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The Black Desert Dictionary For New Players
28 sept. 2022, 21:35 (UTC)
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Dernière modification : 28 sept. 2022, 21:46 (UTC)
# 1

Hey there adventurer, Rachel here, I made a small list of communly used words, phrases and abbreviations. I hope it helps you!

We welcome you to contribute more to our dictionary using the comments under the Forum Post.


- LFG (Looking For Group//Looking For Guild)

People who say this are looking for a group to play with, this can for example be someone looking to do Olun’s together,  or someone looking to join a guild.


-LFxM (Looking for x More) (also used: LFx)

This is the other version of LFG, it’s a goup of people looking for X more players. For example a group of 2 players who want a 3rd for Castle Ruins would say LF1M Castle Ruins.


-WTS (Want To Sell)

WTS is used when someone is looking to advertise an item they wish to sell on the Central Market, so that buyers can set a pre order for a quick sell.


-WTB (Want To Buy)

Much like WTS, a Want To Buy is used to make trading easier, a buyer can send a chat message to get the attention of potential sellers. 


-GM (Guild Master)

The GM is the leader of a guild, they are the creator, this role is unique in each guild.


-GQ (Guild Quest)

A Guild Quest is a mission activated by either the officers or the Guildmaster of a guild, it tasks guild members to do a specific task on the server it has been activated. This rewards those who help achieve the goal.


- CTG (Command To Gather)

Command To Gather is a guild skill which allows Guild members to teleport to the location of the Guild Master. 


- +/x

Typing a + or X in chat indicates that you want a party/platoon invite from the party leader

-Plat (Platoon)

Plat is short for platoon, a large party


-BSA/Dice (Black Spirit Adventure)

A reminder to check your Black Spirit Adventure to use your 3 daily dice rolls.


-BM (Bad Manners)

A player who has bad manners, this comes in many forms, such as bad manners in chat, or gameplay.


-PvE (Player versus Environment)

pve describes a playstyle where a player prefers to avoid pvp, to focus on killing monsters and other non player enemies.


-PvP (Player versus Player)

PvP describes a playstyle where a player wishes to engage in fights with other players.



PvX is a combination of PvE and PvP, where a player likes to engage in both PvP and PvE playstyles.


-DFS (Duel For Spot)

Someone who says DFS requests you to fight a Duel, where the winner of the duel gets to grind rotation, while the loser moves on.


-R = Ready to fight

Someone quickly types R or r to tell others they’re ready for the fight, when both people typed r the fight begins.



One player fighting one other player.



One player fighting X amounts of other players.


-GVG (Guild versus Guild or Group versus Group)

A fight between 2 groups/guilds


-Dec (Guild war declaration)

To dec on someone means you sent a guild war declaration to the other user’s guild, which allows you to pvp without losing Karma



To flag up on someone means you turn on pvp using Alt+C and attack the other user without prior warning.


-NW (Node War)

Node Wars are large pvp battles between guilds, where the winning guild gets to “control” a node for a week, this generates a good amount of guild funds for the winning guild.



The weekly Siege war decides which guild takes control of a region, their logo will be displayed on flags in the region, this also generates a high amount of guild funds for the winning guild.


-BA (Battle Arena)

A PVP arena where people can fight others to test out new combos or to practice pvp without risk.


-AoS (Arena of Solare)

A new pvp gamemode where users fight in teams of 3


-RBF (Red Battlefield)

A pvp gamemode where two teams fight to control an area of the map.


-SA (Super Armour)

Super Armour gives the user added protection against attacks.


-CC (Crowd Control)

Crowd Control attacks are attacks that prevent the target from fighting or moving.


-V (escape ability)

V means using the Escape ability bound to V, this transforms the user into a ghostly form where they can't be harmed.


-BSR (Black Spirit Rage)

Black Spirit Rage allows you to power up some of your attacks.


-Ult/ulting (100% Black Spirit Rage attack)

When someone uses their 100% BSR attack they are ulting.





-Failstack/FS (Additional Enhancement Chance)

Failstacks are your Additional Enhancement Chance, these can be viewed in the enhancement screen.


-Hards (Hard Black Crystal Shard)

The Hard Black Crystal Shard is used to make a Concentrated Magical Blackstone (Armor)


-Sharps (Sharp Black Crystal Shard)

The Sharp Black Crystal Shard is used to make a Concentrated Magical Blackstone (Weapon)


    -BS (Blackstone)

    Blackstones are basic enhancement materials used to upgrade gear from base to +15


    -Crons (Cron Stone)

    Cron Stones are items used to protect items from degrading after a failed enhancement.


    -Memes (Memory Fragment)

    Memory Fragments are used to repair the max durability of an item.


    -Accs (Accessories)

    Accessories are equipment items equipped in the necklace, ring, earring and belt slot.


    -Arti (Artifact)

    Artifacts are equipment items that offer you special buffs when infused with lightstones.


    -MP/HP pot (Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence)

    XL HP and MP potions which have unlimited uses.


    -T9 (Dream Horse)

    Dream horses are special horses which can be created from a Tier8 horse with the right skills.


    -LS (Lootscroll/Item Collection Increase Scroll)

    Lootscrolls are item collection increase scrolls, these scrolls increase the droprate of rare items, and the drop amount of trash items.


    -Trash (trashloot)

    Trashloot describes the basic loot from a slain monster, these items have no function other than being sold to merchants for silver.

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    # 4

    This was very well done! Good work.

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    very nice

    Lv Privé
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    Well done and thank you!

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