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GM Notes Mar 17, 2021, 13:27 (UTC) Preview of the Special Benefits Coming with the New Olvia Server



Sage has been released with the March 17, 2021 (Wed) maintenance! But, since Sage can’t be created as a season character, we know Adventurers starting for the first time or coming back from a long break might wonder if they’ll miss out on the faster leveling and other benefits a season offers.


Don’t worry!


Let us introduce you to the new, upcoming Olvia server where you’ll be able to level up your Sage!



New Olvia Server?

The new Olvia server with its various perks will be arriving on March 24!

New Oliva Server Availability Period March 24, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - TBA


The new Olvia server is a Growth Server for Adventurers who fulfill the new/returning requirements just like the previous Olvia server.

New Olvia Server Requirements

New: Adventurers who are logging in within 30 days (720 hours) after creating a secondary password


Returning: Adventurers who have not logged in for at least 30 days (720 hours) and have not used the Web Central Market for at least 30 days (720 hours)

* The new Olvia server is for Adventurers who fulfill the new Adventurer requirement above or the returning Adventurer requirement and have less than a total of 150 levels with all characters in their Family after the March 24 maintenance.



So, what kind of benefits should you expect from the new Olvia server?




New Olvia Server – A Variety of Benefits!

Arriving on March 24th, the new Olvia server will have four awesome benefits!


① Play with a 24-Hour Permanent Hot Time event!

24-Hour Permanent Hot Time

The Olvia server will have a permanently active Combat/Skill EXP Hot Time event.


The previous Olvia server had Combat EXP +100% and Skill EXP +30%, but the new Olvia server will have a Combat EXP +150% and Skill EXP +50% Hot Time!


② Enjoy an extended adventure in the new Olvia server!

Leveling Limit

On the previous Olvia server, your character could only reach up to Lv. 60 (99% EXP)… But on the new Olvia server, your character can reach up to Lv. 61 (99% EXP)!


③ Dreaming about being a pro Life Skiller? Then the new Olvia server is for you! Enjoy boosted Life Skill leveling until Artisan Lv. 1!

Life Skill Hot Time

Receive Life Skill EXP +100% Hot Time until Artisan Lv. 1 in the new Olvia server!


You’ll experience faster Life Skill leveling until you are Artisan Lv. 1 in Gathering, Fishing, Trading, Cooking, and more!


④ Your chance to get more Contribution EXP from various quests!

Family Contribution EXP Benefits

In the new Olvia server, getting “Contribution” is easier, meaning you’ll get increased Contribution EXP depending on your total Contribution!


* +150% Contribution EXP until 100 Contribution

* +100% Contribution EXP until 200 Contribution

* +50% Contribution EXP until 250 Contribution





Special Benefits Arriving with the New Class, Sage

Sage, the Last Ancient, has appeared... so we can’t be missing special perks, right!?

New Special Gear: “Narchillan”

Adventurers on their first journey should be quite familiar with Naru gear.

Soon, we’ll be adding exchange quests where you can change your PEN(V) Naru gear and Canon Awakening weapons for Narchillan gear!


Items Required for Exchange Quest Exchangeable Items
PEN(V) Naru main weapon, sub-weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, or shoes Narchillan main weapon, sub-weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, or shoes
Canon Awakening Weapon Narchillan Awakening Weapon


Tip! Wait, Naru and Canon gear?

Naru Gear: Easily obtainable gear from the main questline for Adventurers starting out!

Canon Gear: Gear obtained for completing each classes’ Awakening questline!


* To ensure Adventurers won't experience any difficulties exchanging the gear, we have restricted the ability to delete PEN (V) Naru gear and Canon awakening weapons until the March 24 (Wed) update.


* It’s true that Sage won’t be able to obtain the Awakening weapon until he receives his Awakening update, so please hang on for a bit longer!


P.S. Narchillan gear will have high-end stats and effects similar to DUO (II) - TRI (III) enhanced Blackstar gear.


We hope you’ll look forward to the new “Narchillan” gear that arrives on March 24th!

(Narchillan gear will be Family-bound, so it can’t be sold on the Central Market.)

Easier Capotia Accessory Challenges


New Level Up Challenges

As you may know, you can receive Capotia accessories from Challenge (Y) by reaching certain levels.


With the upcoming Sage release, there’ll be new Capotia Challenges with better rewards!


Original Level Achievement Changed Level Achievement Rewards
Level 61 Level 58 Capotia Ring
Level 62 Level 59 Capotia Earring
Level 63 Level 60 Capotia Belt
Level 64 Level 61 Capotia Necklace


Capotia Ring

Level 63


Capotia Earring

Level 64


Capotia Belt

Level 65


Capotia Necklace


Additional Life Skill Equipment!

Good news for Adventurers who enjoy Life Skills!


Characters who are Gathering Apprentice Lv. 1 or higher will have new quests to obtain Demihar Gathering tool after the March 24 maintenance.


The Demihar Gathering tool has a special Life EXP +50% effect, so I can’t wait to try it out for myself!


(However, you can only get one per Family, and since it is also a time-limited item, you won’t be able to repair it.)


We hope you’ll enjoy adventuring with all the benefits that arrive after the maintenance on March 24!



Adventurer FAQ (Added)


Q. Is the quest for exchanging Naru gear for Narchillan gear only available in the new Olvia server?

A. Nope! The new exchange quest will be available for all servers including the new Olvia server.


Q. Are only Sage characters able to exchange Naru gear for Narchillan gear?

A. Nope! All classes, including the newly released Sage, will be able to exchange PEN(V) Naru gear or Canon Awakening weapons for Narchillan gear.

But as mentioned above, Sage’s Awakening hasn’t been released yet, so you won’t be able to obtain the Canon Awakening weapon for him. We hope you’ll stay tuned for it!

Q. Is the new Capotia Challenges only available in the new Olvia server?

A. Nope, you’ll be able to complete each Capotia Challenge once per Family regardless of the server.


Q. I’ve already reached the required levels for the new Capotia Challenges! How do I get the rewards?

A. Adventurers who already achieved the levels required before the upcoming changes during the March 24th maintenance will still be able to complete the Challenges.


For example, if you are an Adventurer who has already reached level 63 and received the Capotia Ring, Earring, and Belt, you’ll still receive all the changed level rewards that you haven’t received yet from Challenge (Y), which are the Capotia Necklance and TRI (III) Capotia Ring/Earring.

However, please be aware that you can only complete each Challenge once per Family.


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