Black Desert va commencer dans quelques instants.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert si le jeu ne se lance pas.

Installez le lanceur Black Desert pour lancer le jeu.

Le jeu sera lancé si le lanceur est déjà installé.
Si rien ne se produit, veuillez lancer vous-même le lanceur.

Guide d'installation

1 Exécutez BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe pour installer le lanceur Black Desert.

2 Lancez le jeu une fois l'installation terminée.


UTC 23 : 12 1 avr. 2023
CEST 1 : 12 2 avr. 2023
PDT 16 : 12 1 avr. 2023
EDT 19 : 12 1 avr. 2023
[EGGS] Black spirit got fat from all this chocolate
24 avr. 2022, 20:03 (UTC)
220 1
Dernière modification : 24 avr. 2022, 20:03 (UTC)
# 1

Hello there !

So, I borrowed my sister's painting stuff, my mom's hair dryer and the trouble began. I'm terrible at this, yet I really had tons of fun doing this, I'm so sad it doesnt look better, yet, I regret nothing, I laughed so hard. I sincerely hope you will still recognize my black spirit and like it, despite it not looking good at all, it's ridiculous and this gives him some sort of "special aura".

Take care and good RNG in game (ez pen bs)

PS: I'm "The_Sinematic" (Fam_Name) from "EU" (Server)

And here's my second step, it was even worse so I decided to take a bit longer on this to make it look less pathetic, it didnt work as expected !


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