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Welcome Adventurers to Black Desert!
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Welcome Adventurers to Black Desert!


Here is an FAQ for you to quickly find answers to various questions you might have while adventuring through the Black Desert world.

Though it looks intimidating, adventuring in Black Desert is painless!


Also don’t forget that you can ask questions in-game through chatting to your fellow Adventurers. Check out the Lunar Halo Inn (ESC>Community>Chat Group), join a guild or just ask in Server chat if you’re looking for a guiding hand.




Season Server


Q. What are the differences between the 2 starting areas?

If you are an Adventurer playing Black Desert for the first time, it is recommended that you start at the Ancient Stone Chamber to experience the original storyline. This story is also more tailored to help you learn the game mechanics.
With another character, if you select the Mountain of Eternal Winter questline, you will begin your adventure in a recently added territory of Black Desert’s world and go through a more story-driven experience which canonically takes place after the Ancient Stone Chamber story.


Q. How do I exchange my Naru gear for Tuvala gear?

On season characters, you can exchange Naru Gear (Weapon, Sub, Armor, Helmet, Gloves, Shoes) into an equivalent item of Tuvala gear. To do this, you will need to reach PEN(V) Naru, and within the enhancement window, you will be presented with the option to convert Naru into Tuvala. If you skip this option, you can exchange these items through your inventory.


Q. What should I do on a Season Server?

After creating a season character, try to follow the season pass objectives and the main quest line in order to grow your character.
Once you reach level 56, you can complete your classes Awakening/Succession quest line and experience a new way to play.
For your equipment, make sure to enhance your Naru Gear to PEN (V), then convert it into Tuvala Gear and continue to enhance that. Naru requires Beginner Black Stones, and Tuvala requires Time-filled Black stones, but check out the enhancing section of this FAQ for more guidance on enhancing.


Q. What happens to a Season Character after Season? Is it deleted?

At the end of a season, all season characters are converted into regular characters. This will allow them to equip and use normal gear, such as boss weapons, boss armors and more. You can also get great boosts to your character through the Boss Exchange coupon (turns one item of Tuvala into Boss Gear), PEN(V) Capotia Accessories that can be picked up through season rewards and more!


Q. Can I delete a Season Character and make one again? Will this give me the Season Pass rewards once more? 

You are free to delete a Season Character and create another at any point.
However season pass rewards that have already been claimed cannot be received again, so make your decision wisely! 


Q. What is the ‘Simplified Quest Line’?

For those who have already completed the Main Quest Line at least once on another character, the simplified quest line offers a stream lined experience for Season Characters. 
Taking on the simplified questline will remove access to the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah quest lines, and the rewards will be distributed based on reaching certain level requirements.
 Once you have completed [Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum Chapter 11, it will count as you having completing the Mediah quest line, allowing you to proceed with the Valencia main quest line.


Q. I used Fughar’s Timepiece, but I still can’t graduate.

Fughar’s Timepiece is used if you want to carry on your season on another class. However season characters that use the Fughar’s Timepiece will be converted to regular characters, denying them access to the Season Servers.
Using Fughar’s Timepiece does not mean that season server graduation is approaching, and we ask that you wait for further announcements on the end of the Season and Graduation.


Q. I received a great item, but it says I can’t equip it. Are there any other items that can be equipped besides Naru and Tuvala?

Season Characters can only wear gear that displays the Season symbol(). This gear is mostly non-marketable gear such as Naru, Tuvala, main quest accessories, Asula accessories etc.

This means that items such as boss gear (Kzarka weapon, Dim Tree Spirit Armor, Crescent Ring etc) cannot be equipped by a Season Character. Remember to look for the season symbol on the top left corner of items for items that can be equipped.


Q. I want to earn skill points quickly, what should I do?

Skill points are generally earned through fighting monsters. You can check out which specific areas are exceptionally good for Skill EXP by going to the main menu > Adventure > Monster Zone Info. Any spot that has the `#Skill EXP’ tag offers a high amount of skill EXP compared to comparable zones.You can also use scrolls that will help you increase the amount of skill EXP that you can earn. For example you can get the 300% Combat and Skill EXP scroll from the Season Pass, or if you have yet to purchase them, there are 530% Combat and Skill EXP scrolls available from the Loyalty Store in the Pearl Shop! Press F3 > Loyalties then scroll down to find the 530% scrolls for just 1 silver.


Q. I’m currently stuck at level 49! How do I reach level 50?

Once you reach level 49, in order to continue leveling, you will need to complete the ‘[To Level 50!] Go Beyond Your Own Limits’ quest available from the Black Spirit. Once the quest is completed, you will be able to breach level 50 and continue raising your level.

Q. Where should I go to kill monsters?

Take a look at the Monster Zone Info menu. To open it, head to main menu (ESC) → Adventure → Monster Zone Info. Here you will be able to find information regarding different spots, including the recommended attack and defensive power required in the spot, as well as which items are available.


