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Guía del aventurero

History of the Mountain of Eternal Winter

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The Six Witches, who bloomed from the death of Labreska, protected us from dreadful dragons.
But the witches, who weren't immortal, were looking for a Winter Warrior to replace them before they disappeared... O, You Warrior who will overcome the trials of the Six Witches and stand alone on the ice peak! Hold Ynix, the treasure of the Great Labreska, the flame of abyss that burns and kills even the gods, so that you may fight against the darkness. Come to the Mountain of Eternal Winter, the Haven of Slumbering Origin...
#1 4000 Before Elion

The Dragon Labreska, scourge of all Dragonkind. She devoured the hearts of her kin and thus reigned over the Golden Mountain. Long into her rule, and with all who would seek to challenge her slain, a flame appeared. Was this a trick of the gods, or a test? And so it was that Labreska came to possess the god-consuming flame, Ynix, She used this flame to challenge the authority of those gods. But she underestimated them. They tore from her body all wing and all limb, and wrought eternal winter upon Golden Mountain so its name and glory would be forever lost. It was in this pitiful state that Labreska experienced her "first death," laying herself to rest in the Haven of Slumbering Origin, the flame nestled deep in her heart. But, from Labreska's first death seven beings awoke who, in the village below the mount, came to be known as the Seven Witches of Everfrost.
#2 1000 Before Elion

Bronte, Witch of Thunder, she who rends the Dragon's wings. Kehelle, Witch of Blight, she who rots the Dragon's claws. Sethra, Witch of Rifts, she who splits the Dragon's scales. Lesha, Witch of Fever, she who drains the Dragon's energy. Marsh, Witch of Swamps, she who binds the Dragon's ankles. Awina, Witch of Ruin, she who collapses the Dragon's airways. And last but not least... Erethea, Witch of Erasure, she who expunges all fear of Dragons. Their mysterious powers protected the people from the dragons. However, the era of misfortune came earlier than expected. The Six Witches took away the wisdom and blessing granted to Silverfrond, and took away the life of Erethea with Labreska's teeth. As the forgotten fear of dragons slowly rose and strangled the humans, they trembled at the curse of the Six Witches. Silverfrond then headed out to find Labreska to obtain Ynix, the holy flame.
#3 500 Before Elion

"I vow to return, for I know this flame is your life," promised Silverfrond to Labreska as he set off. But no sooner had he left, a deathly winter descended upon the Mountain. With the Ynix gone, the Black Spirit slowly encroached over the body of Labreska. So, from the bitter tears of the dragon the Okjinsini were born. And after Labreska faced her second death, the Abets rose from the scarred body of the dragon. When both Lebraska and the six witches died, people who absorbed their essence became deformed and decimated the village. Turmoil raged below the mountain.
#4 Elionian Year 180

Upon christening himself as the "Great Founder," the Chieftain of the Black Lake tribe united the other five tribes. The Deer Abets, also known as "Eil," promised to protect the village in place of the tribes who responded to the call of the Great Founder. That fateful day was also the very first day that the Abets dared venture beyond the Zvier Highlands. The ambition of the Great Founder, who had inherited the wisdom from the sixth witch, Kehelle, to rule the Murrowak legion consisting of Queen Vercedes and her Murraska soldiers, knew no bounds. And yet, contrary to his expectations, even the wisdom of all six witches gathered in one place was not enough to deal with the Dragons. In a fit of rage, the five tribes that had abandoned and left their homeland stoned the Great Founder to death. However, the Great Founder's son, Akum, witnessed his father's death, and would come to reunite the tribes once more...
#5 Elionian Year 287

An unexplained explosion occurs in the Sherekhan Iron Mine. Soon after, a disturbing event unfolds at the Zvier Highland, dubbed "Paradise of Longing", where the sacred Black Leopard Totem is shattered. Investigation points to "Okjinsini" as the culprit behind the destruction of the totem. During these unsettling times, Khan, the chief of the Abets, disappears while on a mission to confront Okjinsini Floki, whose whereabouts are now equally enigmatic. Amidst this chaos, a mysterious fox Abets sets out to find a winter warrior to climb the mountain with.

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