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Guide de l'aventurier


Dernière modification : 27 juin 2024, 14:54 (UTC)

Almost all equipment (also known as gear) in Black Desert can be used freely regardless of the character's class. The exceptions are the different types of weapons, which are different for each class.

It is possible for a Lv. 1 Berserker to be equipped with powerful equipment with which a high level Sorceress was equipped. That is because most of the items in Black Desert are free to buy and sell, except for some character-bound items acquired as a reward for a quest, or those rented with contribution points.

Equipment is very important for the survival of your characters, their stamina, and their speed in battle.

Equipment Window

You can check the equipment your character is currently wearing by accessing the Equipment window (hotkey: I). Please refer to the image and table below for the name of each part.
1. Armor 2, 3. Rings
4, 12. Artifacts 5. Gloves
6. Necklace 7. Sub-weapon
8. Awakening Weapon 9. Main Weapon
10. Belt 11. Shoes
13, 14. Earrings 15. Helmet
16. Alchemy Stone 17. Adventurer’s Tome
Please note that other equipment slots correspond to the areas where accessories (for head, ear, eye, nose, mouth, and chin), appearance outfits (for helmet, armor, gloves, shoes, weapons, and underwear) and tools are equipped.

Equipment Pieces

◈ Weapons

These consist of your character’s main weapon, sub-weapon (also called the off-hand weapon),  and awakening weapon. The type of weapon of each category you can equip differs depending on the character’s class.


Main weapons and sub-weapons can be obtained and used from Lv. 1. However, keep in mind that certain classes can use more than one type of each. Some, like Ninja and Kunoichi, have different skills available to them depending on the sub-weapon they’re using (kunai or shuriken).


Differently named weapons have different special effects as well as different inherent stats, so you need to be careful when choosing them.


The third weapon, the awakening weapon, can be used after completing the Awakening quests available for most classes from Lv. 56. Exceptions exist, like the class Archer being able to use it from Lv. 1, albeit not fully fledged.



Please note that if you have not completed the Awakening questline, even if you have obtained an awakening weapon you won’t be able to equip it.
After completing these quests and equipping an awakening weapon you can learn the different Awakening skills and fight in a more often than not completely different way than before.


Conversely, if you choose  the Succession state instead of Awakening, you will still be equipping an awakening weapon, and its stats will be partially reflected in your attack power, but you will not be able to carry out awakening skills. Instead, you can acquire Succession skills, which make your existing skills more powerful.



◈ Defense Gear

In Black Desert, defense gear refers to a total of four pieces of equipment: armor, helmet, shoes, and gloves. These mainly increase your total defense. The higher this one is, the less damage your character will take, and greater its evasion chance will be.


Some defense gear pieces, often those considered to be boss gear, and other sets such as the Blackstar one, can receive set effects if several of their pieces are worn together. For example, three pieces of boss equipment worn at the same time will grant your character  +200 max stamina, and if among them you have two pieces of Blackstar equipment, the character will receive an additional +10 reduction to monster damage.


Defense gear can be used everywhere, without any restriction placed by character level or character class.


Additionally, while most types of defense gear are meant to help in battle, there are also equipment pieces of this type that raise stats related to life skills.



◈ Accessories

Accessories are divided into rings, earrings, necklaces and belts. You can wear two rings and earrings each, and only one necklace and belt.


While weapons focus on increasing your offensive capabilities, and defense gear your defensive ones, accessories are versatile. There are both offensive and defensive accessories, as well as those useful for life skills.



◈ Artifacts

Artifacts, relics imbued with the power of the witches of Everfrost, have certain bonuses on their own, but it's important to wear them after they’ve been infused with lightstones. This way, additional benefits can be obtained.


You can equip 2 lightstones per artifact, and depending on the combination of lightstones you use, you can get various additional stats as set effects.


➤ For more information on this topic, please check the [Artifacts & Lightstones] and [Lightstone Combinations] pages.



◈ Alchemy Stones

Items equipped to the alchemy stone slot bring special effects for a certain period of time by pressing the U key.


Depending on the type of stone, it usually has a name like Polished Alchemy Stone of Destruction, or Life Spirit Stone, but there are also those with unique names such as Vell's Heart and Kutum's Power Stone.



As seen in the picture above, alchemy stones may offer you offensive, defensive, life skill-related, or even unique effects for a short period of time, usually from 5 to 10 minutes.


