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UTC 23 : 31 22 jul. 2024
CEST 1 : 31 23 jul. 2024
PDT 16 : 31 22 jul. 2024
EDT 19 : 31 22 jul. 2024
Please Make Succession Dark Knight feel better to play for PvP
14 jun. 2024, 10:35 (UTC)
1212 2
Última modificación : 14 jun. 2024, 23:21 (UTC)
# 1

Succession Dark Knight is one of the best duelist classes in black desert but there were changes that made her feel imcomplete as a class please consider these changes.

before we get into the changes we have to understand what kind of class succession dark knight she is a class with very strong crowd control and damage with very quick fast short burst of mobility but what makes her unique is that even tho she doesnt have good chasing and sustained mobility what makes her strong is that she is very hard to engage against due to her protected Crowd Controls but there were few change took her away from this identity and made her feel very awkward to play for example because of how hard it is to engage and catch a succesion dark knight in return she has one of the worse engages or used to, thats how she is supposed to be balanced but they guys give her Super Armor on Prime Air strike which is a very bad mistake and removing the Crowd Control from Prime Lunacy of Vedir which destroys her identity completely.

Prime Air Strike: Remove the Super Armor from this skill a skill like this should never have super armor its very unheathly for the game to the point where even dark knight vs dark knight we have this so much it ruins our mirror matchups. beacuse the skill got super armor it also got stamina usage which also kills this class because we use that skill alot to not only engage but to disengage and before for 7 years we could recover stamina normally this is how we manage our stamina on dark knight but after this change she can run out of stamina and basically die with 0 iframes which is very unfair due to her not having any other way of protecting herself from harm. Please revert this skill like the old one and Make the range longer and make the hitbox Bigger than the normal air strike.

Prime Slanted Balance:  Add the 20% guard break on this skill instead of Succession shadow bullet so we can actually use this tool finally.

Prime Pervasive Darkness: This skill has 2 parts the issue is this skill comsumes stamina and thats very bad because this is our primary source of debuffing enemies despite the low cooldown we cannot use it to its fullest potential because of the stamina comsuption. the first part of this skill doesnt flow well into skills like Prime Ravage Rake leaving a gap which makes it feel so uncomfortable to combo with and the second hit is smoother but its unprotected giving us less reason to actually use it please extent the foward guard to the second hit as well.

Absolute Ravage Rake Flow: reduce the cooldown from 9 to 7 seconds

Prime enforcement: the skill is good but the hitbox is too small increase the area hit of this skill.

Prime Kamasylvia Slash: this skill has too many bugs and issues for example if you Charge Kama slash and use Chain dusk with it it will not use Chain dusk but only the normal dusk iframe. The charge damage is so less due to the nerfs. bring back and revert the C+RMB remove the forward guard and make it use the uncharged kama slash instead. this skill is very horrible to use it at the moment to the point where i feel its better to not use this combination also there is old gimmick where you can fully charge it and do a mini block jump by itself but the skill is so outdated and slow even the dark knight mains forgot about it.

Prime Lunacy of Vedir: This used to be one of our strongest Super Trading skill in our Kit but nowadays its very useless or i would say not usable. please add Stun to this skill this will improve her identity alot and make her like she used to be. also make the Super Armor Lingering so we can bait people into Nocturne cancel.

Prime Spirit Legacy: The forward guard doesnt not follow the character and also the the of the skill there is no forward guard please fix this.

Prime Nocturne: it currently gives only a 10% attack speed and movement speed slow with how small the hitbox of this skill is it should be atleast from 10% to 30% slow.

Sucession Phantasmal Snare: allow us to use S+F from our keyboard without it consuming our Chain dusk iframe that would be such a quality of life change

Prime Wind of the Spirit: 5% movement speed only effects 1 skill which is smokey haze and thats it since she is becoming an evasion class please change it to 5% all evasion or 5% all special evasion this would help succession dark knight to stay alive in melee much easier.

Prime Spirit Absorption: please remove the useless 24% critical chance and change it to 24 AP instead.

I hope you guy can make this class enjoyable to play again like it used to be before please take my advice i have been playing this class since the release of succession.

Última modificación : 27 jun. 2024, 09:29 (UTC)
# 2

I've played dk since it came out an with the changes its dead not enough damage to kill people on the ground not enough tank to survive a trade its it has no purpose if ur gonna be squishy the reward should be high dmg its not even as moble as newer or revamped classes and even it u wanna just pve its one of the worst idk what to do with it at this point but quit or play a meta class which is disappointing cause ive spent years on her through the ups an downs but it looks glum rn.


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