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UTC 22 : 10 26 may. 2024
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Change the Crow coin cost of the ship upgrading materials at the crow coin shop
16 nov. 2022, 18:34 (UTC)
2122 13
1 2
Última modificación : 21 feb. 2023, 13:29 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Fersterret

Region (NA/EU): EU

Suggestion: Bartering for ship upgrade materials can be quite boring and tedious, but at the moment is the only option for upgrading the ships to carracks, this drives people away from the sea content for the most part.
A simple fix to that would be to make the carrack materials a bit more affordable using Crow coins with the <Crow Coin Exchange> NPC, or simply raising the coins we get by selling the unused materials to the npc
64 106
Lv Privado
Última modificación : 16 nov. 2022, 20:33 (UTC)
# 2

They would have to drop the prices considerably for it to make any sense to buy the materials with crow coins - especially since you need so many crow coins for other stuff like the carrack's gear, and you need a ton of them for anything beyond the green-grade carrack gear (be it for stuff related to the blue-grade gear or other stuff like khan's concentrated magic or even if you simply want to buy Manos accessories). Really, anyone who's buying materials with crow coins is doing it wrong and is shooting themselves in the foot. That being said, it does take a painfully long time to get both the necessary crow coins and the necessary materials, and it would definitely be nice if the extra materials sold for far more crow coins than they do. As it stands, they only sell for a pittance. It almost makes you wonder why they bothered making it so that you can sell them at all.

Última modificación : 01 dic. 2022, 17:18 (UTC)
# 3

I agree, making the sell price at least x20 what is it now would make material gathering make sense and keep the sailies worth doing.

Última modificación : 02 dic. 2022, 01:54 (UTC)
# 4

They ready said they won't make many updates to sea content so it doesn't hurt to tweak the crow coins at all!

16 148
Lv 64
Última modificación : 17 dic. 2022, 21:27 (UTC)
# 5

Yeah agreed. Really sucks to get some materials to make Carrack, for example Luminous Cobalt Ingot for blue gear. You can only get 1 per Material refresh.

Eliminado por el autor.
Última modificación : 21 dic. 2022, 03:00 (UTC)
# 7

well being guru 50 in Bartering this is like normal people always want it easyer instead of having to work at anything any more that all i every read make it easyer because we do not like to work for anything well it should never be change if you want the upgrade then work for it

133 450
Lv 63
Última modificación : 22 feb. 2023, 07:42 (UTC)
# 8

Well buying for 3900 and selling for 39 seems legit to me, NOT.
Jokes aside, it should be /20-25, not the current /100.

17 71
Lv Privado
Última modificación : 22 feb. 2023, 12:34 (UTC)
# 9

iam with you on this, the should absolutly increase the coins you earn form bartering and the the resell value of materials

iam still doing the daily quests for exp because yay you know all about how slow you gain it...

but oh boi 24 coins for a brilliant material that would cost me 1600 if i buy it dosent cut it ... give me at least 240 or even 800

crow coins are the biggist issue in my eyes when it comes to bartering special if hakkon once more just randomly give me 2 coins.

and 1 month daily grinding for 50k coins to upgrade one part is demoralising.

Última modificación : 23 feb. 2023, 22:35 (UTC)
# 10

Please give free carrack permits and blue gear+10 as login reward

Come on, be real a bit, work for your stuff and feel proud of it instead of having to rely on rng.
Then increase rewards from using your high end gear.

Sea content does not need tuvala chads.

0 15
Lv Privado
1 2

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