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Horse / Courser training: when to use Train option on a horse at the stables?
9 avr. 2022, 21:07 (UTC)
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Dernière modification : 9 avr. 2022, 21:16 (UTC)
# 1

I am new to this horse training thing, training my first horse, it´s a T8D and ofcourse the goal is a courser... :D

Now I read the guides, read about Fore Chop Method etc. But one thing in paticular is still not quite clear to me and honestly, I failed to find any info on this in guides. But I am hopeful that someone here can shed some light:

- When do skills appear with the "Train" option at the skill management window of the stable keeper?

- Can these skills then only be learned/trained with a training coupon?

- Should I train them instantly or wait and learn them all at once (with "Train All") since they are "reserved" anyways? What exactly does it even mean?

This is a screenshot of my horse´s stats

Also as added question maybe:

My horse is lvl 26 and has 4 skills left that have not yet been learned. The ones it is missing are ofc mostly rare ones:

Sideways (my current chance ~25%), S: Sideways (my current chance ~7%) , S: Instant Accel (my current chance ~52%), Two seater (my current chance ~14%) 

Now I have used 5 times skill exchange on this horse so far, aiming for S:Sideways each time. 3 of these have been pointless it seems since I kinda went in a loop with skills, luckily figured that out in time and then stopped swapping skills.

Am I okay to just finish leveling the horse to 30 now and then swap for missing Courser skills or should I swap Fore Chop for something else right now and then lvl onward to 30 (or for T8D says "Quick Back" is better to swap)? 

Thx for any info! :=)

Dernière modification : 5 mai 2022, 11:18 (UTC)
# 2

Hi. Sorry noone got your questions answered. Do you still need answers? 

Dernière modification : 10 mai 2022, 02:24 (UTC)
# 3

Hi, I know this is a bit late, but for other people out, if you have 16/20 16/19 tier 8 horse, use your mount skill change coupons on S:Sideways. Use them to cycle out something such as Two seater, High jump, Caution as these will make easier to grab the more rare Instant Acceleration, S:Instant Acceleration, Sideways, and S:Sideways, helping you achieve Courser status on your tier 8. If you're lucky and get S:Sideways, then start cycling out skills for S:Instant Acceleration, Sideways, Instant Acceleration.

For the OP, I suggest leveling your horse to 30, to see you can get anymore skills before using skill change coupons, or training coupons.

Using a single skill train coupon on lets say Sprint, especially if you have a riding crop and are artisan 1 trainer is OK, as it helps you train single horses faster via Sprint.

XP is calculate by distance travel in a certain time. The more mastery you have the quicker this "Tick" will happen.

Wagon training is slower, and not effected by gear & mastery, but allows training of 4 horses at the same time. It is 5% better on average from solo horse training, but inferior in horse skills, you will more often have more skills on solo trained horses. RNG applies though.

Dernière modification : 10 mai 2022, 10:54 (UTC)
# 4

Thanks very much for your concern and info folks, I got it now! :)


My horse reached lvl 30 with 16 skills. I am not sure if the forechop method was useful but I go on levling more horses to get some own data on it. I tried to change into S:Sideways with a few coupons but RNG chances for that would not increase, rather get up and then get down again. So instead of blowing money on this I decided to do the one time per family quest to recieve a free skill selection coupon and added S:Sideways as 17th skill. So the Courser succeeded, now onto the dream horse I guess. 

What I still don´t understand and didn´t find info for is how it is being determined if a horse learns a skill fully (100%) or partially (<100%). Just pure RNG?

Is there a way to fully learn a skill on a horse that has only partially been learned other than a coupon?

Dernière modification : 13 mai 2022, 15:14 (UTC)
# 5
Am 10. Mai 2022, 10:50 (UTC), von pal256

What I still don´t understand and didn´t find info for is how it is being determined if a horse learns a skill fully (100%) or partially (<100%). Just pure RNG?

There are skills which will allways be learned 100%, like Quik-Ride, Caution, and the S: skills.

Others allways have to be trained after the horse learned them, like sprint, charge, drift ...

Only the percentage the skills, which have to be trained, have is random. they mostly are between 15 - 55 %.

Am 10. Mai 2022, 10:50 (UTC), von pal256

Is there a way to fully learn a skill on a horse that has only partially been learned other than a coupon?

You don't need to train them in the stable with coupons. You can train them when you use them.

If you have a horse with not fully trained sprint and use sprint, the % will rise.
But there also will be a "skill failed" minigame where you have to balance the horse.

With higher trained skills the minigame will come less often.

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