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UTC 21 : 48 13 jul. 2024
CEST 23 : 48 13 jul. 2024
PDT 14 : 48 13 jul. 2024
EDT 17 : 48 13 jul. 2024
[Warrior] Enhancement Request: Reckless Blow Improvements
15 ago. 2023, 12:57 (UTC)
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Última modificación : 23 dic. 2023, 04:13 (UTC)
# 1


As of 22.12.2023 GLAB patch notes, this change pushed through to pre-production:

I want to sincerely thank the entire community for making BDO history once again. I appreciate you all and i appreciate the Pearl Abyss staff that reached out to our members and myself to get the information needed to make this change happen. Thank you everyone!


I wanted to create a centralized forum post for a long-time and hotly requested feature for Awakening Warrior's most iconic and utilized skill: Reckless Blow.

The Ask:  Grant Full Super Armor for the skill


The Reason: Reckless Blow is one of our hardest hitting skills and offers the largest group utility as an AOE knockdown, but the Super Armor wears off after a full charge rather quickly and makes the skill almost impossible to use in large scale settings, where it would shine the most.



1) Add a Full SA Core Skill in line with Sorceress's Grim Reaper's Judgement

- You can remove the Merciless Core Skill to accommodate this or  as suggested in @Rengo's post: for Frenzied Strikes, a completely PvE skill, to have it's CC removed and gain Forward Guard so we can remove it's Core, and open up a spot for Core: Reckless Blow.


2) Give uncharged Reckless Blow the damge of full charged Reckless Blow, then give full charged Reckless Blow full SA as a perk for full charging it.


This has been a very hotly requested and referenced ask for the class and would go a long way in improving Warror's Large Scale viability.

For Reference, here are other forum posts mentioning full SA on Reckless Blow:



Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:09 (UTC)
# 2

Agreed, this is a long overdue change. Currently, wreckless blow is nothing more than a risk. The ability's lack of SA becomes painfully obvious in AoS, where sometimes you execute wreckless blow instead of pulverize, resulting in no protection whatsoever. Once you start charging the ability, it's a ticking timebomb for CC. Enemies know the release has no SA, and will begin damage dumping immediately.

Putting a headchase between charge and attack was a wonderful change, but has very little meaning if the attack is unprotected.

Lv Privado
Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:09 (UTC)
# 3

Not an awak Warrior myself but this seems like a reasonable update to the kit

Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:53 (UTC)
# 4

Full SA rekless would also be a great improvement for our PvE in the end game grinding spots where being protected and not getting CC is key to survive and to good trash loot. Is no secrect that our class is lacking in the group fights/massive PvP and this change would help us a lot without radically changing the impact of the class.

I would love to see full SA rekless core replace Frenzied Strike and just add FG by default on said skill (mainly for PvE since the very slow casting on it makes it impossible to use it in a PvP scenario, especially on a larger scale)

Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:21 (UTC)
# 5

Wholeheartedly agree. As per core changes, I'd rather remove bound on Frenzied Strikes, add forward guard and remove Core: Frenzied Strikes, substituting it with Core:Reckless Blow.

Otherwise, this is one of the must have changes the class needs desperately.

Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:23 (UTC)
# 6

There are so many things that should be fixed, one of them is definitely Reckless, it's been years of complaining now. The warrior can't be the last wheel in the cart, where classes get fixes and improvements.. the warrior deserves more attention.

Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:26 (UTC)
# 7

Hello from Ru region.

I would like to support the author of this post. After all, the warrior class is poorly applicable in mass battles due to low security.

We have only three more or less reliable skills with the SA effect. Shift LMB, Shift RMB and Shift+F

The rest of the skills, such as the mentioned LMB RMB, are extremely unreliable, and most likely using them in a 1 vs 1 fight out of combo will result in defeat. (What can we say about mass PVP)


Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:49 (UTC)
# 8

I completely agree with this

25 38
Lv Privado
Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 13:55 (UTC)
# 9

This is so true, Reckless Blow is nothing more then you asking to be cc´d and killed. Wasting your time and DPS in PVE
In largescale we got 3 skills we can really use, Gravedigger, Slashing the Dead and Groundsmash, the 3rd one beign really bad nowadays in itself but we need to use it...

In PVE, best example now beign Thornwood. You got SO MANY MOBS that all CC you in 1 way or another constantly, forcing you to max out 1 or 2 Resists JUST to be able to grind it on many classes and sacrificing many DMG Crystals for it. Then you got classes that are perma protected, cant be cc´d and they make SO MUCH MORE silver per Hour then us who are forced to use MANY unprotected skills in long and fast combos and do less dmg at the same time.
We need to use Reckless Blow in High End PVE spots, and without our E Buff which makes Reckless insta cast as fully charged, It NEEDS to be fully charged otherwise its dmg is none-existant.

As important as this Skill is, its also very bad and unreliable that its SA ends the milisec the charge is complete. Many times you will get cc´d by mobs or players at that moment causing us to get not a single tick of DMG out.
This change would go along way making us more useable and improving gameplay in all fields by alot while more or less having 0 impact on our 1v1 capabilities.
And as meantioned by both Ricktrr and Yber, changing either Core: Frenzied strikes and giving that FG from the Core to the skill itself ( pure PVE skill btw with 0 use in any PVP scenario whatsoever), OR replacing Merciless Core with Reckless Core as noone ever wants or needs to use that Core ever and it beign fully unused since the day we gfot Core skills addet

Última modificación : 15 ago. 2023, 14:20 (UTC)
# 10


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