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UTC 7 : 58 21 jul. 2024
CEST 9 : 58 21 jul. 2024
PDT 0 : 58 21 jul. 2024
EDT 3 : 58 21 jul. 2024
Kakuo's "For the Love of Adventure" Event Furniture
16 jun. 2024, 00:45 (UTC)
1315 3
Última modificación : 16 jun. 2024, 00:47 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name:  Verendis

Region (NA/EU):  NA

Right now Kakuo has a once-per-family questline that rewards really lovely furniture. However, it being a once-per-family questline means that players only get 1 copy of each furniture item, and all of them are really great! So that's disappointing. Especially since there is no other way to acquire this furniture otherwise.

Please give players a way to acquire more of this awesome furniture!! Perhaps PA could give players the opportunity complete the event questline once per family per year for the event so we have the opportunity to get another set each year as a reward for our loyalty? Or perhaps we could farm for an event currency that could be exchanged with Kakuo for individual pieces of furniture? I'm open to any other ideas or suggestions as well.

This furniture is just so nice it's a shame we can't get more of it.
Thanks for your consideration! :)

Lv Privado
Última modificación : 26 jun. 2024, 00:56 (UTC)
# 2

Yes! I would love to have the world map and all the statues and plants in multiple homes. Please allow this, PA!

Última modificación : 26 jun. 2024, 10:28 (UTC)
# 3

TFW you just found out about a quest to get furniture 2 and a half hours after it ended. I dont know how i missed that one.



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