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CEST 2 : 8 23 jul. 2024
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[GUIDE] Journey to Ulukita with Rulupee
22 may. 2024, 21:42 (UTC)
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Última modificación : 25 may. 2024, 16:54 (UTC)
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Journey to Ulukita with Rulupee

Greetings, Adventurers!

Today's update (22 May 2024) added the "Journey to Ulukita with Rulupee" questline where you travel around Ulukita with Rulupee. So, here I am once again with my questing notes.

WARNING! This questline is available only once per Family.

◈ Conditions

1. Complete the Ulukita Main Questline

2. Reach Lv. 56

3. Complete the "[Ulukita] Prince Bareeds' Gift" Ulukita Main Quest

◈ Rewards

1. Title "Wilderness Pioneer"

2. Essence of Devouring

3. Contribution EXP

4. Quest Knowledge

◈ Questline

Video Guide

Journey to Ulukita with Rulupee
Where to start the questline.

The First Destination - Asparkan

The second Destination - City of the Dead
Tip! Watch out for the Tehmelun! They're very strong mobs, so try to stay next to the border of the hill.

The Third Destination - Yzrahid Highlands
Tip! Rulupee is on the top of a hill. I suggest climbing it on the southwest side.

The Fourth Destination - Lake Yaserin

The Fifth Destination - Tungrad Ruins

The Sixth Destination - Tomb of Forgotten Records

The Seventh Destination - Fris Snowfield

The Eighth Destination - Fris Snowfield Fishing Spot

The Last Destination - Velandir


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