Updates [Updates] Patch Notes - July 7, 2021
Black Desert Jul 7, 2021, 11:13 (UTC)



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on July 7, 2021 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 112 updates and is approximately 1.43 GB.





● Guild Recruitment Campaign event has started.

- July 7, 2021 (Wed) - July 18, 2021 (Sun) 23:59

With the start of the Summer Season and the release of Corsair, we’ve heard the news that many new and returning Adventurers are now adventuring in the Black Desert world.

Of course, we can’t let such news just pass us by! That’s why we’re starting the Guild Recruitment Campaign to help these new and returning Adventurers get the support they need!

[Guild Recruitment Campaign]



● Scallywag Lenio Misses His Captain event has started.

- July 7, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – July 21, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance



“Queek! Tell me if ye seen me cap’n!”

Lenio of the Slippery Scallywags is traveling far and wide across the Black Desert world in search of his captain.

If you happen to run into Lenio, how about telling him that you understand? 

I’m sure Lenio will return the favor with a gift!

[Scallywag Lenio Misses His Captain]



● Share Corsair on Social Media! event has started.

- July 7, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - July 21, 2021(Wed) before maintenance



Wanting to share just how COOL Corsair is, the GMs have taken an amazing screenshot of Corsair and are asking for our Adventurers’ help in spreading it across social media!

All you have to do is share it with some hashtags, and you’ll get some guaranteed participation rewards! (Plus, a chance to win the grand prize as well!)

[Share Corsair on Social Media!]



New and Improvements

● Absolute: Ultimate Righteous Charge - Fixed the issue where the skill was dealing less PvP damage than intended.


● Brace - Fixed the issue where pressing Space Bar after using the skill while Prime: Smokescreen was on cooldown would cause the character to stop moving for a moment.
● Flashing Light - Fixed the issue where the backward movement of the skill would be shorter if it was used after a particular motion of Bloodthirst: Katana Shower.


● Fixed the issue where if the awakened Sage's guard broke while moving backwards and was under the effects of the No Guard Gauge recovery debuff, he couldn't move until he could recover his Guard Gauge once more.


A fundamental element of Corsair's movement skills is the way Smooth Sailin' combos with the Mareca Swing. However, the cooldown of Smooth Sailin' was disrupting the natural fluidity of these movements, so we decided to make Smooth Sailin' usable during cooldown in order to improve its fluidity and make the skill more dynamic. On top of that, skills that couldn't be chained after movement skills (such as Smooth Sailin' or Riding Waves), were changed to allow them to be comboable. Corsair's unique moveset can now inflict more aggressive attacks.

