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1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

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Dernière modification : 26 oct. 2023, 12:04 (UTC)
Black Desert allows for the customization of equipment pieces by dyeing them. Dye items are used to color armor, weapons, mount equipment, campsites, and Pearl Shop outfits.
◈ Obtaining Dye

You can get dyes from finishing certain challenges and quests, or from seasonal event rewards. You can also purchase them from both the Central Market and from the Pearl Shop.
You can find them in the Dye tab of the Central Market.

You can find them in the Beauty tab of the Pearl Shop.


These boxes do not give you a specific dye, but randomly give you a dye from the category of the bundle. For the probabilities to obtain a desired specific dye from the boxes, please check the [Dye Boxes] page.

◈ Obtaining Dye

The Dye Palette window can be accessed by clicking on the Dyes button in your inventory (hotkey: I). This is where new dyes can be stored for use. Right-click a dye in your inventory to store it in the palette.
Dye can be removed from the palette by selecting the dye and clicking the Take Out button.
The palette can be used to view all available dyes and dyes that have been stored. Storing the dyes you possess here helps free up space in your pearl inventory.

Keep in mind that the use of Merv’s Palette grants access to all dyes for as long as it is active, which allows one to dye equipment without the need to use the obtained dyes.
The effects of Merv’s Palette disappear once the function is no longer active. However, the dyes applied to equipment pieces when it was active are saved internally. This means that if you activate Merv’s Palette, dye an item, and then the Merv’s Palette runs out, the dye will disappear, but upon reactivating Merv’s Palette the dye you previously applied to the item will reappear.
You can use the palette to see all the dyes’ names and the color they apply when used.

Remember that you can access the Dye Palette window from your inventory. Click on the Dyes button to check, apply, register, and take out your dyes.
◈ Applying the Dye

Dye can be used to change the color of equipment anywhere and anytime, if you have the dye in your palette.


To apply the dye:
  1. Open the Dye screen by pressing the J key or via the main menu.
  2. Select the equipment item you want to dye.
  3. Select the part of the equipment item you want to dye. If you want, press Dye All Parts to dye all dye parts of the piece with the same dye color.
  4. Select the dye to apply. If you have Merv’s Palette active you can choose the dyes from it here.
  5. Press the Dye button, which will apply the dye color to the item.


Equipment dyed using the same color may look different due to varying textures of the equipment piece or the source type of the dye.


Each equipment piece will have a different number of parts available to be dyed.


You’ll be able to see what your equipment will look like with the selected dyes before applying them with the preview to the right. If you want to change the color or the part the color is applied to, just click the [x] above the selected color on the Select Equipment Part to cancel it.

When you are satisfied with the look of your equipment, you can complete the process by pressing the Dye button at the bottom.
You can use the dye that you saved on the palette to change the color. If, like in the example above, you attempt to apply a dye you do not possess, a negative number will be applied on the dye counter, and pressing the Dye button will only result in a message letting you know you do not have that dye color.
Even though these dyes have the same name, Vivid Red, the resulting texture is wildly different due to their different origin. The one on the left is a Heidelian dye, while the one on the right is a Valencian dye. You can see the different territorial types of dye by their icons above the list of dye colors. You can select a specific territorial variety to give the equipment piece the best appropriate texture you wish it to have.
◈ Color Palette

If you have the Merv’s Palette function active you are also granted access to the Color Palette window. Here you can use an RGB color selector to customize dyes applied to your equipment pieces to their fullest potential.
◈ Combining Dyes

By combining two dyes you can get an Unknown Dye Box. When you open the Unknown Dye Box, you’ll get a new random dye.


To combine dyes:
  1. Open the main menu (hotkey: Esc).
  2. Select Character.
  3. Select Combine.
  4. Select two dyes from your inventory.
  5. Press the Combine button.


Access the window from the menu.

​​​​​​​​​​Or from the old menu.
Then combine the dyes.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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