League Hero
21-40 Guild League Veteran




[2 Years of Global Self-Publishing]

Black Spirit Accessories & Map Return!

June 5, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - June 26, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

Blood-eyed Visor

Blood-eyed Earrings

[Event] The World They Live In


[Guild League]
[Personal Rewards] Earn Loot with Honor Every 5 Battles!


June 5, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - July 3, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance


Supreme Old Moon Box

Advice of Valks (+100)

[Event] Classic Outfit Box

[Event] Premium Outfit Box



[Worldwide Service 2nd Anniversary]

Silver Shop for Progression is OPEN!

A chance to progress in monster hunting, life, and even training?
Event Period: May 22, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - June 26, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

To celebrate two years of global self-publishing, grab a variety of

Silver items for just 623 Silver each week in the Pearl Shop (F3)!


Golden Bell x1

Item Collection Increase Scroll x10

Premium Elixir Box x1

Marvelous Balacs Lunchbox




One More Season Character Ticket!

Elevate your adventure with the newly added exchange items for the "[Season] Seal of Journey," including Advice of Valks (+120) and Mythical Censer!
One additional Season Character Ticket has been provided through the May 14 (Tue) maintenance.

Fresh Exchange Options for [Season] Seal of Journey!

Exchangeable Item
Required Number of Seals
Advice of Valks (+120)
* Once per Family
Mythical Censer
* Once per Family → Twice per Family
Black Spirit Crystal
* Once per Family

Awakened Spirit's Crystal
* Once per Family

Valtarra Spirit's Crystal
* Once per Family
Choose Your 15-Day Box
* Once per Family
Krogdalo Horse Gear Crafting Box
* Three Times per Family



Behold! A New Hammer!

Enhance your accessories! No level drops upon failure! And tradeable?


Apr 3, 2024 (Wed) after maintenance - Nov 27, 2024 (Wed) before maintenance

A tale only believed by fools

has become reality and can now be yours!

This special hammer prevents level drops

when enhancing accessories! 

* Can be sold and purchased from the Central Market 

J's Hammer of Precision


[TET (IV) Blackstar]
Get Stronger with a Blackstar Weapon!

Reach Lv. 61 with your season character and...!
Get a TET (IV) Blackstar weapon!
You can rule the world with a Blackstar weapon!

Dec 20, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance - Always


Check Challenge (Y) after fulfilling the requirements below!!

TET (IV) Blackstar Main Weapon Box

TET (IV) Blackstar Awakening Weapon Box

TET (IV) Blackstar Sub-weapon Box

[Event] Dim Origin of Dark Hunger x10
* For veteran adventurers who do not require TET Blackstar weapons!


Dream Horse] A Dream Come True! ★

With the dreaming horse, take the reins of your desired Dream Horse!

 Dec 20, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance -  Always


Simplified Season Pass and Graduation!

Sept 20, 2023 (Wed) - Until Further Notice

Inventory +4 Expansion

Horse Emblem: Fine Horse Qualification

PEN (V) Tuvala Ring
PEN (V) Tuvala Earring

[Event] Shakatu's Shiny Box (Life/Combat)


[Season] Coelacanth is back for the Summer Season!!

May 24, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance - Until Further Notice

Advice of Valks (+60)

Choose Your Concentrated Boss Crystal Box

Dreamy Crystal of Balance

Burning Moonlight Black Stone


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