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UTC 14 : 57 Jul 16, 2024
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EDT 10 : 57 Jul 16, 2024
Add more information to "Monster Zone Info" window.
Feb 20, 2024, 06:33 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Feb 20, 2024, 06:33 (UTC)
# 1

The in game Monster Zone Info window is good for checking what drops at certain areas and roughly what gear you need to grind there but lacks a lot of other critical info on the spots. Adding things like what type of mobs spawn there (Kama, Demihuman, Animal, etc) and showing AP caps would be great and reduce the need to constantly check third party sites before grinding.

Last Edit : Feb 20, 2024, 07:35 (UTC)
# 2

Great idea for sure! 

Last Edit : Feb 20, 2024, 08:08 (UTC)
# 3

There was actually an update on glabs, where the AP / DP requirements were stated in the "total AP" or "total DR" that you can see in your stats window, which already is a lot more accurate than the current version. However, since the requirements were only stated in 50 steps, it was still fairly misleading, and was missing info on the upper / lower caps, just an approximation for the recommended stat. I dont think this ever made its way to live servers, as the info was still inadequate. 

I do support your suggestion though, it would definitely be better to have that sort of info directly in game.

Last Edit : Feb 20, 2024, 08:13 (UTC)
# 4


This is a really great idea that I feel would flesh out the Monster Zone Info menu with well needed information! There are some Adventurers who are unaware of the external resources such as, etc. which they would need to look for to provide this information.

Some Adventurers don't even know Monster Zone Info exists and I think including more detailed information in game would draw more people to utilize the (in-game) resource as opposed to the need to go to turn to unofficial sources of information - the more information the more it'll be recommended to be used, I'd think!

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