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Music Album, Compose & Play

Dernière modification : 30 avr. 2024, 09:54 (UTC)

How to Compose Music

For Adventurers unfamiliar with the Compose & Play system, this page will explain its basic functions and how to compose music using the system.

Don’t we all have a Beethoven inside of us just waiting to break free?


Shall we begin~? First, let’s discover from where exactly we can start composing!



You can access the Music Album via the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → Community → Music Album.

Select Music Album to open the following window.



There are four options here. Shall we take a look at each one?


1. My Instruments: This will show you the list of all instruments you have available for use.

2. Compose: This will open the Compose/Score window where you can compose music

3. Album: Here you can find scores that have been shared by other Adventurers which you can download or listen to.

4. Volume: This button opens the Audio Settings section of the Settings.

5. Close: This closes the Music Album window. 


Press the Compose button to see the following window where you can input notes as seen below.



Quite a few options, aren’t there? Let’s go over each one together! 


1. Effector: Here you can adjust settings for the effector. Read more about it in the Florchestra & Effector section below.

2. BPM: You can set the speed of your music. The fastest is 180, and lowering the BPM will slow down your music.

3. Meter: The number of beats and how they are divided.

4. Note Attribute: You can configure the notes here. 1/4 for quarter notes, ⅛ for eighth notes, 1/16 for sixteenth notes, etc.

5. Velocity: You can set the velocity of your music. Maximum velocity is 127, which you can change per note by clicking LMB on the notes individually. 

After setting the default velocity, change the velocity for each note according to the flow of music to add more flare.

6. Instrument: Wind, string, keyboard, and percussion are the 4 types of instruments you can choose from. If you are in a party, an ensemble is also possible.

You will see that some of the instruments are categorized as Florchestra and Marni’s, and are highlighted in different colors. Read the sections below named after each to learn how to obtain them and what makes them special.

7. Edit Mode, Select Mode: In Edit Mode, you can add notes. In Select Mode, you can edit the notes you’ve added onto the score.

In particular, you can use your mouse to drag over and select several notes to edit them all at once in Select Mode.


Here’s an example.
You’ve toiled really hard to compose your song, yet after listening to it, you feel it a bit too high and want to lower an octave.
You wouldn’t want to go back and input each note all over again, right?
Select all of the notes you wish to change, for you can move them or edit all of the selected notes at once.

8.Reset: You can reset your entire score and delete everything you’ve worked on so far.

9. Save: At the bottom right you will find both the Temporary Save and the Save options.


It’d be a waste to listen to such a masterpiece all by yourself!
Why not share it with other adventurers?



You can play your music by pressing Play on any character that has unlocked instruments.



There may be Adventurers who wish to compose even longer masterpieces.
By completing certain quests, you can increase your music level, which will expand the number of measures and notes you can compose with.



Think of all the music you’ll be able to compose at a higher music level!


Also, there’s the option to share your compositions with other Adventurers.
Compose/Score window → Press the cogwheel under Etc. to select “Share.”



Toggle “Allow Download” to allow other Adventurers to download your music, and “Register Music” to share your music with others.


Keep these options off to only see your music appear in “My Folder”!



Ta-da! Now you’re able to share your masterpieces!


Through the Music Album, you can listen to music shared by other Adventurers, download their music, as well as press the heart ♥ icon to like their music! ⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝


Now, shall we go and enjoy the music?


Florchestra & Effector

There are a total of 8 florchestra instruments, and out of the 8, 5 are upgraded versions of the old beginner instruments while 3 are completely new instruments that were not part of the beginner instruments.


Florchestra instruments boast a more exquisite exterior than the old beginner instruments, and their sounds can be modulated through a processor called an effector.



An effector is a device that affects sound in some way to change what you hear. For example, the Echo and Reverb knobs of a karaoke machine, which change the sound of your voice to be “richer” and “fuller” when you turn it on, are known as effectors.


While effectors can be categorized in several different ways, Florchestra’s effectors are primarily categorized into two systems: spatial and modulation.


For instance, applying a “spatial” effector transforms the sound to give it a sense of space, such as a room, music hall, etc. On the other hand, a modulator can change the tone of the sound to be deeper, stranger, etc.


The Florchestra Effectors can only be utilized with Florchestra instruments. These effectors can be attached to compositions and will be used alongside the Florchestra instruments.


You can adjust the effector as you compose a song, and the settings of the effector are saved with the song rather than each instrument. As this is meant to be an easier-to-understand concept, you can’t adjust the effector directly from your Florchestra instrument. To put it simply, you can understand the Florchestra Instrument as an instrument that can be influenced by an effector rather than played with an effector.


Since effectors consume a lot of the Black Spirit’s energy (in other words, it uses a lot of your PC’s CPU), they can’t be unlimited in how they’re used and must be used as efficiently as possible. So, they’ve been set up this way. Due to the limitations of this method, if you’re playing a song with effectors, but another group is playing another song next to you, you’ll hear their sound with the adjustments of the effectors in the song you are playing. Unfortunately, there is no other way to save the Black Spirit’s energy.


Effects Description
Reverb Time Provides a sense of space by adding reverberation.
Delay Feedback Adjusts the number of echoes.
Chorus Feedback Adjusts the effector's amount of repeated sounds.
Chorus LFO Depth Adjusts the effector's modulation depth.
Chorus LFO Frequency Adjusts the effector's modulation frequency.