We also felt Mermaid skills were weak when it came to combos. So, we made changes to allow smoother comboing with other skills and also adjusted their attack range to make them easier to perform. We also tweaked the Whirling Slash and Storm Surge skills as these attacks were difficult to land on targets. We noticed it was particularly difficult to land hits with Whirling Slash as it didn't have any collision, so we changed this skill to include collisions when performed while moving forward. This will enable forward-moving attacks to land on targets more easily, but be aware that the sideway attacks will still not include collision with targets. As for Storm Surge, we removed the start-up motion so that the skill activates quicker.
● Riding Waves - Fixed the issue where Mareca Swing would be used before the skill when holding ↑ + Shift when there isn't enough stamina.
● Fixed the issue where she would not start auto-running when T is pressed while stopping to move forward in combat stance.
● Storm Surge - Improved to combo smoother with skills and movements.
● Wipe Out - Fixed the issue where pressing the commands for the skill after using Splashin' Around and Mareca: Jet Stream would activate Overflow instead.
● Flow: After the Storm - Improved to be able to combo with the skills Whirlpool, Crashing Wave, and Mareca: Spiral Soak.
● Flow: After the Storm - Fixed the issue where pressing the commands for the skill after the 2nd hit of Wave Lash would activate Crashing Wave.
● Prime: Wave Lash I-IV - Fixed the issue where the damage was not applied when the skill is used on the spot while on cooldown.
● Prime: Wave Lash II - Fixed the issue where the damage reduction was not being applied when using the skill while sprinting or when comboing after Riding Waves.
● Wave Lash - Changed to no longer move forward when using the skill while sprinting.
● Mareca: Sea Stroll, Prime: Mareca: Sea Stroll - Changed how the camera moves to turn towards the character before the last hit.
● Smooth Sailin' - Improved to combo smoothly with Wave Lash when using the skill left or right.
● Riding Waves - Changed to now combo into Wave Lash and Ocean's Pearl regardless of the direction in which the skill was used.
● Smooth Sailin' - Improved to be usable while on cooldown.
● Prime: Wave Lash I-IV - Fixed the issue where the sound effect would not be played when using the skills during their cooldown.
● Mareca: Sea Stroll I-Absolute - Fixed the issue where the last hit would not be performed even when ↓ key was pressed during the skills.
● Improved her motion to appear smoother when stopping to move in combat stance.
● Changed the damage of the following skills.
Skills Before After
Absolute: Storm Surge 1088% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 1088% x 4 938% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 938% x 4
Prime: Storm Surge I 758% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 758% x 4 820% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 820% x 4
Prime: Storm Surge II 918% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 918% x 4 962% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 962% x 4
Ocean Melancholy IV 905% x 1, Max 8 Hits 705% x 1, Max 8 Hits
Absolute: Ocean Melancholy 1090% x 1, Max 8 Hits 948% x 1, Max 8 Hits
Prime: Ocean Melancholy 720% x 1, Max 8 Hits 767% x 1, Max 8 Hits
● Smooth Sailin' - Improved to be able to combo with Tidal Slash and Ocean's Pearl during the skill.
● Flow: Squall - Changed to activate when used during cooldown.
● Crashing Wave - Changed to activate Storming Gale when holding the commands Shift + F when the skill is on cooldown.
● Whirling Slash - Changed to have no collision until the rope is thrown when the skill is used while moving sideways.
● Ocean's Pearl, Mareca: Whale Song - Adjusted the attack range to be able to hit targets near and to the side of the character.
● Splashin' Around - Fixed the issue where the character would attack diagonally when pressing left, right, or back while using the skill.
● Storm Surge - Improved to cast faster by shortening its initial motion.
● Prime: Heirloom of the Crow - Changed to increase the attack range for every level of the skills Overflow and Flow: Tide's Kiss.
● Overflow I - Fixed the issue where the monsters in the skill demo were placed abnormally.
● Changed some of the camera effects during Black Spirit's Training.
● Prime: Wave Lash - Fixed the issue where the cooldown version of the skill effect was being displayed when used during Riding Waves and Smooth Sailin'.
● Fixed the issue where the effect would remain on the serenaca when using Emergency Escape after certain skills.
● Fixed the issue where the sound the character made seemed close when using skills with the mareca at a distance.
● Prime: Mareca: Jet Stream - Improved to combo with Mareca: Whale Song and Mareca: Spiral Soak smoothly after using the skill.
● Prime: Mareca: Spiral Soak - Improved to combo with Mareca: Whale Song after the 2nd hit of the skill.
● Mareca: Spiral Soak - Improved the 2nd hit to apply its effect to all targets regardless of the attack range.
● Riding Waves - Improved to combo smoothly with Mareca: Spiral Soak during the skill.
● Fixed the issue where other skills could not be used if a skill was activated using a quick slot in a non-combat state.
● Crashing Wave - Fixed the issue where the 1st hit damage was not applied in certain situations.
● Prime: Mareca: Spiral Soak - Fixed the issue where the 2nd hit's max targets hit would be applied abnormally.



● Added the [Corsair] Maretakant Classic Set (7 Days) to the [Event] Classic Outfit Box (7 Days), an item given to new Adventurers as a login reward.
● Changed the item descriptions of Succession Classic Box, [Event] Succession Classic Box to list each of the outfits obtainable for each class in detail.
● Increased the DP by 1 on Naru Sub-weapons between the enhancement levels of 0-3.
● Added more information to the item '[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon.'
● The weights of the five different materials needed to enhance Naru and Tuvala gear were reduced to 0.1LT per x1,000.

