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Guide de l'aventurier

Party & Platoon

Dernière modification : 29 mai 2024, 08:03 (UTC)

You may have seen certain quests that recommend being tackled by a group of Adventurers instead of doing it alone. While at times you’re able to progress through them alone, you will certainly need to party up with others at one point or another. That’s where these features come into play.


A party is a small group of up to 5 Adventurers, while a platoon is a larger group of up to 20 Adventurers.


Please keep in mind that while being in a party makes your experience battling against strong monsters easier, boss encounters during the main questline might not work when you’re in a party. For these cases, please leave the party and proceed with the quest affected.
Likewise, certain content of the game can only be proceeded when the one starting said content is the party leader.



You can create a party mainly in two ways. Get closer to another Adventurer, press the Ctrl key to activate the mouse cursor, and press the ‘Party Invite’ button that appears when interacting with them.
Alternatively, you can click on their name in chat after they’ve said something, and invite them through there. Remember that this only works if the other Adventurer is on the same server as you.


After a party is created, you need to have the mouse cursor active to use party-related functions.


To invite another Adventurer to a platoon, you need to click their name in chat and invite them through there.



▲ Here you can see both options to invite an Adventurer to a party and a platoon.


Party Options

The party leader can always change the loot acquisition method, banish a party member from the group, or delegate the position of party leader to another Adventurer.



When leaving a party, click the red icon next to your character’s name.



When banishing an Adventurer or delegating the position of party leader, click on the relevant Adventurer’s arrow to the right of their name to see the options appear.



The icons next to the different Adventurers in your party show the distance they’re away from you, which affects the experience sharing function, and a follow icon to stick with them. This last option will change your character to a non-combat stance if they are in one. If the Adventurer you’re following enters combat stance, the follow action will be canceled.




If you have a Value Pack active, an icon to the left will tell you so. The benefit of a Value Pack also works for loot sold in the Central Market through the Special Deals window.



The [-] icon to the left allows you to resize the party options to take less space.



The gear icon to the left allows you to set the different party distribution options: both silver quantity and grade rarity.




When you banish a party member, a window will appear to confirm your decision.



The platoon interface is simpler. It gives you the option to leave the platoon you’re in, and if you’re the platoon leader it allows you to designate someone else as the new platoon leader or banish them from it.



Find Party & Platoon

You can find party and platoon members easily through the Find Party/Platoon feature.
You can find it through the Main Menu (hotkey: Esc), in the Community tab.



You can see a list of other Adventurers looking for party and platoon members.
If there are too many on the list, you can search recruitment ads through the search window.



If you can’t find a party you want, you can press the Post Ad button at the top left of the window and recruit members for your party or platoon yourself. Compose a recruitment ad, set the minimum level of party members, and register it. After this, it will be visible to other Adventurers.



You can advertise a recruitment ad that you’ve registered on the chat window via the megaphone button to the left of its name.
You can advertise it as a server message on the chat window once every minute, but keep in mind it costs 1 energy per message.
If you want to join a party on the list, press the Apply button to the right.
If the relevant party of Adventurers and you are on different servers, the Change Server button will be shown, and you can go to the same server that party is located in by pressing the button.
After moving to the relevant server, you can see the Apply button displayed on the same recruitment ad. If you press it, your class and level information is relayed to the party leader, and they can invite you to the group.


Party Advantages

Party members are displayed on the World Map screen (hotkey: M) and the minimap on the top right corner of your screen, and they can share their location by pressing the key combo Shift+LMB on their own world map, or by pinning the location as a flag through the key combo Shift+double click.



You can use this function to share one’s location in the minimap as well.
If a party member is too far away, the direction where the party member is at is displayed with a blue arrow.


Number of party members Monster EXP EXP earned per person
1 Adventurer 100% 100%
2 Adventurers 120% 60%
3 Adventurers 150% 50%
4 Adventurers 200% 50%
5 Adventurers 250% 50%

▲ Percentages of EXP distribution in a party.

If a monster is supposed to give X amount of EXP, if you catch it alone you will get the 100% by yourself.
If two people become a party and defeat monsters your party will get 120% in total, and 60%, half of the total, will be shared per person.
So in this form, if there are 5 people in a party, a monster’s EXP goes up to 250%, and each person gets 50%. Because of this, it is more beneficial the more party members there are.
However, if party members are far away, they can’t get this benefit.
The party distance bonus icon, which looks like a Wi-Fi signal, will show you if they’re close or not. You can earn the full amount of EXP when the icon is full.



Via the Party Distribution options you can decide how an item earned by the party leader should be processed.
First, set the loot acquisition type and then check the party distribution options.
Acquisition types decide how to divide items looted from monsters, and they are categorized into free looting, ordered looting, random looting, and party leader-only looting.
The party distribution options work in the following way.
When an item that is above a set quality grade (green, blue, yellow, orange) is dropped, it will be registered as a special item on the Central Market right away. Special items registered on the Central Market this way are put on sale. When one of these items is sold, the silver obtained is divided by the number of party members.
If you click the View Special Item button before listing a special item, you can buy the relevant item yourself through bidding, or by throwing a dice.
This amount will be divided into the number of party members, and if you win the dice roll, the item is delivered through the in-game mail feature.
While you can party up with other Adventurers for all PvE Monster Zones, some are specially prepared for this. Both the World Map (hotkey: M) and the Monster Zone Information window (accessed from the main menu) will label the zones that are meant for parties of Adventurers.


Party Elixirs

While you are in a party with other Adventurers, it is helpful to prepare elixirs for everybody.
When using blue grade elixirs these will be applied to the entire party.



If the party distance bonus is activated, this elixir is immediately applied to everyone in the group.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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