Updates [Updates] Patch Notes - May 18, 2021
Black Desert May 18, 2021, 10:00 (UTC)



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on May 18, 2021 (Tue). Today’s patch contains 53 updates and is approximately 444.00 MB.




● 24/7 SPECIAL HOT TIME! event has started.



- May 18, 2021 (Tue) after maintenance – May 26, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

Last Monday, May 16, the final matches of the 2-month long Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship came to a conclusion!

As thanks to all our Adventurers for their amazing support for this tournament, we’ve prepared a...24/7 SPECIAL HOT TIME! 👏👏👏




● David Finto’s Daily Coupons event has started.

- May 18, 2021 (Tue) after maintenance – June 1, 2021 (Tue) 23:59 (UTC)

David Finto is sending coupons to Black Desert’s Adventurers.
These coupons contain David Finto's Requests, so make sure to check them out to accept the special quests for even more rewards!

[David Finto’s Daily Coupons]



New and Improvements

● Core: Spirit Hunt - Fixed the issue where your character moved abnormally when using W + RMB while the skill was on cooldown after switching to your Main Weapon.



● Added Sage as a Trial Character.

● 'Resurrect at the closest Safe Zone' will now resurrect you near the quest zone if you died at Protokea during Sage's Awakening questline.


● Prime: Rift Chain - Changed to now apply Super Armor when the skill is used on cooldown.
● Prime: Rift Chain - Added 'All DP +20 for 2 sec' and 'Grapple Resistance +30%' effects when the skill is used.
● Flow: Finishing Touch - Added a 17-second cooldown to the skill.
● Kyve Mastery - Changed the skill to stack the effects of Prime: Overdrive for the following situations:
- 2nd Standing Attack and Last Hits
- 3rd and 5th Forward Attack Hits
- 3rd Lateral Attack Hit
- Jump Attack
● Reduced the PvP damage of the following skills:
- Prime: Void Gateways - Reduced by approx. -14%
- Prime: Spatial Collapse I~IV - Reduced by approx. -18%


● Radiant Annihilation - Added an 'All Accuracy +9% for 10 sec' effect when the skill is used.
● Radiant Annihilation - Fixed the issue where the Arkanon effect would sometimes not activate.
● Improved skills to combo more naturally when used immediately after switching from Awakening weapon to Main weapon and vice versa.
● Bolt - Improved so that he turns towards the camera angle.
● Flow: Interrogate - Improved to be able to hit enemies in higher locations.
● Bolt - Improved to be useable during cooldown while Overcharged status is active.
● Bolt - Improved to be useable in main weapon stance.
● Seize - Improved to attack the enemy faster after grabbing them successfully.
● Changed Upsurge to attack forward after using the following skills:
- Evading backward after Impaling Flash
- Radiant Annihilation
- Shock Relay
- Chain Lightning




● Increased the maximum number of slots available in your Family Inventory to 48.

● Made improvements to mitigate the issue where your character would sometimes move abnormally when participating in the Old Moon Grand Prix.



Quest, Knowledge

● Added a weekly quest where you can obtain Elvia Ancient Spirit weapons as a reward.
- You can complete the weekly quest to choose a Main weapon box, an Awakening weapon box, or a Sub-weapon box as your reward. But these boxes will expire 3 hours after you claim them, so use them quickly!
- If you open the Elvia weapon box, you'll obtain an Elvia Ancient Spirit weapon that can only be used for 10 minutes.
- You must first complete the quest '[Elvia] Obsidian Ashes' before you can accept the weekly quest from Lejenti in Glish.
- This weekly quest can only be accepted by Lv. 60 or higher characters on the Elvia Realm server.
- Since this is a weekly quest, it will reset 7 days after you complete it (at midnight).
● The objectives for the following quests in Elvia Realm have been changed:

Quest Zone Quest NPC Quest Name Original Objectives Updated Objectives Quest Rewards
Orc Camp Orc Hunter Brodie [Elvia Daily] A Chilling Presence at the Orc Camp Defeat Small Red Orc x250 Defeat Small Red Orc x100 Predator's Roots x2
Bloody Monastery Annalynn [Elvia Daily] Missing Thread of Hope Defeat Cultist x500 Defeat Cultist x400 Predator's Roots x2
[Elvia Daily] Green-tinged Monastery Defeat Cultist Warrior x500 Defeat Cultist Warrior x400 Predator's Roots x2
Swamp Fogans Dernyl [Elvia Daily] Big Fogan Defeat Big Swamp Fogan x500 Defeat Big Swamp Fogan x250 Predator's Roots x2
Swamp Nagas Zegna [Elvia Daily] A Familiar Swamp Defeat Naga Apprentice Spearman x500 Defeat Naga Apprentice Spearman x250 Predator's Roots x2
[Elvia Daily] Swamp Naga Ecology Defeat Swamp Naga Axeman x500 Defeat Swamp Naga Axeman x250 Predator's Roots x2
Castle Ruins Ruben [Elvia Daily] Tense Silence Defeat Mobility Unit x500 Defeat Mobility Unit x400 Predator's Roots x2
[Elvia Daily] The Eerie Calm in the Castle Ruins Defeat Charger x500 Defeat Charger x400 Predator's Roots x2
Biraghi Den Etunar [Elvia Daily] A Mountain in the Dark Defeat Bandit Raid Captain x500 Defeat Bandit Raid Captain x250 Predator's Roots x2
Altar Imps Zara Lynch [Elvia Daily] Strange Phenomenon Defeat Altar Imp Warrior x300 Defeat Altar Imp Warrior x150 Predator's Roots x2