You can adjust the amount of sounds transferred from your instrument to the effector by using AuxSend from the Florchestra Instruments category. When it lights up, it means that the sounds are being transferred to the effector.



You can adjust the settings for the musical technique on the upper right of the Compose window. Musical techniques refer to ways of playing music, and they differ for each different type of instrument.



Keep the following in mind.


- You can see the default musical technique on the uppermost part of the screen.
- You can see that notes of the same color as the selected color on the musical technique selection window will appear when you enter a note after changing musical techniques.
- You cannot enter many different musical techniques for the same beat. Also, the last musical technique you selected will be applied to all.


Increasing Musicianship Skill

Before the most recent update, Musicianship EXP was gained through certain daily quests. These quests were completed to increase de Musicianship Skill which affected the lenght of songs you could created.
After April 17 update, Musicianship daily quests have been deleted and your Musicianship grade does not affect the lenght of songs you can create anymore. The current number of notes for the Music Album is 10,000.
Keep in mind that the Musicianship Skill is now used to display a ranking with the Adventurers with the highest EXP and Musicianship EXP can be gained after performing a song.


How to Obtain Beginner Instruments

You can obtain 5 basic instruments by visiting Artina's Shop in any of the following regions: Calpheon, Kamasylvia, O'dyllita or Valencia. (Use the magnifying glass next to the minimap to look up the exact location of Artina's Shop.)
Each instrument costs 5,000,000 silver.
Beginner Violin
    Beginner Cymbals
    Beginner Recorder
Beginner Piano
Beginner Harp


How to Obtain Florchestra Instruments

If you complete the Artina's Flondor Instrument Shop quest from Artina at Lake Flondor with a character of level 56 or above, you can begin the [Florchestra] Legendary Musician quest.
Upon completion of this questline, you can obtain Florchestra Instruments. (8 types)


Quest NPC and conditions



From Lv. 56, complete the "Artina's Flondor Instrument Shop" quest
(Artina at Lake Flondor)

[Florchestra] Legendary Musician

Florchestra Handpan

Florchestra Drum Set

Florchestra Contrabass

Florchestra Violin

Florchestra Harp

Florchestra Piano

Florchestra Flute

Florchestra Acoustic Guitar



◈ New Instruments (Horn and Clarinet)

The following new instruments can be purchased for 5 million Silver each from Artina upon completing the newly added quests under the [Music] The Heavenly Sound of Florchestra Instruments! Suggested quest category.


Florchestra Horn
Florchestra Clarinet


How to Obtain Marni’s Instruments

Marni's instruments, invented by the infamous "mad" scientist, are now available. 4 different types of Marnians and the Marnibass are available and also 3 types of Marni Electric Guitar, ready to produce mystical sounds never heard before in the world of Black Desert.


The mysterious Marnians are aptly named (Wavy Planet, Illusion Tree, Secret Note, and Sandwich), each capable of producing 4 unique sounds for a total of 16 different styles.

While the Marni Electric Guitar (Silver Wave, Highway, and Hexe Glam) can produce 3 different types of sounds.


You can craft Marni's Instruments through the manufacture process (hotkey: L) with the relevant "Tremor Converticator" obtained through a quest.

You will first need to complete a prerequisite questline available once per family through the "Music Score: Genius of Keplan" purchased from Artina.


Marni's Instruments can be obtained as follows:

- First, purchase the "Music Score: Genius of Keplan" from Artina, then complete the prerequisite questline at Lake Kaia. Complete the questline to unlock Marni's shop in Tori Woods, near the Mountain of Eternal Winter.

- After this, purchase blueprints and converticators for the instruments from Marni's instrument shop and obtain the materials needed to craft the instruments.The rest of materials can be purchased directly from the Central Market)

- Then use Manufacture (Processing) with all materials.


Instrument Materials
Marnian: Illusion Tree
[Blueprint] Marnian: Illusion Tree
Triangle Tremor Converticator x10
Loopy Tree Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Deer Blood x500
Marnian: Sandwich
[Blueprint] Marnian: Sandwich
Blade Tremor Converticator x10
White Cedar Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Rhino Blood x500
Marnian: Secret Note
[Blueprint] Marnian: Secret Note
Square Tremor Converticator x10
Moss Tree Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Wolf Blood x500
Marnian: Wavy Planet
[Blueprint] Marnian: Wavy Planet x1
Circle Tremor Converticator x10
Elder Tree Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Lion Blood x500
[Blueprint] Marnibass x1
Dome Tremor Converticator x10
Birch Plywood x10
Gold Ingot x100
Sheep Blood x500
Marni Electric Guitar: Silver Wave
Purchased directly at Marni's instrument shop for 100,000,000 silver
Marni Electric Guitar: Highway
Purchased directly at Marni's instrument shop for 100,000,000 silver
Marni Electric Guitar: Hexe Glam
Purchased directly at Marni's instrument shop for 100,000,000 silver


Marnian: Illusion Tree/Sandwich/Secret Note/Wavy Planet
Marni Electric Guitar: Silver Wave
Marni Electric Guitar: Highway
Marni Electric Guitar: Hexe Glam


Keep the following in mind:
- You must toggle [Life] quest types to be able to accept the quests related to Music.
- All classes can now access the music questlines and relevant shops for Marni's/Artina's Instruments.
- Materials to craft Marni's Instrument are expensive, so make sure to save up money before proceeding to craft these instruments.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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