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UTC 6 : 7 17 juin 2024
CEST 8 : 7 17 juin 2024
PDT 23 : 7 16 juin 2024
EDT 2 : 7 17 juin 2024
Denum Protty's Journal I, II (Balenos Adventure Journal)
18 déc. 2022, 12:31 (UTC)
808 8
Dernière modification : 18 déc. 2022, 12:31 (UTC)
# 1

Is anybody knows what NPC can give this quest line so I can finish it and move on?

I did the quest line given by NPC Villages woman standing next to an unconcious man at the end of a pierce at Epheria Sentry Post, but 2 records in Knowledge still appear as question-marked ???????????????????.

Yes I did both "Token of Lemoria Guards" and "Back to Calpheon" quests, those appear in the quest list when I turn off "Hide finished", this mean I did those.

Any idea how to finish Knowledge records or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2022, 00:48 (UTC)
# 2

According to BDOcodex comments, you need to do this questline:

Dernière modification : 20 déc. 2022, 14:24 (UTC)
# 3

This website never works for some reason, can you post info here?

Dernière modification : 20 déc. 2022, 17:45 (UTC)
# 4

Dernière modification : 23 déc. 2022, 03:05 (UTC)
# 5


The problem is, I finished this questline recently, so the knowledge should be in the journal.

And this is once-per-family questline, so I cannot redo it with an alt.

Any ideas?

Dernière modification : 23 déc. 2022, 12:58 (UTC)
# 6

Only idea I have would be to send a ticket and ask. 

Dernière modification : 24 déc. 2022, 00:48 (UTC)
# 7

Ok, it seems this quesline is kinda broken in a sense that it does not set up next quest NPC after we finish current quest, so we cannot RTRTRT it, instead we must speak with same NPC we finished current quest and manually pick up another.

I managed to proceed with quests up to certain stage, got Denum Protty's Journal 1 knowledge and it appears quest line requires us to enter and do something inside Lower Sycraia (abyssal), that area behind 'door device' we open with 5 properly aligned key parts we farm at Upper Sycraia. Auto-path in this area doesnt work, so I try to run manually looking for quest NPC/object to interact, but its very dangerous here and very easy to die.

UPD: Got Part 2 of the Denum Protty's Journal, completing Eastern Balenos Adventure Journal (highlited blue).

Dernière modification : 24 déc. 2022, 02:34 (UTC)
# 8

Great to hear !


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