Time-filled Black Stone
Refined Magical Black Stone
Tuvala Ore
Beginner Black Stone (Weapon)
Beginner Black Stone (Armor)
Keeping enhancement materials for your Tuvala Gear in your inventory feels better than placing them in your storage, since you would naturally want to use them when you're ready to enhance. However, keeping a hefty amount of these materials on you can place quite the burden on your character. Thus, we decided to adjust their weight (0.1 LT per 1,000 items) to be less cumbersome.



● Behr, the village of hunters, is filled with rumors of new and rare hunting monsters.
- Bears that hunt for large beehives made by bees somewhere in the world of Black Desert.
- Hyenas that stray from their clans and strike fear into the hearts of merchant guilds who travel across the desert trails.
- Peculiar llamas that marvel at the starry night sky.

[Honey-licking] Bear

[Dastardly] Hyena

[Star-loving] Llama


- Hunting these rare monsters will give you a chance to learn their Knowledge, and if you satisfy certain requirements, you will be granted the following Titles:
Monsters Titles
[Honey-licking] Bear Honey Keeper
[Dastardly] Hyena Dastardly
Chomp Chomp
Desert Cleaner
[Star-loving] Llama Pat Pat
Nom Nom


● Fixed the issue where the Damage Reduction effect of the guild skill 'Flame of Protection' was only applying the Melee Damage Reduction to apply Melee, Ranged, and Magic Damage Reduction.
● Added '%' next to the numbers for Accuracy Rate, Evasion Rate number of the guild skills Furious Roar and Keen Insight.


Summer Season

● Changed the following when doing the simplified quests in the Summer Season Server.
- Changed the simplified quest from 'acceptable once per family' to accepted by any season character. This was changed after Adventurers gave us their feedback about wanting to do the simplified quests again after deleting or transferring a season character.
- Changed the Valencia main questline prerequisite from '[Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 11' to '[Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 8.' This quest can be accepted once the character reaches Lv. 56.
- Changed the way the simplified questline begins. Instead of using 'Fughar's Memorandum,' you will now talk to the Black Spirit (,) to accept and complete these quests. As a result, the 'Fughar's Memorandum' items have been removed.
- Added more objectives to complete the simplified questline. Now you will need to talk to Black Spirit Black Spirit (,) after reaching a certain level to complete the quest. By talking to Black Spirit (,), you will be able to fulfill certain main questline progression depending on how far you have completed the simplified questline as well as complete the related Season Pass objectives.
- Fixed the issue where the objectives on the Season Pass were not achieved when completing the simplified questline. Adventurers can now talk to Black Spirit (,) to complete the objectives on the Season Pass. This will also allow Adventurers to accept the questlines 'Legendary Blacksmith' and 'Mysterious Companion.'
- Increased the amount of Beginner Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) given as rewards for completing the simplified questline by double. This also applies to Adventurers that have already completed the simplified questlines.
- Fixed the issue where certain social actions could not be obtained when progressing through the simplified questline.

● Changed the simplified quest so that you do not get the reward '[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze' when completing the simplified questline after changing the character to a normal character.
- The item '[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze' is a season character exclusive item. It cannot be used by normal characters.

● Fixed the issue where the item 'PRI (I) Tuvala Awakening Weapon Box' could be obtained by completing the awakening questline on a normal character.

● Improved the quest UI to now display the [Crossroads] window when choosing between Main or Simplified Questlines.


● With the addition of the Crossroads window to choose between the Main and Simplified questlines, you can no longer opt into the Simplified questline if you've already continued the Balenos Main Questline after finishing "The Sage of Velia" quest. (Modified)
* This condition applies to all season characters including those who've gone through the Transferal process via ''Fughar's Timepiece.''
* We're aware of the issue where the Main Questline appears abnormally for season characters who've gone through the Transferal process via ''Fughar's Timepiece.'' You'll need to select and proceed with the quest immediately after the latest one you've completed in your Quest (O) window via the Main tab, and this issue will be fixed by July 14 (Wed) maintenance.

