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UTC 7 : 26 25 juil. 2024
CEST 9 : 26 25 juil. 2024
PDT 0 : 26 25 juil. 2024
EDT 3 : 26 25 juil. 2024
Sadly, it's useless you keep adding new outfits
19 déc. 2023, 09:07 (UTC)
536 7
Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2023, 09:07 (UTC)
# 1

As nowdays everybody has no more available slots in the PA Inventory and that Patrigio Bag is NOT the fix, not even close.

This game NEEDS a wardrobe system! It needs it from YEARS| I found a CM saying that PA was working on it more than 2 years ago, yet they did nothing. In meanwhile they are moving all outfits from normal inventory to PA inventory too, nice move to complicate the things further.

UPDATE YOUR STANDARDS! Wardobe is a default feature in EVERY mmo since day one.

Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2023, 12:09 (UTC)
# 2


Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2023, 14:35 (UTC)
# 3

This issue has been brought up so many times and no change from PA. How can we buy if we have no space? You want us to melt so we have to re-buy the same thing again next week? I say, no thanks!

Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2023, 16:21 (UTC)
# 4

IMHO the patriago bag is the solution to a far larger then you think backend problem PA has.

Surely it doesn't help that they are moving all non pearl outfits and accesories into the pearl inventory.

However they have added the option to craft the patriago bag for free (ages ago) behind a weekly quest @ the NPC Patriago (for those who want some), if you choose not to use them or think their inverior to a wardrobe system (i somewhat agree) then thats on you, not trying to be harsh here.

What I believe is happening ( i dont work for them, and its just a idea ) is that the backend code is so conveluted and unexplained that they simply can't add it without at least a large sum of timeinvestment, that quite frankly is most likely not their no.1 priority. Its been a known issue with PA and BDO, that the some if not most of the original Dev's have parted with the company, or simply went onto different project. Due to the specialsied nature of their own engine aswell, a lot of the knowledge and how stuff was coded got "lost". Basically you they see code, but dont know with one glace what it does. So it all has to be decyphered.

This is primarily also the reason why they e.g. cant fix or adjust too much the class, berzerker. This has been a known issue. Other then the wardrobe system, theres many many other things that would probably take priority for them, and unfortunately a lot of their time is most likely used on trying to fix stuff, or implement stuff without the knowledge of why stuff keeps breaking, bugging out etc.This is just one example of their long laundry list of issues.

I would personally like a wardrobe system, too. But for now we just gotto do with what we have, the Patriago bag. Its anoying as hell as its a stacked window, and mix-matching outfits is a hassle, if they dont have the same amount of slots required to equip. But it is what it is.

Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2023, 16:51 (UTC)
# 5

well i think there should be an enhancement inventory that has all your advice of valks, valk cry, artisan memory accessable by all characters. That should free a lot of space in the pearl inventory.

Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2023, 20:25 (UTC)
# 6

while idk about having no slots in pearl inventory, that seems like a whale problem, but still, agreed. patrigio bags are dogshit and annoying to use

Dernière modification : 19 déc. 2023, 22:32 (UTC)
# 7

Agreed. Moving more things to the pearl inventory is a step in the wrong direction for those of us with a lot of outfits and we need a better solution than the clunky Patrigio bags.



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