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En breve comienza Black Desert.

Instala el lanzador si no comienza el juego.

Instala el lanzador para empezar el juego.

Si ya lo tienes instalado, el juego comenzará pronto.
Si el lanzador no se ejecuta automáticamente, ejecútalo directamente.

Guía de instalación

1 Ejecuta BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe para instalar el lanzador de Black Desert.

2 Una vez completada la instalación, empieza el juego.


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CEST 2 : 21 29 sep. 2023
PDT 17 : 21 28 sep. 2023
EDT 20 : 21 28 sep. 2023
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[TOOL] Personalizable Daily/Weekly Goals Checklist (Updated: May 21, 2023)
21 sep. 2021, 00:59 (UTC)
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 This is a simple spreadsheet that you can save and customize. What is currently in it is easy to adjust for your own needs.

Currently included is a section for "Alternative Silver Dailies", which is completely deletable or you can change it to be for "Monthlies", "Optionals", or "Extras". A link to Alternative Silver Dailies is included in the spreadsheet. Just keep the total Row Count to 56, the Columns up to AG, and don't touch the fonts or font sizes.

If you're like me, you may find it useful to print this out. If you do print this, print it in landscape mode and make sure "fit to page" is selected and that the margins are set to 0.0". Doing this ensures it displays properly once printed so you can actually read it.

ALTERNATIVELY, if you just want a list of Dailies/Weeklies to reference, scroll to the bottom of this post.

If you want to read the google doc of this, click here:

If you want to read the forum post for this, click here:

To access this guide in-game, press F2 then navigate to Community >> Tips & Guides >> Gameplay.


Basic Dailies

COLLECTED: Guild & Black Spirit Safe Silver
COLLECTED: Awakened Boss Scrolls
COLLECTED: Combat or Life EXP Scroll
CLAIMED & USED All Dice for BS Adventure
Turned in Overnight Fishing
COMPLETED: Daily Quest from Jetina

Normal Silver Dailies

MONSTER GRINDING - (personal silver quota)
GATHERING - (your personal quota)
BARTERING - (your personal quota)
COOKING - (your personal quota)
ALCHEMY - (your personal quota)
Turned in (#) Imperial Cooking Boxes (x silver)
Replanted Farms ONCE
Replanted Farms TWICE
Daily Cow Milking
Completed Daily Horse Races

Alternative Silver Dailies

Completed All Hunting Quests (x mil)
Completed All Valencia RECOMMENDED (x mil)
Completed All Valencia OPTIONALS (x mil)
Completed All Kamasylvia Quests (x mil)
Completed All Drieghan Quests (x mil)
Completed All O'dyllita Quests (x mil)


COMPLETED: Boss Scrolls
COMPLETED: Atoraxxion - Vahmalkea
COMPLETED: Atoraxxion - Sycrakea
COMPLETED: Atoraxxion - Yolunakea
(saved spot for 4th dungeon)
COMPLETED: Black Shrine Bosses (expansion)
Turned in Trade Crates
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