Most spirit stones and alchemy stones produced via alchemy can be sold to other Adventurers in the Central Market. Others, like Kutum’s Power Stone, cannot be sold, and once depleted cannot be used again. The trait of being one-time use stones is shared among spirit stones, including even those that can be sold.


➤ You can read more about this type of equipment in the [Alchemy Stone] page.



◈ Adventurer’s Tome 

The basic adventurer's tome is provided at the beginning of a character’s adventure by the Black Spirit, but you can also obtain new, different tomes through specific quests.


Among them, the Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom has the effect of increasing the amount of combat experience obtained as a quest reward by 30% when equipped, enabling the so-called 'Chengarun,' which allows you to quickly complete quests and level up with an optimized route.




Equipment Durability

Weapons and armors such as a helmet, an armor, gloves, shoes, and accessories are subject to durability. Here, the accessories include earrings, a necklace, a belt, and a ring.


Durability decreases as items are used, for example, as an armor absorbs damage, its durability decreases. Additionally, the visual appearance of your equipped items will be affected by the durability loss, which leads to showing your character with degraded clothes.


So long as an equipment item has at least 1 durability, the beneficial effects will persist while equipped. If the durability is reduced to 0, it will be the same as not having the item equipped.


So, before the durability drops to 0, you can get your items repaired by a blacksmith, or you can recover the durability through an anvil in one of your residences.


When repairing a weapon of a reduced maximum durability, depending on the amount of repair carried out, the maximum durability may increase by a small chance.


If repairs are making you annoyed, you can use equipment that doesn’t have durability.The equipment pieces that can be rented from an NPCs using contribution points are not subject to durability.


For such equipment, the better the status, the more contribution points are required. When you no longer need that piece, or want to use the contribution points for something else, you can take back your contribution points when you return the item rented.
However, the bad news is that the rented equipment is not available for enhancement, and is heavier than general equipment.


➤ Please check the [Repair] page for more information on equipment durability.


In the case of alchemy stones, durability is consumed every time you use it, and for most alchemy stones it can be restored by recharging the alchemy stone with fuel materials.
This feature can be accessed from the Stone button of the Inventory window (hotkey: I).



However, please remember that as mentioned previously, certain items equipped to the alchemy stone slot, such as spirit stones and Kutum’s Power Stone, cannot be recharged.


Equipment With Special Effects

Life skill clothes made for the convenience of life skill activities show high efficiency during these activities.


In the case of a professional gatherer’s uniform, you can collect resources without being attacked first by nearby monsters for as long as you’re crouching or gathering.
Additionally, if the enhancement level of a piece of equipment of this type improves, it will increase the benefits it bestows upon being equipped. In the case of silver embroidered gatherer’s clothes, its gathering ability will be upgraded, allowing you to gather faster.


You can summon the Black Spirit to improve equipment via both the enhancement and item reform options, making the items obtain better stats and effects.


If you reform an item, depending on the type of item it is and the reform item you employed, an extra modifier will be added to it. Depending on the modifier, different unique effects are given to the item.


In the case of weapons, if the modifier ‘Fiery’ is given, unique effects will be given depending on the type of equipment it is.



In the case of reforming equipment pieces with an inverted heart of Garmoth, as seen above sub-weapons will be given +150 max HP, +100 max stamina, and +10% special attack evasion rate, while awakening weapons will be given +2 crystal slots and +3% critical hit damage.


➤ Please check the [Enhancement] page for more information about this feature.


Regarding special effects obtained from sets, different sets offer different special effects.
Generally, there are 3 to 4 parts, such as a helmet, armor, gloves, and shoes, for a set.



Life Skill Equipment

The gathering life skill requires the use of gathering tools, including lumbering axes, fluid collectors, hoes, butcher knives, tanning knives, pickaxes, and more.


You can directly gather or fish using the basic Life Skill tools that your character has equipped by default. Afterwards, if you go near an object that can be collected, the interaction window will be activated, and if you are holding the proper gathering tool, you can collect from it right away.


If you want to equip better Life Skill Tools you will need to equip them in the following special interface for Life Skill tools:



Additionally, the more you gather, the higher your gathering life skill level will be.
The higher you go, the better gathering tools you can wear, reducing the time it takes to gather.


➤ Please check the [Gathering] page for more information on this life skill and gathering tools.

 *The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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