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UTC 19 : 21 25 juil. 2024
CEST 21 : 21 25 juil. 2024
PDT 12 : 21 25 juil. 2024
EDT 15 : 21 25 juil. 2024
Not looking forward to Sovereign weapons
22 juin 2024, 16:24 (UTC)
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Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 16:24 (UTC)
# 1

They visually look great but I literally feel sick thinking about having to grind even MORE after taking so much time to earn all three of my PEN BS and still not having even a single PEN Debo in any accessory slot, and still not having Ator's shoes either. It's almost like why even play the game if you're just going to keep raising the ceiling before I can ever reach it. All it does is make me want to play less and less, because these grinds are absurd and I have other things to do in life as well as I'd like to play more games than just BDO when I have time to play games. It's like you're making this game entirely for streamers or people who have no job and nothing else to do in their lives. Why? It's not going to benefit you in the long run. Ten enhancement levels and extra modifiers you can add to it, plus it being said that the materials to enhance the weapons will be hard to obtain just make it even more sickening, ESPECIALLY if the final enhancement levels are anything like PEN Fallen God armor. If it's really like that then there's zero point in even continuing to spend time on this game, as it would clearly be made for people who have no respect for their own time or lives. Why waste so much of your life on a video game that wont matter when it's all coming to an end?

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Lv 63
Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 17:07 (UTC)
# 2

A wonderful thing about BDO is that there is always progression to be made and something to chase after. 

If you love BDO, then you do more than just grind. 

Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 18:03 (UTC)
# 3

disagree with OP, but i also dislike how they announced the mats, its still vague but i dont like it too.

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Lv 61
Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 18:24 (UTC)
# 4

I watched this youtube video like a month ago and... damn i wish i remembered the name of the youtuber or the name of the video (it's like two hours long but it was something like the problem with mmorpgs and anyway  what i want to say about it is that it mentioned how in any mmorpg at some point the players always run out of things to do because they get all the best gear and have cleared all the content and then they leave and look for the next big thing and all this time i was thinking "well... that isnt true with BDO"

I've played since 2017, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I've never had top gear. Even if you want to consider obliterating a meme, which let's face it, it is, while I'm close now, I'm still missing the PEN debo rings. And then those weapons will come out and there will be one more thing (or three more I guess). You HAVE to always have a carrot, it should never end otherwise you will lose players.

Now of course there is a case to be made that... yeah but if getting averything takes TOO Long then doesnt that discourage players and then they leave anyway, and sure, there is definiely some of this in BD, biut overall i think they made the right choice by not allowing the top players to max everything out  for even 6 months out of a year until the next update. YOu need to accept it will never end. If it did then what's the point of a mmorpg. I think what's happening is a lot of mmorpg players got accustomed to being able to do everything in a game within a year or two because it's the case with so many of them but I don't feel it should ever have been. you dont want to leave players in the dust always five years behind having it all, but you have to keep them behind still. 

And im just mentioning gear, but there's treasures and also all the little achievement type things you may want to go after. For example today was one of the sweetest days for me in BDO in the past seven years because I finally got Kvariak at S which means I have S absolutely everywhere now (bosses, mobs, sea creatures, rare hunting, etc) EXCEPT Mutant Ogre and Troll (please PA hear us on these two....we NEED to be able to redo that quest). I've been after this for a long time. Is there a point aside from bragging rights? No. But is there a point to anything really in a game? It isnt any sillier than wanting all pen debos really. all i can tell you is I was screaming alone at home in front of my screen like i'd just tapped an obliterating when that kvariak went to S (for those who don't know, it's probably the hardest mob to get to S cause it spawns in average every two hours and a half of grind), it felt as sweet to me. I just mention it because there's a lot of little things to go after in this game and it's why it's near impossible to run out of things to do in it and i feel it really is an important aspect of BD

Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 18:29 (UTC)
# 5

Embrace the grind!

Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 18:33 (UTC)
# 6

requiring two bis pieces for this new gear is ridiculous.  Yes, I know there are other methods, but even one pen bs/one c20 and some grindy item is ridiculous.  On top of that, to enhance this new item will be another impossible to get material.

Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 18:47 (UTC)
# 7
On: Jun 22, 2024, 18:33 (UTC), Written by Columba

requiring two bis pieces for this new gear is ridiculous.  Yes, I know there are other methods, but even one pen bs/one c20 and some grindy item is ridiculous.  On top of that, to enhance this new item will be another impossible to get material.

It's only one of three ways to gain a soveriegn.  The other two is grind/buy (from CM if one is listed) the flame, or Boss weapon C20 with something else.

But I agree, I'm saving my freebie PEN and going the grind route.

Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 19:39 (UTC)
# 8

They shouldn't be easily obtainable, they are endgame weapons, after all. 

People will get as well Pen bs for free ;o

Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 19:41 (UTC)
# 9

so will it cover both weapons or do we need to make 2 new wapons

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Lv 65
Dernière modification : 22 juin 2024, 20:12 (UTC)
# 10

If you ever bought costumes and melted them for crons, you should feel scammed today. Once again Pearl Abyss gives away things that are completely unnecessary to give away and scammed those who purchase from the market.

PA should be ashamed of themselves.

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