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Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Event Rules

1. Event details and participation

• For more information about Black Desert Event content and conditions of participation, please check [Official Website>NEWS>Events].
• The details of each Event can be changed or discontinued depending on the Company's circumstances. Any changes will be updated to the event page, and there will not be a separate notice. 
• If the contents of each event page and the winner announcement notice differ from this event rules, the contents of each event page and the winner announcement notice shall prevail.
• If unable to participate in the event due to reasons such as unstable personal network, the Company will not be responsible, and no separate compensation will be given.
• If found to have participated in the event using another party’s account, they will be excluded from winning the prize and lead to retrieving of the item. The account may also be restricted in accordance to the Operational Policy.
• In case of offline Events, losses and accidents are subject to insurance policy for each Event signed-up.


2. Winning and conditions for Event

• Depending on the event, the schedule of the announcement of the winners and the delivery of the prizes can be found on the event posting or it may be announced separately on the website
• Only one account can participate in one event, and no duplicated winning is allowed. However, one account will be allowed to win multiple times in one event, if mentioned on the event page.
• The process of selecting event winners is as follows:

- A data of participants who meet the conditions will be extracted.
- Those who meet one or more of the following internal criteria will be excluded from the list

  1. Violated the operational policy or participated in the event by improper way

  2. Has history of events won in the last 3 months (depending on the event characteristic, may be excluded)

  3. Participant is or is related to an employee


- Winners are randomly selected after excluding those mentioned above.

  1. The odds of winning and the selection process are confidential.

• The following cases may be excluded from winning the prize and lead to retrieving the item even after you win the event.
(1) The member entered faulty membership information or cannot be reached with the registered contact (E-mail or phone number)
(2) Participating in the event by fraudulent means (account/name theft, bug abuse, and theft of others' posts, etc.)
(3) The member’s account is deactivated after winning an event or is restricted due to violation of the Terms and Conditions.
(4) The member’s account has been restricted from accessing the game in accordance to the Operational Policy, anytime in the past 6 months, for violating the Operational Policy. 
(5) In case of using inappropriate Family or Character names.
(6) The member did not agree to or share their address information for delivery of the prize.
(7) Information needed to handle tax and delivery has not been provided by the member.
(8) The person receiving the prize is different from the person who won the event.
(9) The shipped event prize is returned due to absence, inaccurate address or other reasons
(10) The tax has not been transferred until the time guided
(11) The winner does not clearly indicate the intention to receive the prizes or does indicate the intention to refuse the prizes


3. Prizes and delivery information
• All prizes may be changed to other products of equal value without prior notice according to internal circumstances.
• The Company shall not be involved in any loss incurred from participating in the event and the use of the prizes, and related disputes and claims shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.
• Prizes are not transferable and the winner cannot ask for real money or another product of the same value
• The following cases apply to an event that provides real life goods and services.
(1) In order to receive prizes of goods or services, the winner’s delivery information will be collected, and the winners’ consent must be obtained at the time of collection.
(2) Please provide the correct address and contact number for the event.
(3) If multiple shipping information was submitted, the prize will be sent to the very last one submitted by the deadline.
(4) The prize will be delivered in batches after checking individual identification.
(5) When receiving a prize exceeding a certain amount, information of the paperwork, identification, bank account etc. needed to pay taxes will be provided.
(6) Winners shall pay the tax and submit copies of their identification and other needed paperwork, in accordance with the guidance. Even if the Company pays the tax, a copy of the winner’s identification and other needed paperwork must be submitted.
(7) Delivery can be delayed due to company and internal circumstances, and please contact customer support if you have any related inquiries.

- Certain types of taxes, such as income tax, may be levied according to the tax laws and regulations of each country.
- Overseas delivery may incur additional taxes and fees.

• The following cases apply to an event that provide in-game rewards.
(1) The reward cannot be given to the account if the character has not yet been created, has been deleted or is about to be deleted, at the time of the giveaway.
(2) Only one account can participate in one event, and no duplicated winning is allowed. However, one account will be allowed to win multiple times in one event, if mentioned on the event page.
(3) There may be restrictions on trading/selling event items, and they may have usage expiration dates and different binding settings. These items cannot be transferred or restored due to this reason.
(4) Please refer to the in-game item description for details on whether the item is bound.
(5) Rewards that have been used or deleted cannot be restored. In addition, rewards may change for game balance or operational reasons.
(6) The rewards will be sent to the winners through in-game mail on the following maintenance after the announcement. However, if a date was specified on the event page, the rewards will be sent in accordance to those dates.
(7) An expiration date for receiving the rewards from your in-game mail may exist depending on the event. You can check the date in your in-game mail.

4. Event Notice
• The following will apply to post-sharing events
(1) Sharing posts on social media must be disclosed to all (public). The content must be identifiable through the URL during the time of announcing the winners.
(2) The secondary works using the Company’s productions, such as screenshots selected for an event, etc., may be used by the Company for the purpose of providing or promoting the services, and may be used without any time or geographical limitations. However, if the works are to be rented or transferred at a cost, the Company shall obtain prior consent from the creator.
(3) If the family name, character name, guild name, or any identifiable characters in the posting are deemed inappropriate, the winner will be disqualified.
(4) If the participant does not actually use the game, they may be excluded from winning.
(5) If the works are confirmed to have infringed the copyright or stolen another person’s posts, prize winning may be cancelled and the item may be retrieved.
(6) Additional personal information (name, e-mail, contact information, address, etc.) may be collected for delivery purposes. The collected information will be deleted after achieving the purpose of use.
(7) Personal information (SNS name and ID) may be partially masked and disclosed when announcing the winners.
(8) After the winner announcement, if there are no other uses, the personal information will be deleted.

• The following will apply during Hot-Time events.
(1) Event Combat/Skill EXP buffs will stack with existing EXP buffs such as scrolls, elixirs, Value Packs, etc.
(2) Combat EXP buff will not apply to characters below level 50. Combat EXP buffs will not apply to characters below level 50. However, Life Skill and Skill EXP buff events will apply to all levels.

• The following will apply during Challenge events
(1) Event Challenges can be completed once per family every day.
(2) Event challenges reset at midnight (00:00) every day. Play time is calculated between 00:00 to 23:59 of that day.
(3) The calculation of your play time for event challenges may be delayed if you either change servers, enter the character selection window, or customization.

• The following will apply during Login events.
(1) These login rewards may only be collected during the event period. Login rewards that were not collected will not be recovered.
(2) You can collect a second login reward when you play for an hour (or more) during Saturday and Sunday. This only applies to Adventurers that have less than the maximum number of stamps available and have not collected all the login rewards during the event period.
(3) Login rewards can only be collected once per Family.
(4) Login rewards can be collected as soon as you login.
(5) You can view the attendance rewards by going to [ESC] -> [Attendance Reward].
(6) The login rewards resets at midnight (00:00). There may be a slight delay before the login reward is credited if you play past midnight. Make sure to log in before 23:59 to collect login rewards from the previous day.
(7) Login rewards from the previous day will not count if you play after midnight (00:00).
(8) You must collect the oldest uncollected rewards first.

5. Protection of Personal Information
• The winner’s personal information, with their consent, may be collected for prize delivery purposes.
• The personal information collected from the winners, such as name and contact information, will be deleted after its use. However, this may not apply if the personal information must be retained in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
• Some of the winner’s game information, such as the family name, character name, guild name, etc. may be posted on the official website and community.
• Other matters related to personal information are pursuant to Pearl Abyss’ Privacy Policy.




This Agreement will be effective as of January 27, 2021.

This Agreement will be effective as of April 30, 2021.

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