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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide

Combat on Navarn Steppe

Combat on Navarn Steppe

The most popular monter zone in Kamasylvia part 1 is definitely Navarn Steppe. Players enjoy partying up to clear out the area for exp. Feather Wolves from Navarn Steppe give a large amount of exp compared to the other monster zones.

Unlike Aakman and Hystria, in Navarn Steppe you don’t need the best gear to adventure. Adding to the area’s efficiency, the location is close to the Old Wisdom Tree which is the first town you will encounter in Kamasylvia part 1.

It might not be the best zone for large amounts of silver, but you will about about 20 mil silver per hour (as a 230 AP Witch). Everything considered, this makes grinding in Navarn Steppe very effective.


Things to Get Before Joining a Feather Wolf Party

There are a few things you should get before you start to engage the Feather Wolves. First, you have to be at least lvl 58-59. You should also aim for at least 220 AP and 250 – 270 DP in order to battle safely in the area.

Beneficial consumables to have in your inventory are: Milk Tea and EXP Elixir for more exp, and Elixir of Fury/Will for stronger attacks. It’s also g ood to have some Elixir of Swiftness since you have to move along a long route.

It’s recommended to use Movement Speed crystals for shoes. Alternatively, you can use Adamantine crystals to increase Knock Down/Floating Resistance. For gloves, use intimidation to increase Knock Down/Bound Resistance.


Southwest Portion of Navarn Steppes in Central Kamasylvia

Navarn Steppe is located in the center of the Kamasylvia part 1 region and is a vast area where animal type monsters live. Head straight to the southweat from Lemoria Guard Post to reach the area close to the Old Wisdom Tree town.

Feather Wolves are usually grouped together so that is where players tend to party. Players usually move along a circular route. If there are too many members/total AP and Feather Wolves die too quickly, move along a bigger circle.

For maximum efficiency, ignore other monsters like Phnyl, Black Leopard, Belladona Elephant, Ferrica, or Ferrina. Be careful not to pull any Black Leopards and Griffons toward your party, as the monsters are stronger than other monsters and might put everyone in danger.

You should park your horse in the forest across from Navarn Steppe. If you park your hoprse in the middle of the path between them, Feather Wolves might see your horse and attack it.


Efficient Exp and Stable Active Income

You will get about 2% exp per hour at level 59 without any food or elixir buffs, which is a pretty impressive amount. You can even get more exp if you use Milk Tea and EXP Elixir.

The most common lootable item you get from Feather Wolves is Feather Wolf Tail. Each Feather Wolf Tail costs 3000 silver, and weights 0.1LT. You can get 5500 to 6000 Feather Wolf Tails per hour (as a 230 AP Witch), which equals 16.5 - 18 mil silver. You can get 2 – 3 per loot and can get 4 if you spend on an increased node level.

Earth Spirit Stone Fragments are another common lootable item. Earth Spirit Stone Fragments are materials used in making Pure Forest Breath, but you can sell them to NPC shops if you don’t need any Pure Forest Breath. One Earth Spirit Stone Fragment costs 50,000 silver. Other lootable items include Blue and Green Life Spirit Stones, and Destruction Spirit Stones. You might also get lucky and find some Pure Forest Breaths.

The total income per hour will be over 20 mil and will increase as your AP and pet’s tiers go up.


Go to Old Wisdom Tree to Organize Your Inventory

You can organize your inventory in the Old Wisdom Tree, located almost right next to Navarn Steppe.

Here, you can sell Feather Wolf Tails and Earth Spirit Stone Fragments to NPC shops and sell the two Spirit Stones in the Central Market.

There is a storage keeper located inside the Old Widsom Tree on the left side. A potion vender can be found on the staircase leading to the second floor, where you’ll find the marketplace director. You can also repair your gear at the blacksmith below the Old Wisdom Tree

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