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Q: Horse Training Mechanics
25 mars 2023, 13:03 (UTC)
765 4
Dernière modification : 25 mars 2023, 13:03 (UTC)
# 1

I am a long term casual player, forgive some of my ignorance about this game.

When one hovers over the "Horse Training" stat in the character sheet you can read it gives you buffs for mount EXP and "Horse Capture Rate".  It is this last part I don't grasp.  I find this mini game is annoying at best and probably the worst of all the mini games one must endure.  However since I can capture a horse how does this bonus affect the mini game at all?  

For example; Let's assume you are +20% Horse Capture Rate (I know this is probably God awful high), does this mean I would get the horse 20% of the time although I lost the mini game?  Does it mean I would use 20% less ropes and sugar to catch the horse?  Does it mean I would have to spank keyboard 20% less than other players?   This mechanic along with its mini game counter-part fail to make any logical sense.

The only reason for me to play the horse capture mini game is to complete the Magnus.  Otherwise I would never bother to play it.  It would be in PA's best interest to change the mini game and explain how this training stat works to assist the player.  I am not asking for the game to be easy, just logically sound of mind.  My heart-felt appreciation to anyone here who can explain the relationship other than guessing at it.

Thank you for your time.

Dernière modification : 26 mars 2023, 01:50 (UTC)
# 2

The horse capture rate affects the probability with which a wild horse will let you sit on it after getting close to it via the minigame.

Nowadays this stat is pretty much irrelevant, as feeding one sugar cube sets the capture rate to 100%, so the stat only works when you dont use sugar cubes (then again why wouldnt you).

The amount of time the horse raises its hoofs, the amount of space spam etc is not affected by anything, its pure rng.

If you fail the space minigame, the attempt is always a fail, nothing can stop that.

The game was already changed to be trivially easy compared to how it was before. It is very straightforward, compared to other BDO mechanics tbh. Throw a lasso, do the minigame. If success, continue, if not, dont. Space minigame same thing. Neither is affected by anything but what is shown on screen. Only the "getting on the horse" thing is affected, and that can be disabled by simply using a single sugar cube to guarantee the taming success.

Dernière modification : 27 mars 2023, 03:10 (UTC)
# 3

Thank you.  

Long story short, sugar cube makes stat buff null and void. 

Just to clarify my stance on the mini games in BDO, this one is just not popular with my taste.  The wheelbarrow mini game is logical and makes perfect sense.   It is a game of balance so you use left and right mouse to ping-pong the cart down a road.  The (active) fishing mini game makes logical sense as you are pulling your pole in various directions (A,S,W,D) attempting to land the fish.  All the various mini games I have played, require some kind of "talent" to perform.  Any cro-magnon can just pound on a keyboard.  

Dernière modification : 27 mars 2023, 03:22 (UTC)
# 4

For a company that could design combat the way they have, why couldn't they have done the same withthe lifeskills?  Dispose with the mini-games entirely, and use 'realistic' motion similar to how combat is controlled.


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