General FAQ

Q. This is my first time playing Black Desert and I don’t know what to do.

If you are a new player, we strongly recommend creating a Season Character.

If you do create a season character, the Season Pass provides a structured list of objectives for you to follow to find your footing.


Q. How do Servers work in BDO?

The Black Desert world is unified, meaning you can switch between servers with no penalties freely.
There are a few servers that do have requirements to enter (Olvia for new/returning players, season servers), but characters that can access these servers are also free to move to other servers.

Q. I’ve been told that I should do the Magnus Questline, what is this? How do I do it?

Abyss One: The Magnus is an adventure inside a gap between worlds. Joined by various Black Desert characters and the Guardian of the Abyss, you’ll undertake various tasks and puzzles in order to discover the mysteries of the Magnus.
Completing all the quests within the Magnus, will allow you to easily travel to different parts of the Black Desert world, and also allow you to access different storages from anywhere on the Black Desert world.
You’ll also be granted a free piece of PEN (V) boss gear, which is a great boost to any Adventurer.
For more information, please refer to the Abyss One: The Magnus guide!

Q. What’s the difference between a party and a platoon? How do I join one?

Party: Parties allow you to create groups up to 5 other Adventurers.

* You can find listings for parties in the Menu (ESC) - Community (F9) - Find Party/Platoon menu.

Advantages of a Party/Platoon

1. For example, on the season server there is a weekly quest that requires a large amount of monsters to be defeated in order to reach the objective. If you are in a party or platoon, monsters specified in the quest will be counted regardless of who kills them within your party, so you’ll be able to complete these quests even quicker.
2. You can easily find the location of party and platoon members from the world map and the minimap.


Differences between Party and Platoons.
1. In parties, you will be sharing EXP earned from defeating monsters with other Adventurers in your party that are in range.
This is not the case for Platoons, as EXP is not shared while in a platoon.
2. For Seasons, Rift Echo’s can be completed in a party and rewards will be shared between all members of the party. With Platoons, you will not receive rewards from this party content.


Q. What is the Item Collection Increase Gauge? / How do I use it?

Using an ‘Item Collection Increase Scroll’ (obtained through events, season pass, pearl shop etc) will automatically open up the Item Collection Increase Gauge allowing you to activate effects that increase item drop amount as well as your item drop chance.
Depending on the level on the Item Collection Increase Gauge that you activate, you will get varying different effects for your item drop amount (the amount of vendor loot you obtain), while the item drop rate effect (for treasure items, accessories etc) will remain at +100%.


Effects from each level

Level 1 gauge: Item Drop Rate +100%, Item drop amount +50%

Level 2 gauge: Item Drop Rate +100%, Item drop amount +100%

* Level 2 gauge will deduct two seconds of accumulated time for every 1 second of time that passes.


Q. I got to the desert, but I can’t see the map. Where am I? 

If you are a season character who arrived to the desert in Black Desert, you will probably have earned a sealed compass (120 min) from the Season Pass.
In the desert, your current location is difficult to map out and therefore is not marked on the world map or minimap. One method of navigating the desert is to aim yourself in the rough direction while in an area where you can see your location, and then try to maintain that course until you reach your destination.
Using a sealed compass will allow you to find your location on the world map while in the desert. Sealed compass’ can also be created by combining three ‘Part for Explorer’s Compass` in a [-] shape within your. This compass will have the same effect as the sealed compass.
* Tip: To combine items in your inventory, turn off the Auto-sort function in your inventory, then drap the items in the desired shape and then click the item with a ‘+’ symbol on it.

Sealed Compass (120 min)

  • Allows you to figure out your location on the World Map and Minimap for 120 minutes in areas where your location is normally hidden such as the Great Ocean and Desert.
Q. I got Heatstroke/Hypothermia in the desert. How can I cure this?

The desert is a dangerous place. You can get desert sicknesses during the night (hypothermia) or during the day (heatstroke). These diseases are a continuous tick, and if you health reaches 0, your character will die.
You can use items to temporarily cure the illnesses your character suffers from. You can use Purified Water to cure heatstroke, and Star Anise Tea to cure hypothermia, both of which can be crafted or purchased from the central market.


Q. What are Contribution Points/ Energy?

Contribution: Contribution is mainly used when investing in houses and nodes. You can also rent special equipment such as life skill gear, matchlocks and flutes. In general, you earn contribution experience through questing and certain exchanges.

For more information, please refer to the contribution guide.


Energy: Energy is used to interact with NPCs, and certain life skill contents like gathering, fishing and mining. You can obtain max energy increases by increasing your Knowledge in-game (H).


Learn more about energy from the Energy and Knowledge guide.


Q. Items I need have been locked in my inventory and I can’t use them!

Various buffs can offer temporary inventory spaces. If this buff runs out, then the items may appear to be locked in your inventory. In order to access them, turn off auto-sort and move them into an empty inventory space.


