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Installez le lanceur Black Desert si le jeu ne se lance pas.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert pour lancer le jeu.

Le jeu sera lancé si le lanceur est déjà installé.
Si rien ne se produit, veuillez lancer vous-même le lanceur.

Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.

Guide de l'aventurier

Guardian Lore

Dernière modification : 29 sept. 2022, 15:01 (UTC)

◈ Slayer of Ynix


There is no god in this world.


Omua's black blood burned away the ivory white skin and drew a path from the Mountain of Eternal Winter to where the dragon fang sleeps. A message to the line of the parasite who stole the Holy Flame: the curse of the dragon has yet to end and still remains.


There is no god in this world.


Omua's black blood melted the bones inherited from the parasite; a small slither of pain to remember the agony from when god severed her legs and stripped off her wings. A message to tell them, unless the Holy Flame is returned, the old glory of the Golden Mountain will forever be buried in an eternal winter.


There is no god in this world.


Omua's black blood devoured the blood of the silent and gorged out the scream of her rage upon the parasite’s broken covenant.
To break Omua free from the gods’ curse of death, and to retrieve the Holy Flame, a pact with the Black Spirit was made.  


There is no god in this world.


When I first hatched from my shell and saw the winter scenery, I took the warm, thin-ice that encircled me and froze fragments of memory by engraving Omua’s blood across my body.
Oblivion will overwhelm me once the pact is made, but I shall remember all well.


There is no god in this world.


Finally, Omua's black blood bloomed in red all over my body.
And now we venture out beyond the Golden Mountain.
The grand power and control of the Black Spirit is where I now place my trust.
Ynix, the Holy Flame will be mine, and with it I will burn down all the gods for their transgressions.


There is no god in this world.


In the midst of a moonless night on the Zvier Highlands, a young demibeast looked upon the Mountain of Eternal Winter and whispered.


“Hear my plea, god... Obscure thy traces from this world. The Guardian, master of the Holy Flame, covered in the blood of the ancient dragon, has opened her eyes to her purpose.”

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