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UTC 12 : 8 24 jul. 2024
CEST 14 : 8 24 jul. 2024
PDT 5 : 8 24 jul. 2024
EDT 8 : 8 24 jul. 2024
Alchemy Stone System - TOO RNG gated - Please fix this system
24 nov. 2022, 05:55 (UTC)
2307 7
Última modificación : 24 nov. 2022, 07:14 (UTC)
# 1

These Splendid Alchemy Stones are now impossible to make in one lifetime since Resplendent Stones are not being listed regularly and now with the Shakatu Boxes some extremely lucky players will get this item that a max geared person cannot obtain no matter how much effort they put into the game. Obviously you need insane luck with your Shakatu boxes rolling a Splendid or Resplendent (then low chance to upgrade to Splendid w/ Resplendent) or someone who gets one and sells for whatever reason. Only someone with very little understanding of the end game would sell such an OP item if they are actually playing this game. Look at the Alchemy Stone below, 334 POs and only 7 ever sold. The price cap on Splendid Stones should be 200 billion or more because they are so rare and difficult to make. Then there's some person with the Shining Alchemy Stone who obtained them through questionable means probably and it's a lot better than this one. Both Splendid and Shining are better than Vells.

Honestly, if the playing field isn't leveled I will look elsewhere to achieve progression. Waiting around for a PO that will never come is depressing and makes me not want to play. Please fix this system/implement better Alchemy Stone progression. We've been stuck with Vells for years and are tired of it while other RNG blessed players get a much better stone. Thanks!

Última modificación : 24 nov. 2022, 10:03 (UTC)
# 2

I agree, tho my friendly suggestion for you is to sleep well on this, you wouldn't even notice that extra 3% attack speed :D can stick with vell heart!

15 266
Lv Privado
Última modificación : 27 nov. 2022, 11:00 (UTC)
# 3

with the now 4more dp on vell, I will never take that thing off, I'm way too lazy for swapping buffs.

That's just a sweaty-neckbeard problem, I don't care about it at all.

48 1793
Lv 61
Última modificación : 29 nov. 2022, 12:05 (UTC)
# 4

This is an item u need to make urself, they also added skipping etc to enhancing Alchemystones what reduced the time to enhance them from ~18 sec per click to ~4-6 seconds per click 

If u think now "but i cant buy that shit from the market" then yes ofc welcome to a player/event driven market where everything needs to be created first and then sold, i doubt anyone will sell this stone when he makes it himself, so GL on ur Adventure

Última modificación : 30 nov. 2022, 15:09 (UTC)
# 5
On: Nov 27, 2022, 11:00 (UTC), Written by Adonaj

with the now 4more dp on vell, I will never take that thing off, I'm way too lazy for swapping buffs.

That's just a sweaty-neckbeard problem, I don't care about it at all.

You can add the DP enhancement to Splendid Stones. The thing is, if you have end game gear and/or are DR build with Nouver (aka 309+ AP), the brackets (bonus ap) are 316 (+3 ap), 323 (+2 ap), 330 (+2 ap) so Vells 3 ap isn't that important/sometimes doesn't hit bracket/doesnt matter much when it does since bracket bonus is tiny and outweighed by the extra attack speed and accuracy on the Splendid. It's clear just leaving the Splendid Stone on over the Vells would be superior to Vells.  I wasn't recommending switching them for the buff which would be annoying as you say.

Currently the Splendids were thrown into a RNG box we can buy 10 of each week but obviously chances are extremely low. They are nearly impossible to obtain without insanely lucky PO. Making them is ridiculously hard/impossible, I feel you'd just sit in town all day doing alchemy then end up with a stone a few levels below Splendid. People who got them in past also didn't have to compete for them like we do nowadays and who knows why someone sold it to them on MP? It's just very questionable. I mean look at market history, clearly Splendid Stones and even a Shining Stone were sold on MP. So that person gets to have a big advantage over others just b/c they set up or got lucky with a MP order on it? Doesn't seem fair at all.

This is coming from someone with few upgrades left to get and constantly failing to upgrade a Resplendent Stone to a Splendid Stone which cost me 5.5b-ish per try (the stone just breaks every time). Playing with a hidden and small chance (3%?) to upgrade the stone is obviously very unfun. Then someone just gets the Splendid Stone I'm going for out of a RNG Shakatu box or an insanely lucky PO? The whole situation with these stones just upsets me.

There's a lot of different changes that can be made to fix this issue such as putting in new/better Alchemy Stones that are easier to get OR buff Vells OR give us an easier way to obtain Splendid stones OR just buff AP brackets between 309-330 to make Vell's Heart and it's 3 AP more competitive with the Splendid Stones with end game gear.  




Última modificación : 24 jun. 2024, 18:49 (UTC)
# 6

It would be nice if this were looked at eventually.

My guess is they keep it the way it is so the people who already have everything else have something ridiculously difficult to chase after. It's only normal to want the best items equipped on your character and when some of them are virtually impossible to get it's frustrating.

I ended up here because I noticed they don't even list the "Shining" alchemy stones on the market anymore. If you search "Shining" they come up, but if you actually click on one to see the listing you get no results.

My guess is they took them down because they know that nobody in their right mind would even actually sell one on the marketplace.

Última modificación : 24 jun. 2024, 20:03 (UTC)
# 7

Totally fucked mechanism to get it (clicking milions of times same shit for hundred of hours) is biggest problem with the system. Let it be very expensive item but make polishing/growing automatic



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