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UTC 22 : 29 13 jul. 2024
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PDT 15 : 29 13 jul. 2024
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Awakening Warrior's Severing Thrust interaction tweaks with Counter
13 dic. 2022, 13:08 (UTC)
719 2
Última modificación : 13 dic. 2022, 13:11 (UTC)
# 1

Title: Awakening Warrior's Severing Thrust interaction tweaks
Family Name: YberDC

Region (NA/EU): EU

Currently, Awakening Warrior's Severing Thrust (magnus skill) has an interaction that prevents proper use of it alongside Counter. This video summarizes the problem:
Essentially, it's not possible to flow properly from Severing Thrust into Spincounter, as Counter (Quickcounter) automatically activates even despite doing a completely different input.
If you don't play warrior and you don't know why this matters: (full subtitles available in English, this video was originally created for the ticket submitted to the dev team, particularly for GM Zigmund).
How to bypass the problem currently: cancel out of Severing Thrust with a different skill such as Forward Slash, or by waiting for the full animation to end, including idle animation time, then cast Spincounter. Both of these only act as a bandaid to faulty design and slow down combos significantly.
How to fix it: if we input Spincounter, give us Spincounter, not a different ability. Pepega.
When does this interaction actually harm gameplay: Spincounter is never ever used in PvE as Awakening Warrior, neither is any Counter type. It is a PvP only skill that isn't utilized very often due to the long windup and lack of protection. It is, however, 1 of the only 2 knockdown type crowd control effects Awakening Warrior has (the other being Flow: Reckless Blow), and has a place in specific 1v1 situations. Due to Severing Thrust having a float crowd control effect alongside its other dreadful characteristics, Awakening Warrior would only really use Spincounter off of a stiff into float catch or a float catch (catch meaning applying a crowd control effect succesfully to an opponent).
Example: Solar Flare -> Flow: Heaven's Cleave -> Severing Thrust -> Spincounter, which isn't the most common type of catch we do, but it's still prevalent enough that fixing this interaction warrants this thread. The only other possibilities are float into knockdown or float into stiff into knockdown Given the current state of the game, most Awakening Warriors finish the crowd control chain with a knockdown, ence the relative importance of this interaction to be fixed.
While many changes are needed for this skill and it could go down many paths (all of which are better than the current one, the warrior community is extremely unhappy with Severing Thrust as a whole), there's no situation in which applying this fix would be counter productive. Pun intended.
Última modificación : 19 dic. 2022, 01:10 (UTC)
# 2

Honestly they just need to rethink Severing Thrust and just remake the skill or remove it and replace it with a different skill, it's so bad.



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