● Defeating the following monsters on the Season Server have a low chance to draw out Afuaru.
- Defeat Afuaru to obtain Tuvala Ore or Refined Magical Black Stones, along with a low chance to get a 'Frozen Tides Black Stone,' an item which grants guaranteed TET (IV) to PEN (V) enhancement of Tuvala gear.

[Skittish] Afuaru Zones
Desert Naga Temple
Bashim Base
Crescent Shrine
Titium Valley
Roud Sulfur Mine
Pila Ku Jail
Manshaum Forest
Fadus Habitat
Polly's Forest
Tshira Ruins
Blood Wolf Settlement
Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)
Sherekhan Necropolis (Night)
Cadry Ruins
Taphtar Plain
Gahaz Bandit's Lair
Navarn Steppe
Mirumok Ruins
Protty Cave
Forest Ronaros
Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper)
Marie Cave (Traitor's Graveyard)
Season servers will now have their own exclusive version of Afuaru. Up until now, Afuaru served as a breath of fresh air for Adventurers while they were defeating monsters on the normal server, for he had a chance to drop some of the 'best' items in the game. And now, Afuaru has a whole new bag of goodies to be plundered from as he makes an appearance in various locations throughout the season servers. Afuaru in the season server will drop either Refined Magical Black Stones or Tuvala Ores, along with the rare chance to drop the much-coveted 'Frozen Tides Black Stone.' The 'Frozen Tides Black Stone' will grant guaranteed TET (IV) to PEN (V) enhancement for Tuvala gear. Starting from this week, he will first appear in normal monster zones, while in the upcoming week, he is scheduled to make an appearance in monster zones recommended for parties on the season server (i.e. Shultz Guard, Basilisks, etc.) as well.
● Fixed the issue where only season characters who were Lv. 56 or higher could complete '[Season] Fughar's Special Timepiece.'
- The quest can now be completed by season characters from Lv. 25 or higher.

● Changed [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I/II items to now be bound to Family instead of Character.
- With this change, it is now possible to move [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I/II items, once bound to normal characters, within your Family.
* Only season characters or characters who've gone through a Transferal with Fughar's Timepiece can accept the daily quests from [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I/II.
● Adventurers who fulfill the following conditions before the July 7 (Wed) maintenance will now automatically accept the [Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family quest. (If you fulfill two of the conditions below, you will automatically accept the [Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family quest.)
- Completed the [Pet] Bareeds' Junaid and The Sage of Velia quests
- Have not started or completed the Embarking on an Adventure quest
* If you wish to go through the original main questline instead of the [Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family questline, you can forfeit the questline and complete the Embarking on an Adventure quest.
* Reconnecting to the game before you accept or complete the Embarking on an Adventure quest will make you automatically accept the [Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family. You can forfeit this quest to begin the original main questline.

● The 2021 Summer Season's special reward is a PEN (V) Capotia Necklace.
- You can exchange the reward with a 'Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon,' which you'll be able to use upon graduating from the season.
- Information about the special quest for obtaining the 'Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon' will be revealed in a future update.
- The 2021 Summer Season will be the last season to award special seasonal rewards.
- Adventurers who graduate from this Summer Season will be rewarded with either a PEN (V) Capotia Necklace for the 2021 Summer Season, or choose from a previously missed seasonal reward item. Adventurers who weren't able to obtain all of the past seasonal rewards will be able to collect one for each time they graduate from a future season server.


