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1 Ejecuta BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe para instalar el lanzador de Black Desert.

2 Una vez completada la instalación, empieza el juego.


UTC 16 : 38 18 jul. 2024
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PDT 9 : 38 18 jul. 2024
EDT 12 : 38 18 jul. 2024
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13 ene. 2024, 12:17 (UTC)
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When attempting to exchange level 1 barter goods with Ravinia for a Verdant Black Stone, the exchange is completely blocked because the character's weight limit is exceeded. I have to log in with a different character to do this. What does this contribute to gameplay? I should be able to exchange regardless of weight.

After getting a Lost Trade Goods box, I have to first transfer the box to a storage, then get another character to take the box, open it, and put it back into storage, so I am finally able to load the trade good to my ship inventory at the Wharf Manager. I should be able to transfer it directly to my ship inventory regardless of being over the character's weight limit or not.

I'm sure there are other examples of this block on exchanging items merely because the weight limit on your own character is exceeded. There is already a penalty to movement when overweight. I don't see any reason for a complete block on transferring items between your character and NPCs/inventory like this.


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