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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Adventurer's Guide

Black Spirit’s Rage

Last Edited on : Jan 15, 2024, 16:54 (UTC)
It is a system that automatically gets activated when you reach level 35.
At that level, the rage gauge will appear at the bottom of your HP bar.
As seen above, you can see the rage gauge at the bottom of the HP Bar. By default, it charges up to 100%.
When the rage gauge is charged to a certain level (10%, 25%, 50%, 100%, and 200%), you can inflict more damage to enemies using skills that utilize it.
You can interpret it as the Black Spirit empowering your skills with its rage.

You can check out the skills that can use the Black Spirit’s rage through their tooltip in the Skills window (hotkey: K), or by clicking on the rage gauge directly, which will open the Black Spirit’s Rage window.


➤ Please check the [Skills] page for the basics regarding combat skills.


Additionally, if you inflict damage with a skill that uses the Black Spirit's rage, you may cause an injury to the opponent. This will hinder the target's HP recovery.



- When damage is inflicted with a Black Spirit's rage skill, the target is injured by a certain percentage of the damage.
- If you are injured, the max HP you can recover is reduced.
- All characters are equally applied with 10 injury healing per tick (5 seconds).
- Continuous damage, additional % damage on HP/MP won't be applied on injury.
- The degree of injury is reset when the character dies.
- The level of injury does not recover when the character is not logged in. It gradually recovers from the moment you load into the game world with the character.
- When using a skill using the Black Spirit's rage, the following injuries are applied.


Black Spirit’s Rage Usage (%) Injury Rate (%)
10 10
25 20
50 30
100 50
200 100


- For example, when a Warrior attacks a Berserker with 5,000 HP using 100% of the Black Spirit's rage, and the Berserker takes 2,000 damage, the injury rate is 50% of the damage, or 1,000.
- You can recover up to 4,000 from the remaining 3,000 HP through the different recovery methods. For the remaining 1,000 HP, it naturally recovers by 10 every 5 seconds until all injuries are recovered.



You can check the tooltip of the different skills that can use Black Spirit’s rage for the injury percentage.

◈ Rage Absorption

You can activate Rage Absorption by pressing the Z key when the Black Spirit’s rage reaches 100%. When used, your character can get different kinds of buffs unique to each class, or increase their attack/casting speed.

To choose whether you want to use Rage Absorption (Common) or Rage Absorption (Innate), you can lock the skill you don’t want to use in the Skills window.


This function is very useful in combat, so you should use it at the right time. Note that you can also use up to 200% of Black Spirit’s rage with Rage Absorption.

◈ Rage Transfer 

Rage Transfer is a skill that transfers your character’s Black Spirit’s rage gauge to an ally.


You can use up all the rage gauge that you have at the moment by targeting an ally and pressing the X key. By doing this, you consume all of your character’s rage gauge and fill your ally’s by half of the consumed value. For example, if you transferred 100% of your Black Spirit’s rage gauge, you’ll end up at 0% and they’ll receive 50%.


The rage that can be obtained through Rage Transfer can be accumulated beyond the maximum Black Spirit Rage that your character currently possesses, this of course depends on your gear (for example Tungrad Accessories). There are skills that can be used by consuming that much Black Spirit’s rage, so use this function on the best occasion.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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