Special Reward

2020 Summer

PEN (V) Capotia Earrings OR PEN (V) Capotia Ring

2020 Autumn

Perilla's Star

2020 Winter

PEN (V) Capotia Belt

2021 Summer

PEN (V) Capotia Necklace

The special rewards for graduating from a season were implemented since the first Summer Season as a means to help new Adventurers adjust to the game. From PEN (V) Capotia accessories to Perilla's Star, many of our Adventurers were gracious in showing their support for these rewards. We seek to continue with that tradition in this Summer Season as well, and decided to award the final, remaining slot to the PEN (V) Capotia accessory collection with the necklace. We hope that this would be a meaningful reward not just for new Adventurers, but to our existing Adventurers as well. However, we have no plans to continue the tradition of special season rewards after this season's PEN (V) Capotia Necklace. Still, we will continue with providing seasonal servers in the future, and will provide a 'Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon' for new Adventurers who graduate from the season. Also, existing Adventurers who've yet to complete all of the past seasons will have an opportunity to obtain these coupons in future seasons up until they collect all of the special rewards. While the tradition of special rewards for the season comes to a close, we will continue to deliberate and work hard on updating the seasons for the sake of both our new Adventurers adjusting and our veteran Adventurers as well. Season Servers were quite the new attempt for us as well, and we will continue to think long and hard about how to further their appeal, so please look forward to their development. Thank you.



● Daphne DelLucci in Balenos Forest claims to have spotted Dastard Bheg in Balenos Forest gathering the Mine Imps.
- Changed the appearance location of the field boss Dastard Bheg to Balenos Forest.
* As the field boss 'Dastard Bheg' failed to appear last week, 'Dastard Bheg' will appear one more time after being defeated until the July 14, 2021 (Wed) maintenance.


Quest & Knowledge

● Added a method to obtain the following knowledge.

Category Knowledge Hint
Others Trace of Wave Talk to Paso Anca in Epheria Sentry Post and spend energy
Trace of Death Talk to Freharau in Glish and spend energy
● Changed the following knowledge to be learnable when lumbering Dry Pine Tree:
- Dead Tree Essence
● Changed the following knowledge to be learnable when lumbering and extracting from Cactus:
- Cactus Sap
- Cactus Thorn
- Cactus Rind
● Changed the content of the following knowledge to read more naturally.
- Cox Pirates' Artifact (Parley Expert), Cox Pirates' Artifact (Parley Beginner), Khan's Tendon, Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood, Cobalt Ingot, Luminous Cobalt Ingot, Great Ocean Dark Iron
● Changed the hint for the knowledge Cox Pirates Extermination Seal to be more natural.
● Changed the dialogue when learning Usable Pirate Ship's Remains to be more natural.
● Lowered the difficulty of the quest '[O'dyllita] Turo Resistance' that is part of the main questline '[O'dyllita] Gem of Imbalance' by changing its objective.
Before After
Defeat 50 Turo traitors Defeat 1 Turo traitor



● Improved on the issue where the game playtime displayed on the My Information (P) window would be off.
● Fixed the issue where an abnormal message was displayed when moving a character by using the Assemble! icon.
● Added an effect and tooltip to be displayed on the bottom right corner of the game screen where there are new rewards in the Black Spirit's Safe. This alert will be displayed for Adventurers until their highest-level character reaches Lv. 49.
● Fixed the following displays when registering a horse to the Breeding Market in the Stable.
- Added commas (,) to the price displayed.
- Added the word 'Silver' to the price displayed.
- Changed some of the awkward text.
● Changed the Manage Skill UI to not open during Courser Training in Gamepad UI mode.
● Changed the Navigation UI to match the Elvia server theme when used in the Elvia servers.


● Changed the Guild recruitment information section of the Recruit Guild Member window to display what's written in the guild's Guild Description.
- However, if the guild does not have a Guild Description, then the text 'You haven't registered your Guild Introduction.' will be displayed.

