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UTC 21 : 3 15 jul. 2024
CEST 23 : 3 15 jul. 2024
PDT 14 : 3 15 jul. 2024
EDT 17 : 3 15 jul. 2024
Arena of Solare Urgent Issues (Scholar Debuff)
25 jun. 2024, 06:16 (UTC)
1187 2
Última modificación : 25 jun. 2024, 06:42 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name:  Kookaburra

Region (NA/EU):  NA



Arena of Solare rated season will soon be upon us and unfortunately going into the season we will be facing some glaring issues that have become quite apparent either during the period practise mode was opened, or prior to that as long-standing issues. 


Scholar healing reduction debuff is not working correctly within the AoS game mode and is causing the healing done by players to be reduced by at least 66%, instead of the 20% reduction stated in the debuff icon. 


This issue in particular has the most pressing need to be addressed either before or soon after the rated season begins, as it creates an unwarrented advantage for the scholar that is far beyond any other benefit provided by the other classes on the roster. 

Being materially unable to recover any meaningful amount of health during a fight creates an obscene imbalance between teams who have a scholar and those that do not. 

Please investigate this concern with the utmost immediacy and promptness, as it will otherwise cause a further souring of the already greatly diminished collective sentiment towards the state of PvP in BDO if it is not remedied. 


Other issues requiring attention:


Disconnecting over respawn screen is still an issue and it needs to be addressed in one way or another. Please investigate and resolve this quickly. 


Opening a full-screen menu causes the lighting/textures to become oversaturated and bright, causing unwanted eye strain. Please investigate the cause and resolution for this issue.

Consider improving rewards for practise mode. Seal of Solare could be rewarded at a higher rate, with the amount being determined by rounds won. For example, winning 0 rounds will give 5 seals, 1 round will give 10 seals, 2 rounds 15 seals, and a match-winning 3 rounds 20-30 seals and some silver. This could encourage players to strive for success, even if they do not win the match they will be rewarded for their successes. 

Please consider the investment individuals have in the PvP aspect of this game and the enjoyment we all can have when engaging in well designed and properly functioning game modes. There is potential to improve systems and modes through the entirety of the game that unfortunately are being neglected. This lack of attention to detail is a disservice to the participants of those game modes as well as a detriment to the overall concept of BDO as a product or service. 

Thank you. 

Última modificación : 25 jun. 2024, 19:18 (UTC)
# 2

I personally don't even think BDO can handle having AOS Ranked released so soon. I hate to say it since many of us have been asking for Ranked to be brought back for a long time, but the game is just in a terrible state. There is still lots of balancing needed for this DR/Eva change and there are so many bugs like Tamer's evasion rate buff being applied to everyone she hits, Succ Ninja giving 10% Attack Speed to everyone they hit, and if I remember correctly I believe Scholar's attack speed debuff was being applied to herself at some point. It's also just a recipe for hell again having the new class drop on the same day as AOS Ranked. Remember the Maegu season?



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