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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide

Star's End

Star’s End

Star’s End is located in western Calpheon and is the site of a meteorite impact. A terrible plague has spread since the fall of the now called Blackstar, and blood-red creatures born from it linger here.

As you go adventuring into Star’s End, you will uncover what happened to the Blackstar and Star’s End in the eight years since the meteorite crash.




The story of Star’s End begins eight years ago when a meteorite made impact on the western region of Calpheon. The meteorite came to be known as the “Blackstar” and the region around it “Star’s End.”

Not long after the Blackstar crashed, the Ashen Plague emerged. The plague rotted the minds and souls of the afflicted and made them violent.

Therefore, Calpheon decided to quarantine the entire region, effectively sealing it off from the outside world. As the years passed, the existence of the plagued land slowly began to fade away from the minds of the many...


Monster Types and Levels

Mostly lvl 61 – 66 monsters.

Melee: Harbringer of Corruption, Apostle of Corruption, Harbringer of Defilement, Apostle of Defilement, Harbringer of Immorality, Apostle of Immorality, Remnants of Corruption, Apostle of Malevolence.

Every monster is extremely powerful.

The Remnants of Corruption deal attacks which reduce your DP, so it’s recommended that you take care of them first in order to thrive in combat.

You can complete quests to craft the Blackstar Weapon (only available once per character)


Level/Gear Requirements

Star’s End is densely populated by monsters and you must be careful as all of them are extremely powerful.

Minimum: lvl 56 – 220~ AP – 260~ DP

Recommended: lvl 62 – 260 AP – 300 DP




The ground at Star’s End is littered with Unstable Star Debris, which when destroyed, will cause nearby monsters to lose consciousness and fall down letting you easily defeat them.

Make sure to be cautious when you are fighting these monsters, as when an Apostle of Immorality dies, there is a certain chance that it will absord the dark energies from Star’s End and transform into an Apostle of Malevolence.

The Apostle of Malevolence is more powerful than other regular monsters and will disappear if you can’t defeat it within 5 minutes after spawning.

It is necessary to destroy the Remnants of Corruption due to their reduced defense.


You can rest assured that there are no diseases such as heatstroke or hypothermia in Star’s End.


Major Item Drops

Black Distortion Earring

Clear Blackstar Crystal

Mass of Pure Magic

Black Magic Crystal – Precision

Trace of Origin

Ancient Spirit Dust

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone (Armor)


User Density

Clear Blackstar Crystal is used to create a new magic crystal, the Corrupted Magic Crystal. Mass of Pure Magic is used for Blackstar weapon enhancement.

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