● Changed the description about how to exit from Red Battlefield to mention the (New) menu instead of the ESC menu.
● Fixed the issue where the warning message displayed when using the Navigate function through the Quest UI and others did not line up properly in the Elvia server when the resolution setting was not set to its default setting.
● Changed the Tag Characters and Fairy menu icons in the top left corner of the game screen to only be displayed when they can be used.
- Tag Character: Displayed when there is a Lv. 56 or higher character in the family.
- Fairy: Displayed when on a Lv. 53 or higher character or the family owns a Fairy
● Fixed the typo on the Season Server banner displayed in the Select Server screen.
● Fixed the issue where the scroll on the ship skill window would reset whenever a ship skill was used.
● Fixed the issue where the scroll on the ship skill window would reset whenever a character grabbed hold/let go of the ship's wheel.
● Added a window to appear when Adventurers log in which recommends changing their UI theme to the Summer Season theme if it's already set to Classic.
- You can select the Summer Season theme to use a refreshingly cool UI. However, if you close the window, it will not appear again.
- You can go to Menu (ESC) -> Settings (F10) -> [Settings] -> General Settings -> Misc. -> Set Theme to change the UI theme later.


● Made a separate category for Enhancement messages in the Chat settings to make it possible to turn these messages on/off.

● Changed the default settings when the system message and chat window UI are added for the first time when a character reaches Lv. 7 to not display Enhancement system messages.


Pearl Shop

● Changed the awkward warning message displayed when putting an item for a different class into the cart when in the Pearl Shop (F3).
● Fixed the issue where Corsair's outfit would disappear in the Pearl Shop.



● Changed the text alignment of the class intro text in the official website → Class Introduction menu.

● Added the following to the class intro section on the official website in the middle-lower section.
- The Corsair portrait will show in color when mousing over it.
- The class symbols of Sage and Corsair will appear when the portraits are clicked on.
● Changed the menu in the official website → Camping Grounds → Beauty Album to match the options shown in-game.

Before After
TOP 100 Most Popular TOP 50 Most Popular Download Ranking Creator Ranking
● Fixed the issue where the Like button wouldn't work sometimes.
● Changed the conditions for when the Guest Pass coupon banner appears.
- The banner will no longer appear if you've already purchased a package or have a history of logging into the game.
● Fixed the issue where the hide/show function was not working as intended in the Adventurer's Guide.
● Improved the design of My Page.
● Changed how email verification works.
- Changed from clicking a link to entering numbers sent.
● Changed the launcher to allow you to complete the sign-up process in the launcher when logging in with an SNS account.
● Removed unnecessary information from the sign-up page.
● Changed the date of birth section of the sign-up page to match order dates are written for that language.
● Changed the sign-up page to display notices when you are entering information.
● Changed to log you in to your account automatically when completing the regular sign-up then the account conversion.
● Changed when logging in with an SNS account for the first time to not go to the account conversion page.



● Changed the following terms in Spanish:
- Ropa veraniega (aspecto) to Pento (aspecto).


Modified or Changed

● Removed Race Horses from the item description for Krogdalo's Feather.

● Fixed the issue where an abnormal message was displayed when attempting to purchase a Volatile Price Item from the Central Market.
● Fixed the issue where the Sage or Corsair chat group would change to the Heidel's Street chat group upon re-entry.
● Fixed the issue where some of Corsair's underwear appeared abnormally on the screen.
● Fixed the issue where Adventurers could not receive the item 'Iridescent Tide Shell' again from Binnapsi after completing the first objective of the quest '[Corsair Succession] A Letter from the Crow.'
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't exchange Destructive Illusion x15 for Mass of Pure Magic x1 through O'Arma in Star's End.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't exchange Shattered Star Fragment x30 for Skill EXP +5% for 10 minutes through Manmehan Nesser in Star's End.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't close the window when changing your Family Name/Guild Name/Character Name/New Adventurer's Family Name with certain gamepad inputs for Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue with the Black Spirit's Claw contained in the 'New Class Pack: Corsair Edition.'
- The [Event] Black Spirit's Claw formerly contained in the 'New Class Pack: Corsair Edition' has now been changed to just Black Spirit's Claw, as well as those in the inventory of Adventurers who've already purchased and opened the pack.

● Fixed the issue where the Winter Season's "[Season Weekly] A Wind-parting Victory" quest was displayed in the Quests window. (Added)



Happy adventuring!