Q. Do World Bosses appear on all servers? Are there any conditions for fighting them?

There are a total of 9 world bosses, and they will appear in their set locations on all servers minus Olvia, Season – Arsha and Arsha servers.
Anyone who can get to the location of the World Boss spawn can participate.

However it is strongly recommended to take on these behemoth bosses when you have a decent level of defense power and attack power so that you don’t die often, and can deal enough damage to earn rewards.


Q. I can’t get knowledge of specific NPCs.

If you have negative amity with an NPC, you will not be able to acquire their knowledge. For example, if you attempt to steal from an NPC, you will lose amity with the NPC. Try gaining positive amity by using the greeting function with them.
Certain NPCs also require other knowledge in order to obtain their knowledge or use their functions. For example, the O’dyllita region will not allow you to obtain knowledge of certain NPCs unless you have completed the main quest line, and gained the queen’s blessing.


Q. There are too many notifications in the chat, can I change what is displayed?

Hovering your mouse over the chat window, you can find the chat settings option where you can change what is displayed in certain chat windows.




Q. How do I increase my enhancement chance? Why do I need enhancement chance stacks? How can I build a stack?

Enhancement Chance affects the probability of succeeding when enhancing. Increasing the number of Enhancement Chance stacks will raise the probability of enhancing your item.
You can increase the enhancement chance by failing enhancements, or using items such as Advice of Valks and Valks’ Cry.


Find out more about enhancement in our Enhancement Guide.


Q. I have too many Beginner Black Stones remaining. Are there other places to use them or should I just sell them?

Only the beginning gear, Naru, can utilize the Beginner Black Stones. These Beginner Black Stones are used to increase the enhancement levels of Naru Gear to PEN (V).
If all your Naru gear has been increased to PEN (V), you can sell any remaining Beginner Black Stones to vendor NPCs across Black Desert. If you need more Beginner Black Stones, you can use heating on normal Black Stones to create them.

Q. Enhancing: While enhancing, my maximum durability reached 0, how do I recover it? While out killing monsters, my gear reached 0 durability, how do I repair it?

If you have been hard at work laying waste to your enemies, you will need to repair your gear.

If you want to find the nearest reapir NPC, click the arrow next to your minimap and select the magnifying glass. From there, select the repair icon to navigate to the nearest repair NPC!


Failing enhancement attempts will consume maximum durability.

In this case, you will need to head to a Blacksmith, and use either memory fragments or copies of the item to restore the maximum durability.


If you are enhancing Tuvala gear and this happens to you, you can restore the maximum durability of Tuvala Gear using Tuvala Ore.



Q. Where can I get a horse?
If you don’t have a horse and need to move around quickly, you can rent a traveler’s horse from various stables. These horses have great skills to allow you to move quickly across the world of Black Desert.
However, the Traveler’s Horse will disappear after 5 minutes of being idle.


Q. My horse died, is there anything I can do?

If a horse is killed by monsters, or falling from a great height, you can recover the horse at the nearest Stablemaster NPC.
If there are no items on the horse, recovering the horse will bring it straight to your current stable.
If there are any items on the horse, then it will be moved to the nearest stable to the point that it died.

Q. I left my horse in Velia, and I’m currently really far away. Should I walk back to Velia to pick it up?

As long as the horse was left out of a stable, you can simply go to your nearest stable and select “Remote Recovery” which will bring the horse to your current location. Make sure to use the recover option on that horse though, because using remote recover will set the horses HP to a very low state.




Q. How far do I have to follow the main quest?

You are free to stop proceeding through the main quest whenever you wish, but there are certain items that will greatly aid you in your travels.
With Abyss One: The Magnus though, it is strongly recommended to complete at least the Calpheon Main Quest, as this is an essential condition for complete the Magnus questline.


Q. I can’t accept a quest from the NPC.

Make sure that you activate all quests on the quest window (O). Certain types of quests are hidden by default, so if you are looking for a specific quest, check this window!


Q. When do daily/weekly quests reset?

Daily quests reset at the following time:
PST- 16:00
UTC- 00:00
CET- 01:00
Weekly quests reset every Thursday at the same times as listed above.



Black Desert Coupons

Q. How do I enter a coupon?

Coupons can be entered by going to the menu (ESC) → Adventurer Support → Coupon menu.


Q. I used a coupon but I can’t find it in my mail (B), where did it go.

In certain instances, coupons will be first sent to your web storage. In order to access this, log into the Black Desert website and access your web storage.





Q. Can I use Acoin purchased through the website or vice versa?

Q. Can I use Acoin purchased through the website or vice versa?


Q. I bought the game on the website, can I use the game through steam?

The package purchased from the website and packages on steam are not compatible. Please make sure to download the game from where you purchased it.


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