● Added the 'Repair Horse Gear' function to the Camping Anvil.
- You can now repair horse gear with the 'Old Moon Camping Anvil' and 'Naphart Camping Anvil.'
● The NPC Lindby of Iliya Island will now be marked with the Stable Keeper icon on the World Map (M).
● Changed the pet type classification from 'LIMITED' to 'RARE.'
● Added a feature to see the name of the dyes used by hovering your mouse over a specific gear slot in the Dye (J) window.

● Added an in-game banner that announces the upcoming end of the game data transfer period.



● Guild Member Protection has been changed to allow protected guild members with negative Karma to be attackable by opposing guilds during Guild War.
- For example:
- Guild A and Guild B are engaged in a Guild War
- Adventurer [A1] is protected by Guild A
- Adventurer [A1]'s Karma drops below 0
In this case, any member of Guild B can now attack Adventurer [A1].



● Fixed the issue where you occasionally could not access the Beauty Album when using Internet Explorer.
● Changed the menu icon of the Adventurer's Guide.
● Fixed the issue where the completion screen for transferring your game data was not displaying properly.
● Improved the Copy and Print buttons in the pop-up window for OTP Backup Codes.
● Changed the buttons of the password change pop-up window to no longer appear awkwardly in certain languages.
● Extended the duration before your login session expires.



● Changed the following terms in German:
- Waffenkiste: Löwenzahn to Löwenzahn-Waffenkiste.
- [Event] Pfirsichblütendiadem to [Event] Kirschblütenkrönchen.
- Protty-Ootheka to Protty-Eipaket. 
● Changed the following terms in French:
- Fantastique jeune dragon surprise to Boîte de jeune dragon fantastique.
- Cristal magique rare surprise to Boîte de cristal magique rare
- Dressage de cheval onirique surprise to Boîte de Dressage de cheval onirique
- Surprise pour maître en optimisation to Boîte de maître en optimisation
- Chapeau haut de forme en bambou to Casque en bambou
- Couronne de fleurs de pêche to Couronne de fleurs de cerisier.
● Changed the following term in Spanish:
- Personaje presubido to Personaje de prueba.


Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where certain parts of the background appeared awkward in the following regions:
- Protokea, Valencia City
● Fixed the issue where skill descriptions in the Skills window would display keyboard and mouse-oriented text for Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue where the icon for the Tungrad Earring was being displayed as a Tungrad Necklace in the Crafting Notes.
● Fixed the issue where you could resurrect in the exact spot where you died in the Red Battlefield.
● Fixed the issue where the Processing UI would display abnormally when completing Mass Processing under certain circumstances.
● Fixed an issue where having a Celestial Horse Calling Horn in your inventory prevented your character from calling Guild Elephants to you.
- Guild Elephants within 50m are able to be called to you regardless of whether you have a flute item in your inventory.
● Fixed the issue where reconnecting/switching servers would occasionally cause the Amity of certain NPCs to appear as 0. The actual Amity levels of the NPCs were not changed.
● Fixed the issue where your Karma would not decrease if you hit a character and their ship at the same time with a cannon of a big ship in forced PvP mode.
● Fixed the issue where the quest 'Crippling Fear,' part of the Drieghan main questline, wouldn't display in the Main tab of your Quests window.
● Fixed the issue where pressing certain buttons on your gamepad would open the 'Withdraw Silver' window while Processing via Storage with Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue where an Adventurer that bought annexes for Node/Conquest War could still install the annexes even though their position in the guild was changed.
● Changed the key guide to display the correct key for toggling (lock/unlock) ship and wagon skills when using the Gamepad UI.
● Changed the toggle for locking and unlocking ship and wagon skills to be togglable with a gamepad when using the Gamepad UI.
● Fixed the issue where the icons of the [Event] Magical Draught items were not being displayed in the Crafting Notes.
● Fixed the issue where trying to close the game after using the [Practice] Lynch Cannon caused the game to shut down improperly.

Happy adventuring!