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Adventurer's Guide

Guild House

Last Edited on : Jul 8, 2024, 10:15 (UTC)
Guild Houses are large residences that can accommodate large numbers of people. Only certain large towns or cities have guild houses.
Unlike the regular houses you can buy using contribution points, they are bought through an auction.
You can bid on a guild house through the Guild Manager NPC in the towns that have them.
◈ Guild House Bid

Guild house auctions occur once every 2 weeks starting on Saturday at:

16:00 pm CET


16:00 pm EST
13:00 pm PDT

From the moment they begin, guild house auctions are active for 24h, and the houses presented in them are always bought using guild funds. Only guild masters can bid on guild houses.


The auction is announced through in-game notices when it starts. Designated NPCs for the auction, the guild managers of each town, will start to accept bids for the local guild houses once it has started.
During the auction, you can only bid on a single house. As such, make sure to choose the correct one for your needs, as otherwise you will need to wait another 2 weeks.


You have three chances to bid. The auction is a blind auction, so you won’t see who is bidding for the houses, nor how much the other guilds are bidding for them. However, a message saying “Your bid of silver has been placed as the highest bid.” will appear when you place the highest bid. This way, you will know if you currently have the highest bid or not for your chosen house.


The auction is extended by 1 minute every time someone places a bid within 2 minutes or less before the auction ends. Additionally, the auction will get extended by 24 hours if there are guild houses that no one bid on. You can use your guild house until the start of the next guild house auction.


If you win the auction, the guild funds will be removed and your guild can use the house. If you do not win, you can go to the Guild Manager NPC and collect the guild funds employed during the auction.


* Upon winning a Guild House bid, your guild owns it for 2 weeks. If the next Guild House auction has no winner, your ownership will be extended by another 2 weeks. In total, you can hold onto the Guild House for up to 4 weeks, including any extensions from failed auctions.



◈ Guild House Maintenance

Guilds that own a guild house pay a maintenance fee every day at midnight.
The fee is automatically paid for using guild funds, and it’s proportional to the final price the house was bought with. The maintenance fee for the house is 5% of the winning bid.


If your guild is running low on guild funds, your use of the guild house might be limited.
Arrears can be paid off using the guild master’s and officers’ silver.



◈ Guild House Functions

Guild points can be used to improve guild houses.
Houses can be improved to allow for the crafting of different items, and expand their storage space.



– Storage

Guild members can access their guild storage through the door or windows of the guild house.



You can also access it by opening the Guild window (hotkey: G) while you are in a town.



Only items with “[Guild]” at the start of their names can be stored in a guild storage.



– Elephant Nursery & Shipyard

Purchasing the guild skills Monstrous Force and Building Boat will allow you to open elephant nurseries and shipyards in those guild houses that have that particular function.

For elephant nurseries, you will require one of the guild houses in Sand Grain Bazaar or Valencia City, while for shipyards you will need to obtain certain guild houses from the territories of Balenos, Calpheon, and Mediah.


➤ You can read more about this topic in the [Guild Mounts] page.



◈ Guild Processing & Crafting

Items required for guild crafting can only be made inside guild houses.
You can place materials in the guild storage by interacting with the house’s door. Enter the guild house, then open the Processing window (hotkey: L) and select the Guild Processing tab to craft these items.
This way, you can make permits and a variety of materials used in guild crafting.
When you successfully make an item you receive guild activity points.


The Guild Crafting feature in one of the tabs of the Guild window uses items made through the guild processing function. Only guild masters can start the craft of an item via this function. However, guild members can send their workers to help crafting the item. Once finished, the complete item, such a siege weapon for example, will automatically be placed in your guild storage.
Only the guild master can take these items out.
All guild members that helped craft the item get guild activity points.


– Raising Elephants

You can raise baby elephants at your guild house (only in Valencia)
As mentioned above, in order to raise elephants, your guild must have the skill Monstrous Force.
Materials that are required to raise elephants can be bought though the guild shop or made through guild processing.
You can make equipment for your elephant after getting the skill Monstrous Force Lv. 2 and opening a level 2 elephant nursery.


– Guild Galley

There are two different ways you can obtain a guild galley.
One way is through a quest named [Guild] I Have a Dream which will ask you to give a determined amount of Old Moon Combat Seals and Old Moon Life Seals. This quest can be done once.
The other way is to craft a guild galley at a guild shipyard. To do this, you must have the guild skill Building Boat mastered, as well as a guild house in one of the available guild houses with the shipyard function.

Like with the elephant nursery, improving the shipyard skill to Lv. 2 will allow you to make equipment for the guild galley.


– Crafting Parts

You can make items that recover your elephant’s endurance and guild galley’s power if your guild has the guild skill Fully Prepared.



◈ Losing a Guild House

All your guild house information, including its upgrades, stored items, and crafting progress is saved, so even if you lose your guild house permit to another guild in an auction round, you do not have to worry.
However, you are restricted from using the guild house and can’t continue with guild crafting until your guild gets another permit to use it from winning the guild house auctions.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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