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While there might be Adventurers who’ve never seen a maid or butler, there are definitely zero Adventurers who’ve met one and not found them helpful. They will offer you their loyal services to move items between your character, town storages, and the Central Market.


Now then, let’s find out more about them.


Viewing your Maids / Butlers

Maids and butlers can be found by pressing the Employ Maid/Butler button found at the upper-left of the screen, beneath your character’s health bar.



Once you press the icon, the Maid/Butler List will open. Here you'll be able to see the list of all your maids and butlers, the number of them that are available for use, the buttons to use one type or another, and the command to use them in a group.



What Do Maids / Butlers Do?

There are two types of maids and butlers; one type is dedicated to helping you manage your Central Market warehouse, and the other type is dedicated to helping you manage your town storages and your characters’ inventory items.




Weight Limit  


Can move silver or one item in your inventory to your Central Market warehouse and vice versa.



Can move silver or item(s) in your inventory to your town storage and vice versa.
Can move non-character-bound items from the inventory of other characters in your family to the inventory of the character you’re currently playing.



Maids and butlers have a cooldown time of 20 minutes after being used, and of course, each one has its own respective cooldown timer.  


Additionally, transaction maids/butlers can move up to 100VT of one item at a time, while storage maids/butlers can move up to 100LT of one item at a time.


Storage maids/butlers utilize the town storage of your character’s current location; for example, if you are in Valencia, you won’t be able to use Sand Grain Bazaar’s storage, but you will be able to use the Valencia City storage.


If you’ve completed the main questline of the Magnus and unlocked all territories, you are able to move items from your character’s inventory to any town’s storage you’ve discovered, except for the bandit haven of Muiquun.
The 100LT limit still applies when using a storage maid/butler to move items to other storages aside from the local one.



Remember that you cannot store/remove trade/bartering goods and certain treasure items via this function.

Character-to-Character Item Transfer

You can conveniently transfer items between the characters of your family using maids/butlers.
This is done via the End Game window, accessed from the main menu (hotkey: Esc) → Settings → Disconnect.


Once there, press the “View Character’s Inventory” icon in the bottom left part of any of your characters, to the left of the Change button.
When the View Inventory window opens, you can right-click any non-character-bound item from the inventory and pearl inventory of any of the characters in your family to move it to the inventory of the character you’re currently playing.



Please note that normal maid/butler restrictions, such as the number of items and the 100LT weight limit, still apply. The same applies to trade goods, guild items, character-bound items, and certain treasure items.


Find My Item (Ctrl + F)

The Find My Item feature allows you to search for all the items you possess within your family.
The searched items can also be retrieved to the current character you’re playing as via the use of storage/transaction maids/butlers. If the item is in a town’s storage, it will employ storage maids/butlers, and if the item is in the Central Market warehouse, it will employ transaction ones.

The Find My Item window displays both the number of storage and transaction maids/butlers you have available for use at the moment.


For more information on how the inventory works, please check the [Inventory] page.



How to Obtain

You can obtain one maid and one butler by completing Black Spirit quests.


Upon reaching level 51, you can get one of either a transaction butler or storage butler by completing the Black Spirit's Special Gift (Butler) quest under the Black Spirit Main Quest tab. 




 Just like with the butler, upon reaching Lv. 52, you can get a maid from the Black Spirit's Special Gift (Maid) quest. Once you complete the quest, you can select either a transaction or storage maid.




Right-click the maid / butler you obtained in your inventory (hotkey: I) to register and use them. The maids / butlers you have are shared between all characters within your family.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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