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Which pets/buffs/costumes work with wagons?
11 mai 2021, 05:06 (UTC)
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Dernière modification : 11 mai 2021, 05:06 (UTC)
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Hi Guys,


Can someone please post clarification as to which Pets, Food/elixir/other buffs, costumes, and if mastery/anything else effects horses while on a wagon?  if not for skill gain how about for horse level experience?  



Dernière modification : 28 sept. 2022, 18:06 (UTC)
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So buffs/pets that work with a solo horse for Training also work with a wagon.  One major exception is the riding crop.

All pet effects apply to wagon training.  Mount exp scrolls, lifeskill scrolls, celerity draughts, etc work with wagon training.

One of the huge areas of contention regarding solo versus wagon training is whether the potential skill gain when leveling affect from a horse costume is applied when the horse is hitched to a wagon.  Many say it doesn't, many say it does.  There is no disclaimer on the costume that it won't work with a wagon.

General consensus is that wagon training is best used on T6s and below and that T7s and above should be solo trained, particularly if you're attempting to raise a courser.  I personally have found the contrary to be true, as leveling a T8 solo afk tends to be much faster with less opportunity to roll off undesired skills (hind kick/fore chop) when desired to make room for more desirable skills.


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