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GM Notes Nov 22, 2022, 11:20 (UTC) GM Blog - Summerfiesta Memories - Week 1


Adventurers, here are [GM] Velia & [GM] Polly bringing you some of our personal highlights from Summer!


We had plenty of fun with all of our Adventurers in the world of Black Desert and we wanted to share all of the amazing events and memories with you! We hope you enjoy it. 

SummerBootCamp & Pollys_Forest


This summer, the EU and NA GMs created two Guilds called "SummerBootcamp" and "Pollys_Forest" respectively to help new Adventurers through their Black Desert story and to understand the game mechanics or just to help them when they’re lost. These Guilds were also opened to veteran Adventurers who would love to help the newcomers with their insight. But all things come to an end one day and after their graduation, the "SummerBootcamp" and "Pollys_Forest" have closed for now. Thank you to everyone who joined and helped these new Adventurers grow in the world of Black Desert.
We hope to create a similar event in the future and would like to thank you for your help with this quest! 
SummerFiesta Event
Meanwhile, we also had 3 weeks of continuous events hosted by the GMs. We want to thank everyone who joined and made these events possible. We hope you enjoy the mementos we gathered here and hope they bring you a lot of memories! 

EU Week 1 

Day 1: GM Says
For the first day, GMs hosted a GM Says in Calpheon’s Castle's first courtyard. Do you have any memories of this day Adventurer? We enjoyed every single moment of it and the bait we made for you by giving you an order without GM Says in the beginning.  

Adventurer’s thoughts: 
A: “I think GM says was the most fun. Swarming around Neruda was somehow oddly refreshing” 
B: “Zombie swarming neruda was fun”  
Day 2: Hide & Seek
For the second day, GMs went wide and beyond and hid themselves in every corner of the world! Do you remember if you found one of them? [GM] Erethea and [GM] Pilgrim went to enjoy the beautiful and serene sands of the desert in Valencia City, while [GM] Velia went to reminisce about Velia in the beautiful Port of Grándiha in Kamasylvia and [GM] Ronin refreshed himself to a beautiful sight of the cliff in a roof on Keplan! 

Did you know there was a cosplay of one of the GMs?

Day 3: Red Light, Green Light
For the third day, the GMs hosted a Red Light, Green Light near Calpheon Castle for all the Adventurers who wished to show their run or sneak skills! Did you manage to sneak around the GM during Red Light? Or did you wait in place?  

Day 4: Can Adventurers Spell
For the final day of the first week, GMs hosted a true adventure in the desert, where a lot of cooperation was needed among our brave Adventurers! The GMs were very proud of what these Adventurers could accomplish with only descriptions in the chat of the shapes and words! Do you still remember all the shapes? If not here is a list of them!


Black Spirit face 

Black Desert symbol 

BDO in letters 




a "V" shape 

Adventurer’s thoughts: 
A: Has been awesome xD” 

B: “was fun coordonatig :)))” 

C: “great community cooperation!” 


NA Week 1

Day 1: [GM] Polly Had a Little Lamb
For the first day, GMs hosted a rescue mission for Polly's lost NZXT-Lambs that gathered at Finto Farm. Do you have any memories of this day Adventurer? We enjoyed watching everyone carry a plump lamb all the way to Lynch Ranch. Rumors say [GM] Polly is still hunting down the players who decided to keep the sheep they were carrying!  

Adventurer’s thoughts: 
A: “This better not be one of those over-sized sheep that has dragon's breath” 
B: “The Great Sheep migration”  
Day 2: GM Derby
For the second day, GMs went wide and beyond and hid themselves in every corner of the world! Do you remember if you found one of them? [GM] Rinku found himself enjoying the view of the great ocean on Luivano Island, only to then be taken high up to where weddings take place in Grandiha, then finally taking a rest in a shady nook somewhere in the vast Valencia Desert.

Adventurer’s thoughts: 
A: “Thanks for the riddles, that was fun. I missed yesterday” 
Day 3: Can Adventurers Spell?
On the third day, the GMs hosted a study to see if adventurers can work together to spell words and form symbols near Sand Grain Bazaar. Did you take part in the chaos? Do you remember yelling at your teammates to form correctly? If you struggle to remember what we made together, here's a list!






Adventurer’s thoughts: 
A: “The hide and seek felt like a disadvantage because of some people having horses. But this was just coordination!” 
B: “Team 3 easily won”
Day 4: Musical Chairs
For the final day of the first week, the GMs gathered a select group of 30 adventurers and pit them against one another in a deadly game of Musical Chairs. Do you remember getting shot with a musket by [GM] Polly  because you were too slow? Or perhaps all you can remember is the great music during the event offered by the adventurer Sashimie!
Adventurer’s thoughts: 

A: “Such music, Much Good” 

B: “It was prob my Fav of the GM events” 

C: “Great event” 


Want to meet a GM but you never had the opportunity to go to an Event? Don’t worry! See our Maintenance Stream or Official Discord and meet a GM after Maintenance every Wednesday at the indicated location!

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