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Adventurer's Guide

Black Shrine (Boss Blitz)

Last Edited on : May 2, 2024, 15:32 (UTC)
The Black Shrine is a content feature in which you fight the boss monsters ruling over the Land of the Morning Light (LotML). You can access it by going to the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → Adventure (F5) → Black Shrine.
As you progress through the tales of the main quest line in Land of the Morning Light, bosses connected to each tale will be unlocked to be challenged in the Black Shrine.

Getting Started

To challenge the bosses of the Black Shrine feature, please go to the main menu (ESC) → Adventure (F5) → Black Shrine, select the boss you wish to defeat, and press the Start Boss Blitz button.
You can directly teleport to the Black Shrine Boss Blitz location via the "Start Boss Blitz" button, and after the combat ends, you will be returned to your original location. Keep in mind that the only place where the teleport function cannot be used is in the Pit of the Undying.
Once you press the "Start Boss Blitz", the Princess Dokkebi will appear and cast a teleportation spell.
◈ Weekly Boss Blitz Count

You have 5 weekly attempts per family to defeat bosses of the Black Shrine. If you successfully defeat the bosses at each difficulty, it will be deducted from your total count. (Resets at Midnight on Sunday)
If a boss at a certain difficulty is successfully defeated, the number of attempts will not be deducted even if you challenge them again with the same character, at the same difficulty.
Note that the number of attempts will not be deducted if you are defeated or forfeit.


If all five weekly attempts have been used, you can continue to challenge the levels you've successfully cleared, and your highest record will be reflected in your Boss Blitz ranking.
Please note that these conditions apply only to the same character who has successfully defeated a boss. If you proceed to defeat the bosses with a different character, it will be deducted from your total number of weekly attempts.

◈ Difficulty

The Black Shrine offers 10 levels of difficulty, called calamities. From Calamity 1 to Calamity 10.
The higher the boss’ difficulty, the more diverse its attack patterns are, and the greater the potential for better loot and rewards.


Boss battles are recorded based on the level of difficulty, and by class.
When a Black Shrine boss is first defeated on each difficulty level, and by each class, the name of the Adventurer (that first defeated the boss at each difficulty level) is announced throughout the world of Black Desert.
Calamity 1 to 5 bosses are open to all classes.
Calamity 6 to 10 bosses will only unlock if an Adventurer successfully defeats the boss of the previous level. This is applied for each class separately.

Let’s see the following case of the Warrior class.
The difficulty levels of the Golden Pig King boss ranging from Calamity 1 to 5 are open to all classes, including the Warrior class.
However, in order for anybody playing the Warrior class to challenge the Calamity 6 Golden Pig King boss, another Adventurer playing Warrior must have successfully defeated the Golden Pig King at Calamity 5 to unlock the following difficulty for all other Adventurers playing Warrior.
Please note that initially Adventurers will only be able to challenge up to Calamity 7, and further difficulty levels will be opened in a future update.
For more details, please check the picture below.

◈ What Are Light Orbs? Boss Blitz Guidelines

These are points that can be obtained while completing the main questline for LoML and are closely related to the attributes of each boss.


Before delving into light orbs, it is necessary to understand how stats are applied in the Black Shrine boss encounters.


• The bosses of the Black Shrine receive/deal damage based on a ratio of 90% aura attribute and 10% character attack/defense power.
• Only 10% of the skill add-on effects and buff effects related to the character’s AP/DP are applied.
• Only critical hits from attribute attacks are displayed during the boss blitz. (Critical hits based on the character’s existing stats are applied, but are not displayed.)
• The critical hit rate for attribute attacks is applied at 50% during the boss blitz.
• All debuff resistance is applied at 20% during the boss blitz. (Resistances that have been increased due to a character’s existing stats are not applied.)


Therefore, it is extremely important to obtain and utilize the orbs acquired during the main questline to increase aura stats for a confident victory!


Adventurers can check the sun/moon/earth attribute weaknesses of each boss and invest in the auras/attributes that the boss they wish to take down is weak to.

Sun Orb, Moon Orb, Earth Orb
Investing these orbs allows one to gain additional stats against bosses with weaknesses to sun, moon, and earth elements. You can obtain some by proceeding with the main quests.

Light Orb
Allows one to invest in the aura of their choice among sun, moon, and earth. It also allows one to gain additional EXP upon investing orbs in auras the boss has a weakness to. You can obtain some by proceeding with the main quests.


Investing a light orb increases attack power (AP) by 50 and defense power (DP) by 100 for that attribute/aura each time you invest one, and it grants you 3 additional stat points.
Additional stat points can be invested in attack power or defense power at the Adventurer's discretion.


The screen below is what you can see when you click '② Manage Aura' in the image shown earlier above. In the UI, you can see the number of light orbs you have and their investment status.

Investing a light orb increases attack power (AP) by 50 and defense power (DP) by 100 for that attribute/aura each time you invest one, and it grants you 3 additional stat points. 
Additional stat points can be invested in attack power or defense power at the Adventurer's discretion
As stated in the pictures, the orbs can be reset by paying 2 million silver, and additional invested points can be reset for 500,000 silver.


After you successfully defeat bosses in the Black Shrine, on Sunday at 00:00 (server time), you will receive rewards based on your kill record and ranking.


Acquired rewards can be claimed from the Black Shrine menu.

If the rewards obtained are not claimed by the upcoming Sunday at 00:00, they will expire and become unredeemable.

Boss Blitz Reward (Example :Golden Pig King)

Rewards by Rank (Example: Calamity 10 Golden Pig King)

When successfully defeating each boss in the Black Shrine, the time taken to defeat them is recorded in the "Boss Blitz Ranking".
Rankings will be recorded by class and difficulty, and all rankings will be refreshed daily at 00:00 (server time).

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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